The Value of Marketing Automation in the Marketing to Sales Continuum


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  • Show the basics of setting up scoring rulesShow Profile based and behavior based scoringDrill into setting up a scoring rule
  • Note to Mike:Change Adeoshun’s email to: Wadeoshun at MayoClinic.comChange Company to: Mayo ClinicChange address to: 13400 Shea BoulevardChange City: ScottsdaleChange Outbound and Inbound First to: 414 days agoChange Most recent to: 2 days agoChange email sent to: 48Change opened to 28
  • Change David Applebaum to William AdeoshunRemove the entry bc and replace with Michael JonesUse the following company names:Mayo ClinicAlta Bates Medical GroupSan Leandro HospitalArizona Spine and Joint HospitalSutter LakesideArizona OrthopedicsCedars-Sinai Medical CenterKaiser PermanenteStanford Hospital
  • Single slide on the scenario – this might be options since the scenario has already been described
  • The Value of Marketing Automation in the Marketing to Sales Continuum

    1. 1. The Value of Marketing Automation inthe Marketing to Sales ContinuumAtri ChatterjeeCMO, Act-On Software | @ActOnSoftware
    2. 2. Agenda• The Situation Today• Strategically Tackling the Funnel• Sales Handoff• Measurement & Feedback• Wrap-up & Questions | @ActOnSoftware
    3. 3. The Usual Conundrum Sales wants all “leads” fast Marketing hits the “more” button Sales doesn’t follow up Marketing: “Why no followup?” Sales: The “leads” are no good Marketing: Wasted effort, poor performance, bitterness,Reference: Sirius Decisions despair | @ActOnSoftware 3
    4. 4. What Typically Happens Inquiry Inquiry InquiriesNo nurture/ Inbound Outboundqualification 80% Marketing Qualification Marketing and Tele Qualification Leads Marketing Qualified Automation Qualified Leads (AQLs) Sales accepts 100% Teleprospecting Accepted Leads (TALs)everything/nothing Teleprospecting Teleprospecting Sales Acceptance Qualified Leads (TQLs) Generated Leads (TGLs) Inefficient use of sales resources 3% - ?? Sales Qualification Sales Generated Sales Accepted Sales Qualified Leads Sales Qualification Leads (SGLs) Leads (SALs) Poor pipeline Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) dynamics 10% - ?? Close SQL Close inquiries to 417 close 1 deal Won BusinessReference: Sirius Decisions | @ActOnSoftware 4
    5. 5. Agenda• The Situation Today• Strategically Tackling the Funnel• Sales Handoff• Measurement & Feedback• Wrap-up & Questions | @ActOnSoftware
    6. 6. Change the Process & the Results Marketing Responsibility Sales Responsibility Campaigns, Content, Programs, SLAs, Measurement & Results | @ActOnSoftware
    7. 7. Acquisition Programs • Build Database • Permission-based list acquisition • Data capture • Attract Attention • Tell the story • Links, videos, and images • Content Strategies • Blog, website, social media • Right target receiving relevant and engaging contentGather prospect information where ever possible | @ActOnSoftware
    8. 8. Develop & Deploy Great Content • Develop • Partner & co-sponsor with industry thought leaders • Capture emergent trends/topics • Repurpose content • Deploy • Promote in multiple channels • Website, social media, email • Insist on a call to actionCreate a hub of compelling and contemporary content – reuse as appropriate | @ActOnSoftware
    9. 9. Nurture Before You Sell• Coordinated Campaigns • Editorial Calendar – compelling content and events • Share your story – easy to embrace and understand • Sales and Marketing – same coordinated story• Scoring • Segmentation and nurturing based on actions • Who gets what based on what they have done• Feedback • “Know” how they are finding you • Constant iteration to keep content fresh • Take advantage of repurposing content Organizations that nurture leads see lead generation ROI of 138% versus 78% for those that don’t Source: Marketing Sherpa | @ActOnSoftware
    10. 10. Deliberate Approach to ScoringEmail Marketing Web Visits Webinars• Clicked on message • How many pages did they visit? • Attendees vs. Non-Attendees• More points for specific • Which pages did they visit: • Who visited registration page but messages Contact Us and/or Pricing vs didn’t submit• Do not assign score for: Support? • “Email sent” – no action taken • How often do they visit the site? on their part • Where did they come from? • “Opens” • Download whitepaper or other media?Forms Pay-Per-Click Physical Activities• Submitted /viewed form • Which keywords perform the • Attended a trade show / physical• How did they respond to the best? event? questions? • What is my cost per click? • Which mailing lists performed• Is the data they provided valid? • Where did they come from? the best?• Do they fit your target audience? • Which print advertising generates leads? Act-On Customer Rapid Notify had 50% increase in opportunity creation and 20% increase in close rate after implementing scoring | @ActOnSoftware #AOWEB
    11. 11. Lead Scoring ExampleExample• Youre a small software company that sells patch management software.• You have two offices, one in Asia and one in the US, but you arent global yet.• Your software isnt cheap, so you need prospects with reasonably large budgets. Registration Question Excellent Prospect Okay Prospect Bad Prospect Job Title IT Director 5 System 3 Sales Engineer -4 Administrator Location of United States 5 Hong Kong 4 Romania -5 Headquarters Company Size > 5,000 4 1,000 - 5,000 2 < 1,000 -2 Industry Information 5 Computer 4 Automotive -5 Technology Software Services Budget > 50,000 4 10,000 - 50,000 3 < 10,000 -2 Implicit Online Behaviour Point Value Visitor downloaded the How Do We Compare To Our Competition white paper 5 Visitor browsed company website multiple times in the past 7 days. 5 Visitor downloaded the Evaluation Guide. 5 Visitor is already a lead in the sales system. 4 Visitor clicked on companys Jobs web page. -5 | @ActOnSoftware
    12. 12. Setting Up Scoring | @ActOnSoftware
    13. 13. Agenda• The Situation Today• Strategically Tackling the Funnel• Sales Handoff• Measurement & Feedback• Wrap-up & Questions | @ActOnSoftware
    14. 14. The Art of the Handoff • Lead definitions (what is a lead?) • Timeframe & responsibility • Criteria for acceptance & rejection • Routing of leads (who gets what?) • Well defined service level agreements (SLAs) | @ActOnSoftware
    15. 15. Using Scores to Prioritize Leads | @ActOnSoftware
    16. 16. CRM Integration – Hot Leads to Sales | @ActOnSoftware
    17. 17. Ensuring Success• Focus • Keep SLAs clear and brief (minimize nuances and exceptions)• Evolve • Adjust based on performance metrics, data and feedback• Enforce • Those bound by SLAs must be held responsible • Visibility into key performance metrics for each function • Agreement between leaders on how to manage• Own • Marketing and sales operations usually own maintenance • Marketing and sales leaders sign and communicate contents Automation helps track & measure performance | @ActOnSoftware 17
    18. 18. Agenda• The Situation Today• Strategically Tackling the Funnel• Sales Handoff• Measurement & Feedback• Wrap-up & Questions | @ActOnSoftware
    19. 19. Start by Keeping it Simple… Function Key Metrics All • Waterfall conversion rates Marketing • Lead volume/quality adherence • Accept/reject/disqualify/promote timeframes Telesales • Disqualify reasons (adherence and lead quality) • Accept/reject/disqualify/promote timeframes Sales • Disqualify reasons (adherence)Truly successful decision making relies on a balance betweendeliberate and instinctive thinking. Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, 2005 | @ActOnSoftware 19
    20. 20. From Leads to Revenue… Close the Loop • Complete campaignNew Leads  reports to measure leads & opportunitiesLeads Converted • Detailed reportsto Opportunities  groups campaign by campaign type • Integrate OpportunityOpportunitiesto Revenue  and Closed data from SFACampaign Performanceby Campaign Type  | @ActOnSoftware
    21. 21. Agenda• The Situation Today• Strategically Tackling the Funnel• Sales Handoff• Measurement & Feedback• Wrap-up and Questions | @ActOnSoftware
    23. 23. About Act-On• Our Company • Founded in 2008 by founders of Responsys and Webex • 140+ employees today in Oregon & California• Our Technology • Designed from the ground up for small marketing teams • Simple, powerful and easy to integrate • 3rd generation SaaS platform built to scale• Our Customers • 1,400+ and growing across all major vertical industries • From Progressive Insurance and Cisco to many companies you probably don’t recognize | @ActOnSoftware
    24. 24. Questions…• Contact me:• Call: 1 (877) 530-1555 or email us:• Twitter: @actonsoftware | @ActOnSoftware