ENG 102 Essay 2 - Cultural Context (Spring 2013)


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ENG 102 Essay 2 - Cultural Context (Spring 2013)

  1. 1. ENG 102 – BoltonEssay Assignment 2: Cultural Context Important Dates and RequirementsDraft Due to TurnitIn for PeerMark: Thursday, February 28 (by 11:59 pm)PeerMark Must be Completed By: Saturday,March 2 (by 11:59 pm)Paper Due to Instructor: March 5 (by 5:00 pm)Length: 1100-2500 words*Sources Required: Four—one literary work itself and three additional scholarly sources*(see below for details)Submission Methods: Hard copy (to me), electronic copy to TurnitIn * Essays that are too short, too long, or don’t meet the source requirements will receive half credit.When you interpret a work based on its cultural context, you explore the time period in which the storyis set (or written—see pages 67-76 and/or 1989-1992) of your textbook for details and examples). Forthis assignment, you will complete a cultural context reading on one of the following works: Chang – ―Hangzhou 1925‖ – pg. 288 Wright – ―Big Black Good Man‖ – pg. 349 Faulkner – ―Barn Burning‖ – pg. 366 Chopin – ―The Story of an Hour‖ – pg. 223 Helpful hint: Since this essay will involve Ellison – ―Battle Royal‖ – pg. 319 research, it would be wise to choose a Olsen – ―I Stand Here Ironing‖ – pg. 331 time period or culture that interests Walker – ―Everyday Use‖ – pg. 464 you—it will make learning about it (via Hughes – ―Dinner Guest: Me‖ – pg. 1009 research) more enjoyable! Hughes – ―Theme for English B‖ – pg. 1004 Piercy – ―The Secretary Chant‖ – pg. 845 Also, note that some of these works Alexie – ―Evolution‖ – pg. 769 involve both culture and history—you can Owen – ―Dulce Et Decorum Est‖ – pg. 826 choose to focus on one aspect or both for Williams – ―Spring and All‖ – pg. 924 your essay; the choice is yours. Lorde – ―Rooming houses are old women‖ – pg. 838 Updike – ―Ex-Basketball Player‖ – pg. 843 Glaspell – Trifles – pg. 1242 Hwang – Trying to Find Chinatown – pg. 1795All of the works are closely rooted in a particular cultural and/or historical context. Your essay shouldexplore this connection, explaining what the work teaches about the culture/history and/or vice-versa.Here are some additional guidelines: Include an interesting, engaging title Provide a thesis that is specific, well-developed, and appropriate o Your thesis and the rest of your essay must effectively interweave the historical/cultural information with your interpretation of the play—I do not want a ―report‖ on the time period or culture; you are making an argument via your interpretation of how the time period or culture affects what happens in the work
  2. 2. Cite at least once from each source in your essay (meaning include a parenthetical citation!) Choose appropriate sources when researching o Sources must come from the HGTC library databases or be a published book—no websites are acceptable o Include at least one PRINTED book as a source (not an eBook, though you can certainly use eBooks in addition to your one printed book) o The only acceptable dictionary is the Oxford English Dictionary, which is scholarly but only counts once (no matter how many words you look up) and does not count as your book o Note: You are welcome to use more than three sources as long as they all come from the HGTC library databases or are books o Note: Essays that include sources that are not scholarly will receive half credit; the same penalty applies to essays that don’t include at least three outside sources Follow MLA Format(which means you will have a Works Cited page that includes a correct entry for each source used!) o See Chapter 7 of your textbook for help with your citations Proofread carefully for grammatical, technical, and mechanical errors Read the rubric carefully to ensure you include all requirements and expectations in each categoryAs mentioned above, consult pages 67-76 and/or 1989-1992 in your textbook for additional information and examples of this type of essay.
  3. 3. Student Name: _________________________ PeerMark Grade: _____/20 Essay 2: Cultural Context (150 points) Scale: 15= perfect/excellent, 12= good, 9= fair, 0 = poor or missing 15 12 9 0Title is appropriate and interesting; Introduction introduces text and author,provides necessary background information about literary work andhistory/culture, and makes reader want to keep readingThesis statement is clear and well-developed, explains how thehistory/culture affects the work, and is the last sentence of the introductionEach body paragraph includes a topic sentence that outlines that paragraphand connects to the thesisBody paragraphs (support)are appropriate, concrete, and well-developed;examples are logical and effective; research helps support thesisConclusion avoids introducing new ideas and adequately summarizes essayIn-textcitations (quotes) are formatted correctly, properly framed (introducedand discussed), and effective in supporting thesisTransitions effectively enhance essay’s ―flow‖ by guiding readerVocabulary, language use, and word choices are correct and appropriateNote: You should avoid second-person (“you”) and unnecessary/excessivefirst-person (“I think,” “In my opinion,” etc.)Grammar, spelling, and mechanics demonstrate correct use of StandardEdited American EnglishMLA Format is followed throughout essay (including Works Cited page)Consult your essay for details; if you do not understanda comment I made, please don’t hesitate to come see me duringoffice hours to discuss your essay. IMPORTANT Grade: _____/150 You must print out and turn in this rubric with the final hard copy of your essay, or your essay grade will be penalized 15 points.