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Final speech celebration speech spring 2013


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Final speech celebration speech spring 2013

  1. 1. Special occasion speeches are prepared for a very specialevent. Special occasion speeches are informative and/orpersuasive. Additionally, special occasion speeches createthe following:EntertainmentCelebrate an eventCommemorateInspireSet social agenda
  2. 2. Photo: Question:Should marijuana be legalized in the UnitedStates? Who Inspires you? Write down your standpoint! Show Your Position in Writing! An Example: My partner and I feel that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal reasons.
  3. 3. 2. Where is the geographical location of the first human being? 3. Explain the first human culture (civilization) of people? 4. What are your observations on the first human being, pleaYour Standpoint (Main Point) My partner and I feel that marijuanashare withYour goal for the final speech is to should be legalized forthe personreasons. life whoyour audience medicinal in yourinspires you to be a better human being! Medicinal reasons are your main focus that you will discuss in your persuasive writing.
  4. 4. In addition to delivering your speech, you arerequired to create a slide show presentationwith the following:simplicityNo more than 8 words in each slide/ 5 slidesShort phrases per slideA clear and concise titleAvoid cluttering with unnecessary graphicsand or text
  5. 5.  For slide show background, use neutral colors such as, tan, blue, green or white Use the same color for each slide Make sure that your pictures are clear and easy for your audience to see
  6. 6.  Please make sure that you save your slide show in more than one place (example, disk and email to yourself via cell phone or email) No sound in the background or videos
  7. 7. OutlineEach paragraph, minimum 5 sentencesStoriesHumorToastNo more than 2 pages
  8. 8. “A daughter is a mothers gender partner, her closest ally in the familyconfederacy, an extension of herself. And mothers are their daughters rolemodel, their biological and emotional road map, the arbiter of all theirrelationships.” ~ Victoria SecundaGood evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Josefina Martinez. I wantto thank you for coming tonight to help honor the person who has been aflowing river of inspiration in my life, my daughter, Laura ElizabethGrageda. For the last six years, she has made me realize the true meaningof unconditional love. She has inspired me in many ways. Her love andadmiration always motivates me to be the best mother I can possibly be inmy life time. The ways her love inspires me are countless but tonight I willshare with you the inspiration of her unconditional love.
  9. 9. Unconditional love means to love someone regardless of ones actions orbeliefs. Laura loves anyone no matter what happens. Her love is sounconditional that when her dog was ran over by her tio Pablo, she wasupset but also said, “that’s ok I still love you”. Don’t misunderstand; she wasreally upset about her dog dying, but she also understood that it was notdone intentionally. When Laura was about two years old and found out thather Mami, her grandma, was sick with diabetes, the first thing she said was,“Mami you need to start eating so that you can become well”. So the nextevening, when she was going to eat, she said to her Mami, “Vente Mami acomer conmigo para que te puedes tomar la medicina.” She wanted hergrandma to eat with her so she could take her medicine. The concern andlove for her mami only inspires me more.
  10. 10. Laura loves me even if I get impatient with her or discipline her when sheis in the wrong. In the mornings, with a big sloppy and smelly kiss, she tellsme how much she loves me. Sometimes I think she is too affectionate. I’mjust kidding. At least once a week, she tells her daddy and me how she isnever going to have a boyfriend or get married because she is going to takecare of us for the rest of our life. Her favorite phrase is “Hasta que estemosviejitos” (until we get old). She encourages me to be able to give her whatshe deserves in her childhood life. For instance, she deserves a good lifethat consist of an education with option of college, the love of her familymembers, and most of all, the feeling and always knowing she can count onher mother. I want her to be able to consider me her best friend, not just hermother.
  11. 11. Brindo por mi hermosa hija Laura. Please join me as I toastto my beautiful daughter and future best friend, Laura. Mayshe always be happy and stay by our side like she promised.May her unconditional love conquer the hearts of many, as ithas conquered mine. Her love will continue to inspire andmotivate me to be the best mother and friend that I canpossibly be, even as we at last (God willing), reach old agetogether. Gracias, Laura, for giving my life significance andshowing me the real meaning of unconditional love.
  12. 12. Thesis:Introduction:Greeting:Names /Affectionately known as…Add an attention getter (poem, quote, question, definition)Main point/Thesis StatementBodyTopic Sentence(s)/main pointHumor/StoriesConclusionToast/at the beginning of the conclusionReinstate the main point