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Deliverability for Daily Deals Industry


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Presentation, Round Table & Workshop with Nimble Commerce Team and Clients in London 14th November. The industries impact on the email channel, Deliverability, Best Practices, combating list fatigue...

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Deliverability for Daily Deals Industry

  1. 1. Daily Deals Email Deliverability Rules of the RoadBest Practices for Daily Deal Industry Andrew Bonar, Deliverability Director @ Emailvision t: @andrewbonar
  3. 3. Daily Deal Specialists
  4. 4. Email Success: Reputation DELIVERABILITY
  5. 5. Engagement New RulesOld best practices are nowthe new rulesSmarter mailboxes ensureyou must follow best practicefor maximum R.O.I
  6. 6. European Deliverability Single Points of Failure Per Country Legislation More Complex Regulations Aggressive Use of Blacklists Internal ISP Blacklists Lack of Feedback Loops
  7. 7. New in 2012 DMARC Authentication Domain Blacklists ReturnPath Much Stricter SpamHaus More Active
  8. 8. What is Changing? Domain Based Reputation Smarter Inboxes Smarter Filters Mobile Device Usage IPv6 the Game Changer
  9. 9. European Blacklists
  10. 10. Gray MailLess than 15% of email is personal 1to1 communication Source: Hotmail
  11. 11. Email How Much?
  12. 12. Email How Relevant?50% of Recipients believe 50%or more of trusted email isirrelevant
  13. 13. Gmail Clearing Clutter
  14. 14. Hotmail A Fresh Look
  15. 15. Hotmail The Clean Sweep
  16. 16. The Bulk Folder Europe View
  17. 17. Identify Challenges REPORTING
  18. 18. Reporting – Analyze Trends Campaign Analytics • Measure the behaviour of different target groups • Analyze detailed reports on each element within a campaign • View response trends and measure campaign ROI to support decision making
  19. 19. Identify, Track & Report: Key KPI’s Acceptance Rate: 99.64% Response Opens: 18% • Automate your reporting and tracking • Automate the distribution of reports
  20. 20. Identify Delivery Challenges Vital Weapon: Per ISP Open Rates
  21. 21. Email Success: Segmentation SEGMENTATION
  22. 22. Targeting & Segmentation● Profile customers  Demographics  Purchase behaviour● Rank customer by value● Identify core segments  RFM  Product preference  Lifecycle stage  Channel preference● Create selections for campaigns● Turn insight into action
  23. 23. Segmentation Venn Diagrams • Visual representation of data • Overlapping segments identify customer behaviour and insight • Use any quadrant as a target group for campaigning, or for further segmentation
  24. 24. Relevance Remember MobileMobile Usage continues toincreaseSmart Phones and Tabletscontinue to disrupt emailprograms
  25. 25. Mobile Usage Typically 19-29% or more of email is opened on a mobile device Source: Personal Experience
  26. 26. Europe Email on Mobile Source: eCircle via EmailMonday
  27. 27. Reactivity Opens & Clicks
  28. 28. Open and click ratesWhat influences the open rate?the mail specifications (timing, frequency oftransmission...)the recipient’s and the situation’s characteristicsRelevance of subject lineWhat influences the click through rate?The relevancy of the contentThe document’s readability
  29. 29. Reactivity by Category
  30. 30. Weekdays Reactivity● Define the ideal day to send your emails is simply by asking your recipients and by testing.● Based on the results here, you should send your emails during the week.
  31. 31. Daytime ReactivityBased on the resultshere, you should sendemails before 9:00 AM
  32. 32. Email Best Practices & Tips Engagement
  33. 33. The Subject LineThe Brand is always in the subject. The common points are Sale - Brand - Opening of the sale Subjects between 30 and 70 characters. Personalisation is rarely usedTIPSIncentives (discount, special deals…) can increase the customer’s interest and therefore his likeliness to open it.The subject must be relevant and clear enough to easily identify the type and the origin of the messageThe more personalised is your content, the more effective your communication will be. If any doubt, test, test and test!!
  34. 34. One on One Communications Send emails for significant events Recipients Birthday Anniversary of Past Purchase Spouse/Partners Birthday Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. of significant others TIPS Ask for as much detail as feasible Don’t ask for information you will not use Make the subscriber aware of the benefits
  35. 35. Length of the Subject LinePut the most important information firstKeep the subject line as short as possibleUse longer subject lines only if necessaryWhen in doubt, test!
  36. 36. Transactional & Notification Emails If used properly transactional email is one of the most powerful forms of email marketing available to the marketer today. Transaction emails have very high open rates in comparison with traditional marketing messages. A customer appreciates to know when his purchase will arrive, so he will open the shipping notification message. The benefit to the marketer is that these messages are not just opened, but also read and saved for future reference. This provides the email marketer the opportunity to add marketing content to these high open rate messages in an intelligent way.
  37. 37. Email Success: Recap THE HIGHLIGHTS
  38. 38. OLD vs NewEmail Marketing 1.0 Email Marketing 2.0IP Reputation Domain ReputationPermission TrustPersonalisation SegmentationInbox Placement Multi-Device CompatibilityHeuristic Filters User Engagement
  39. 39. Permission & Relevancy• Gain Permission • Clear and Unambiguous • Confirm Permission • Manage Expectations • Be Clear on Benefits • Deliver consistently
  40. 40. Suscribing: a Simple Process Subscribe No fancy tricks, clear simple signup forms Confirm Confirm the email address of recipient Welcome Initial Welcome Email Nurture Nurture the relationship
  41. 41. 3 Dangers to AvoidPoorly Designed Complex/Broken Poor ListEmail Signup Unsubscribe ManagementProcess Process PracticesSimple, clear, Do not make it Unsubscribeconcise, manage hard, drive them soft/hardexpectations to other bounces, re-engage channels or remove the inactiveBONUS TIP: Beware Affiliate Danger
  42. 42. Domain ReputationInterdependent Email marketing results are interdependent on what is Brand Email happening in Reputation Marketing other online channels and to Results some degree your offline behavior too IP Reputation
  43. 43. Earn Trust: Engage & NurtureMaximise your ROI by tailoring youremail strategy to the changes ahead
  44. 44. Peter Webster – Partner Manager pwebster@emailvision.comFrank Goldberg – Sales Team Leader fgoldberg@emailvision.comAndrew Bonarabonar@emailvision.comt: @andrewbonar