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101 Syllabus Summer 2012

  1. 1. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 1 Disclaimer: Every English course at HGTC follows a departmental instructional package (IP), created and updated by English faculty. The IP is to ensure that each section of 101 is consistent across campuses and different instructors. A copy of the English 101IP can be found on our D2L course page as well as our course website (profbolton.weebly.com) and the ENG 101 Guidebook site (hgtc101guidebook.weebly.com). It is your responsibility to read the IP so you understand the coursedescription, purpose, learning objectives, etc. What you find here is an addendum to the IP; this syllabus lists the policies and requirements for this particular section of English 101. Also, note that this is anabridged version of the syllabus; the full, detailed version can be found on our D2L course page as wellas our course website. It is your responsibility to obtain and read the complete version of the syllabus as well as the instructional package. English 101: English Composition I Summer 2012 Professor Contact Information: Name: Alicia Bolton Office Location: Room 123 (Georgetown) Office Phone: 843-520-1412 Office Hours: MW 9-10, 1-2; TR 9-10, 2:30-3:30 (though I’m usually here more often) E-mail: alicia.bolton@hgtc.edu, profbolton@live.com (NOT through D2L) Website: profbolton.weebly.com, D2L course page Facebook: facebook.com/profabolton – ―Like‖ me to be subscribed to course updates! Twitter: twitter.com/profabolton – Follow me to be subscribed to course updates!CONTACTING YOUR PROFESSOR: Available during office hours; no appointment required o NOT available on Fridays o If you can’t come during office hours, e-mail or call to schedule alternate time No personal questions during (or immediately before) class begins--personal questions that interrupt class may result in grade being lowered) o No interrupting other class meetings of mine, either (grade may be affected) E-mail or Facebook page is best way to contact me (but won’t discuss grades this way) o Reserve right to take up to 24 hours to respond (48+ hours on weekends/holidays and if draft is sent) o Will not answer questions that are answered on syllabus, assignment sheets, etc. (documents that you already have access to) o Will read drafts via e-mail, but some limitations apply:  Drafts are read for content only; grammar and format questions should be directed to a tutor in the writing center  Will only read up to two drafts (overall, not per class) per day (day ends at 5:00 p.m.; drafts sent after that will be queued for the next day), drafts read as first- come, first-served (i.e. get drafts in early if you want feedback, still no guarantee it will be read)  Writing Center offers free tutoring for students—make an appointment with them if you want guaranteed feedback and/or help with grammar, format, and other technical/mechanical aspects
  2. 2. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 2REQUIRED MATERIALS: [Text] Bullock, Richard, Goggin, Maureen Daly, Weinberg Francine. The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook. 2nd Edition. New York: WW Norton & CO, 2010. [Text] Graffs, Gerald & Birkenstein, Cathy. They Say I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing. 2ndEdition. New York: WW Norton & Company, 2010. Access to (and knowledge of) a computer word processor (all assignments in this course will need to be typed) as well as WaveNet and Desire2Learn (D2L) Account with TurnitIn.com and registration with this course (it’s free—we’ll discuss in class) 2 notebooks (1 to use as Grammar Journal—this one CANNOT be a binder; the other is for you to take notes—can be any format you want, but something with pockets is recommended so you can keep up with graded assignments) 1 folder (file folder, manila folder, OR folder with pockets—NOT binder) for turning in essays Writing utensil(s) – pen or pencil is fine as long as you write legibly with it 5 highlighters of five different colors Flash drive and/or account with an online storage box (like dropbox.com)—you will need to save every assignment; computer issues are not an excuse for missing or incomplete work College-level dictionary, thesaurus, and editing handbook (optional but strongly recommended)COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING:Essay 1 (Ad Analysis) 100 Extensive details on eachEssay 2 (Text Analysis) 150 assignment can be found in theEssay 3 (Annotated Bibliography) 100 extended syllabus on D2L; note,Essay 4 (Arguing with Research) 150 though, that your two lowestHomework (7 at 10 points each) 70 homework grades as well as yourPeer Review (3 at 20 points each) 60 three lowest quiz/participationQuizzes/Participation (10 at 10 points each) 100 grades will be dropped—this is toPortfolio (with Blogging) 50 help compensate for class meetings you might miss; youGrammar Journal 50 should not skip assignmentsGroup Project/Presentation (Ad Pitch) 25 otherwise—if you come to class,Individual Presentation (Research Paper) 50 your homework should beTimed Writings (2 at 10 points each) 20 completed; otherwise, you mightFinal Exam 75 not be able to participate in class____________________________________________________ that day.Total Points Possible 1000 At the end of the semester, I will total your scores on all assignments, and 900-1000 will earn an A; 800-899 will earn a B; 700-799 will earn a C; 600-699 will earn a D; and below 600 will earn an F. (Note: Grades will be kept up-to-date on D2L; check it frequently for accuracy and your average.)COURSE POLICIES Computer/D2L/WaveNet/TurnitIn: Your responsibility to make sure you can access and navigate all necessary computer programs/requirements Check D2L and WaveNet e-mail regularly for updates and announcements Submit each essay to TurnItIn for both PeerMark (peer review) and final copy
  3. 3. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 3 Attendance: 3 allowed absences (no ―excused‖ absence) First 2 tardies = 1 absence; after 2, each tardy = absence and -20 points Must be prepared for class and pay attention during class in order to be marked present Plagiarism: See Student Handbook/Code of Conduct for full college plagiarism policy—your responsibility to know and understand First offense results in zero on assignment and meeting with me Subsequent plagiarism may result in withdrawal from the course and further penalties Essays: Follow MLA format for each Due by 5:00 p.m. on the due date listed Essay ―turned in‖ when TurnItIn timestamps it or when it is in my hands Late assignments penalized 30 points a day per day, including weekends and holidays Must be submitted via hard copy and TurnitIn; one of these submissions means your essay is turned in, but if both copies are not submitted within a week of the due date, you receive a zero on the essayHomework: Due at class time; not accepted late, early, or electronically—must be present to turn in Worth 10 points each; due dates on syllabus; prompts on D2L and profbolton.weebly.com 9 for semester; lowest two response grades dropped o Dropped grades meant to accommodate absences; if you are in class, homework should be completed (will be used for in-class work/activities) Peer Review (PeerMark): Will be completed via TurnItIn—due dates on syllabus; make sure you keep up If you don’t get draft in by deadline, can’t participate in peer review/PeerMark Draft must meet length and source requirements for essay, and peer review must be thorough/helpful or no credit will be given Turning in draft but not completing peer review will result in no credit Quizzes/Participation: 10 on D2L (1 syllabus, 9 grammar), some pop quizzes/participation assignments in class 12 (maybe 13) for semester; lowest three quiz/participation grades dropped Portfolio/Blogging (Website): Will create website to host electronic portfolio (weebly.com recommended) Must blog once a week from May 27-Aug 3 (week begins Sunday at 12:00 a.m. and ends Saturday at 11:59 p.m.)—blogs will be responses to relevant news articles Must respond to others’ blogs (will be placed in group) Must include essays (and drafts, notes, pre-writing, outlines, etc.) on website/portfolio Portfolio/blog will be graded at end of semester (blogs will also be read periodically)
  4. 4. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 4 Grammar Journal: Grammar work/activity will be assigned each day; must be completed in grammar journal Journal will be taken up twice during semester (unannounced dates) If you miss class, make sure you get assignment from a classmate—should complete each activity Group Presentation: Groups of 4-5 will design an advertisement (product and ad placement TBA) and ―pitch‖ it to the ―company‖ (details to come later in semester) Individual Presentation: At end of semester, you will ―present‖ your research paper to the class (10 minutes max.) In-Class (Timed) Writings: Topic will be given in class; essay must be produced in limited time period (this is to practice for final exam) Exams: Final—part grammar, part in-class timed writing Extra Credit: None available except a handful of bonus points on in-class or take-home activitiesClassroom Policies: No cell phones, electronic devices, laptops, etc.—use of any may result in you being counted absent and losing points o Use of devices during quizzes or individual work will be considered academic misconduct and will result in a zero on the assignment Respect your fellow students in discussion No disruptive behavior of any kindTENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE:(―NFG‖ stands for The Norton Field Guide; TSIS signifies They Say/I Say; and other readings can befound on D2L, as specified here. You are expected to complete all readings and assignments by the dateon which they are listed. When readings on D2L are assigned, I do expect you to print the documentand bring a hard copy to class. Also, as this is a tentative schedule, I reserve the right to change and/oradd readings at my discretion.)M May 21 Course Overview and Introductions Review: Components of an EssayW May 23 NFG 3-17 (Part 1: Rhetorical Situations [Chapters 1-5]) NFG 211-214 (Chapter 21: Writing as Inquiry) NFG 546-556 (Chapter 53: Electronic Text) NFG 247-258 (Chapter 28: Compiling a Portfolio) Work on Websites/Portfolios, Register for TurnitIn
  5. 5. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 5E-mail me (and your group!)your website by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 25—make sure your site is published!M May 28 MEMORIAL DAY—NO CLASSW May 30 NFG 283-299 (Chapter 32: Arguing) NFG 83-110 (Chapter 9: Arguing a Position) Introduction to Argumentative Claims and Rhetorical Appeals Syllabus Quiz must be completed by 11:59 p.m. tonight!M June 4 Due:Homework 1 TSIS 30-41 (Chapter 2: The Art of Summarizing) NFG 38-38 (Chapter 7: Analyzing a Text) NFG 428-476 (Chapter 49: MLA Style) D2L: Essay 1: Ad AnalysisW June 6 Due:Homework 2 NFG 219-225 (Chapter 23: Generating Ideas and Text) NFG 226-228 (Chapter 24: Drafting) NFG 272-277 (Chapter 30: Guiding Your Reader) TSIS 105-120 (Chapter 8: Connecting the Parts) Draft of Essay 1 due to TurnitIn by 11:59 p.m. tonight for PeerMark! PeerMark of Essay 1 must be completed (in TurnitIn) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 8!M June 11 Due: Draft of Essay 1 (Ad Analysis) NFG 229-234 (Chapter 25: Assessing Your Own Writing) NFG 235-241 (Chapter 26: Getting Response and Revising) NFG 242-246 (Chapter 27: Editing and Proofreading) NFG 523-533 (Chapter 51: Print Text)W June 13 DUE: ESSAY 1 (AD ANALYSIS) D2L: Essay 2 (Text Analysis/Response) TSIS 1-15 (Introduction: Entering the Conversation) TSIS 19-29 (Chapter 1: Starting with What Others Are Saying)M June 18 Due: Homework 3 NFG 352-366 (Chapter 40: Reading Strategies) TSIS 145-155 (Chapter 12: Reading for the Conversation) TSIS 55-67 (Chapter 4: Three Ways to Respond) First 3 grammar quizzes (Sentences 1, 2, and 3) must be completed by 11:59 p.m. tonight!
  6. 6. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 6W June 20 Due: Homework 4 NFG 408-419 (Chapter 46: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing) NFG 425-427 (Chapter 48: Documentation) TSIS 42-51 (Chapter 3: The Art of Quoting) NFG 420-424 (Chapter 47: Acknowledging Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism) TSIS 68-77 (Chapter 5: Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say) Draft of Essay 2 due to TurnitIn by 11:59 p.m. tonight for PeerMark! PeerMark of Essay 2 must be completed (in TurnitIn) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 22!M June 25 DUE: ESSAY 2 (TEXT ANALYSIS/RESPONSE) D2L: Essay 3 (Annotated Bibliography) D2L: Essay 4 (Research Paper) NFG 116-124 (Chapter 11: Annotated Bibliographies) NFG 215-218 (Chapter 22: Collaborating) [Ad Pitch Assignment] Pre-Writing for Research PaperW June 27 Due: Homework 5 NFG 314-323 (Chapter 35: Defining) D2L: ―The Embryo Imbroglio‖ (under “Content,” “Set Phasers/Atomic Chef stories”) TSIS 78-91 (Chapter 6: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text) NFG 958-960 (Niedzviecki: ―Facebook in a Crowd‖) NFG 375-383 (Chapter 42: Developing a Research Plan) NFG 261-271 (Chapter 29: Beginning and Ending) TSIS 92-101 (Chapter 7: Saying Why It Matters)M July 2 INDEPENDENCE HOLIDAYS—NO CLASSW July 4 INDEPENDENCE HOLIDAYS—NO CLASSNote: Monday, July 9, is the last day to withdraw from any full Summer course and receive a “W”— after this date, you will have to receive a grade of A, B, C, D, or F (or WF) in the course.M July 9 Due: Homework 6 NFG 278-282 (Chapter 31: Analyzing Causes and Effects) D2L: ―911, More or Less‖ (under “Content,” “Set Phasers/Atomic Chef stories”) NFG 961-973 (Carr: ―Is Google Making Us Stupid?‖) NFG 384-399 (Chapter 43: Finding Sources) NFG 400-403 (Chapter 44: Evaluating Sources)
  7. 7. ENG 101 – Bolton – Summer 2012 Syllabus (Abridged) – Page 7W July 11 Due: Homework 7 NFG 125-132 (Chapter 12: Evaluations) D2L: ―Never Cry Wolf‖ (under “Content,” “Set Phasers/Atomic Chef stories”) NFG 719-723 (Pogue: ―No Keyboard? And You Call This a BlackBerry?‖) NFG 404-407 (Chapter 45: Synthesizing Ideas) NFG 201-208 (Chapter 20: Mixing Genres)M July 16 Due: Homework 8 NFG 171-179 (Chapter 17: Proposals) D2L: ―In Search of the Lost Cord‖ (under “Content,” “Set Phasers/Atomic Chef stories”) NFG 881-883 (Burnett: ―A Modest Proposal to Improve Forest Management‖) Second set of grammar quizzes (Verbs, Pronouns, & Verbs and Pronouns) must be completed by 11:59 p.m. tonight!W July 18 DUE: ESSAY 3 (ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY) NFG 534-545 (Chapter 52: Spoken Text) Ad Pitches Draft of Essay 4 due to TurnitIn by 11:59 p.m. tonight for PeerMark! PeerMark of Essay 4 must be completed (in TurnitIn) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 20!M July 23 Individual ConferencesW July 25 DUE: ESSAY 4 (ARGUING WITH RESEARCH) Individual PresentationsM July 30 Individual PresentationsW Aug 1 Due: Homework 9 NFG 367-372 (Chapter 41: Taking Essay Exams) In-Class/Timed Writing Practice (x2) Final set of grammar quizzes (Punctuation 1, 2, and 3) must be completed by 11:59 p.m. tonight!ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIO MUST BE COMPLETED BY 5:00 PM ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 3!Final Exam: Monday, August 6 – 3:30-5:30 p.m. (tentative)