Leveraging Big Data


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  • Social media is a method to:Discover new topics and trendsObtain news and consume contentCapture real time feedbackIncrease share of voice and amplify contentSocial media offers:Free access to social insightWord of mouth and the wisdom of crowdsCandid participation and engagementSocial media generates:Connections and relationshipsKeyword focused contentImproved brand awareness and enhanced visibilityHOW:Get maximum visibility through combined Search ad SocialCreate premium content that reflects your brand and marketing objectiveManage data-driven strategies with measurable results
  • Common connection between digital marketing channelsBest channel to interact with customersSocial media is the “right place at the right time” for your customersSocial and search continue to blend and influence each other
  • Leveraging Big Data

    1. 1. Leveraging Big DataHow to drive strategy, insights and tactics from digital signalsDecember 2012 AMA Event #tag: #AMAVES
    2. 2. Panelists Jeff L. Herrmann Paige Musto Chief Revenue Officer Sr. Mgr., PR & Social Media Fathom Act-On Software Jherrmann@fathomdelivers.com paige@act-on.com Twitter: JeffLHerrmann Twitter: PR_Maven
    3. 3. Key Takeaways for Today The definition and meaning of „Big Data‟ to marketers How to use social media analytics to optimize integrated marketing activities and increase sales effectiveness Honing in on the social media analytics that matter and why sentiment tracking is important for your business Use-case examples of how companies have harnessed „Big Data‟ to drive conversions and revenue
    4. 4. The Situation Regardless of size or vertical market, today‟s businesses have moved online yielding massive amounts of data and competitive intelligence containing a multitude of digital signals “Closed loop” marketing is finally here Leveraging social media analytics is critical to your business strategy BIG DATA Email Social Media Organic (SEO) Marketing Online Campaign Behavioral Results CRM Demographic (Website) (PPC) Appends Source: Marketing is the next big money sector in technology
    5. 5. What is Big Data to a marketer?
    6. 6. Social Media‟s Role inIntegrated Marketing
    7. 7. Social’s Role in Integrated Marketing
    8. 8. Social’s Benefit to Integrated Marketing
    9. 9. Social’s Impact on Integrated Marketing • Influence • Refine ad and • Use the most • Great video • Use social rankings page copy “shared” content content is highly analytics to refine • Naturally build • Leverage metrics to build e- sharable across editorial calendar inbound links & demos to build newsletter social channels • Look at • Broaden better display • Merge Facebook • Videos break up competitor share distribution for • Use to drive app user data monotony of text of voice great content engagement and with e-mail and static images • Use social sharing • Increase visibility views database to • YouTube analytics buttons to enable create new can be merged viewers to share segments and with other social and promote predictive models metrics for • Determine better additional lead scores with insights and social follower trends information
    10. 10. Via SEOmoz
    11. 11. Ways to Better Integrate Use-ability  Make audience participation easy Like-ability  Create timely and compelling content Share-ability  Provide tools to spread your message Find-ability  High visibility gets traffic Success-ability  Measure, analyze, adjust
    12. 12. Actionable Social Analytics Focus on Key Performance Indicators  Engagement metrics tied to lead generation  Sales and Brand awareness metrics  Make audience participation easy Lead Generation Social Sales Share of Voice Effectiveness Effectiveness New Conversations New Leads Social Generated Sales Mentioning Brand Total # of Leads Total # of Sales Total # of Sales Lead Gen Sales Awareness
    13. 13. Case StudyDevelop Nurturing Program Informed by DataMining to Drive Conversions
    14. 14. Case Studies: Using Social Analytics Fashion Manufacturing Health Care
    15. 15. Turn your Big Data into Revenue! Turn your digital marketing output (Big Data) into an asset Develop segmentation and targeting programs  Yield higher conversions and ROI  Optimize best path buying cycles  Automate targeted and relevant messaging – right message, right time  Leverage always-learning model to score and recalibrate strategy  Eliminate silos between digital marketing (inbound) tactics  Make your CFO fall in love with marketing
    16. 16. Ready to Learn More? Sign up for a demo  Inbound and Analytics: Act-on.com FathomDelivers.com Blog.act-on.com FathomDelivers.com/Blog Need it sooner  Need it sooner Call: (877)530-1555 Call: (866) 915-0418 Email: sales@act-on.com @FathomOnline www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW