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Syllabus Spring 2013 12:30 class


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Syllabus Spring 2013 12:30 class

  1. 1. English 101: Library Research Lab Component Spring2013 MW 12:30 – 10:50 Librarian Contact Information: Name: Amy Harris Office Location: Room 201 (Georgetown campus library) Office Phone: 843-520-1423 Office Hours: T 1:30 – 5:00, W 8:00 – 1:00 E-mail: through D2L) This syllabus is subject to change at the librarian’s discretion.CONTACTING YOUR LIBRARIAN*: Available during office hours; no appointment required o NOT in office on Mondays, Thursdays, &Fridays (at Conway campus, e-mail is the best way to contact me on these days) o If you can’t come during office hours, e-mail or call to schedule alternate time*You can always contact a librarian on another campus if I am unavailable. Please refer tothe Get Help! tab of the class LibGuide for contact information at: refer to the Ask Us tab on the library’s webpage at: RESEARCH LAB REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING:Library Scavenger Hunt 20Citations Assignment 20 Keep in mind that the Library ResearchKeyword Assignment 30 Lab assignments are worth 150 points,Quizzes 50 which is 15% of your overall ENG101Reference Meetings 30 grade.______________________________________________Total Points Possible 150
  2. 2. LIBRARY RESEARCH LAB POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTSNote: These policies are explained in detail in the “Course Policies and Requirements” handouton the class’s D2L page. Please consult it for additional information—it is your responsibility to ensure you understand these policies.Computer/D2L/WaveNet: Your responsibility to make sure you can navigate all necessary computer programs and requirements (WaveNet, D2L, Microsoft Word, etc.) Check D2L and WaveNet e-mail frequently for updates and announcementsAttendance:Note: This is a lab component to the English 101 class. Attendance is mandatory and will betaken during each meeting. The allowed absences are NOT in addition to those of the class. Forboth the class and lab there is a total of 5 allowed absences. 5 allowed absences (no ―excused‖ absence) First 2 tardies = 1 absence; after 2, each tardy = absence and may result in reduced grade Must be prepared for class and pay attention during class to be marked present; not being prepared may result in absence and dismissal from that class meetingPlagiarism: See Student Handbook/Code of Conduct for full college plagiarism policy and definition—your responsibility to know and understand First offense results in zero on assignment. Subsequent plagiarism may result in withdrawal from the course (potentially with a WF) and further penalties, up to and including expulsion from the collegeClassroom Policies: No cell phones, electronic devices, laptops, etc.—use of any may result in you being counted absent and losing points o Use of devices during quizzes or individual work will be considered academic misconduct and may result in a zero on the assignment Respect your fellow students No disruptive behavior of any kind I reserve the right to dismiss you from class and/or take any other necessary actions if any ofthese course policies are not followed. I also reserve the right to add to this list if problems arise during the semester.
  3. 3. TENTATIVE LIBRARY RESEARCH LAB OUTLINE:M Jan 14 Rm 421 Course & lab overviews and introductionsW Jan 30 Rm 215 Intro to Library & Scavenger HuntS Feb 2 D2L DUE: Quiz #1 by 11:59 PMW Feb 6 Office DUE: Library Scavenger Hunt – in my office before 12:30 PMW Feb 13 Rm 215 Intro to Research & Library ResourcesS Feb 17 D2L DUE: Quiz #2 by 11:59 PMW Feb 27 Rm 215 CitationsS Mar 3 D2L DUE: Quiz #3 by 11:59 PMW Mar 6 Office DUE: Citations Assignment – in my office before 12:30 PMW Mar 20 Rm 215 ResearchS Mar 24 D2L DUE: Quiz #4 by 11:59 PMW Apr 3 Rm 215 DUE: Keyword Assignment – bring to lab Research/CitationsM Apr 15 Rm 140 Reference Meetings – Bring your works cited page and all sources to labW Apr 17 Rm 215 Reference Meetings – Bring your works cited page and all sources to labS Apr 21 D2L DUE: Quiz #5 by 11:59 PM