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Designing a Data Strategy A Look Inside Sargento’s Stackie Award-Winning Martech Stack


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There are more than 7,000 marketing technologies out there. How can you select what you need - and manage integrations - to make sense of all of it all?

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Designing a Data Strategy A Look Inside Sargento’s Stackie Award-Winning Martech Stack

  1. 1. Designing a Data Strategy A Look Inside Sargento’s Stackie Award-Winning Martech Stack April 24, 2019
  2. 2. The real cheese people Meet Sargento. They make premium cheese products. Warning: this presentation will make you hungry!
  3. 3. Now meet their Stackie award-winning tech stack. Warning: That will make you hungry, too.
  4. 4. “Martech meets adtech” for an omni-channel customer experience
  5. 5. The MarTech Stackie contest inspired us to develop our own stack illustration, and it serves as a reference point as we talk about our ongoing data strategy evolution.” “ Cami Schenck Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital
  6. 6. Let’s walk through the four stages…
  7. 7. The PLAN phase carries their digital media and audience strategy, and it’s predominantly driven by their Insights and Digital Marketing Team
  8. 8. The CREATE phase is largely driven by the Creative Team who is developing the content This is where Widen fits in, “cookin’ up great content”
  9. 9. The ACTIVATE phase is largely the Marketing and E-Commerce Teams executing the plan
  10. 10. The MEASURE phase is largely driven by Marketing, with Insights, E-Commerce, Sales and Creative all working towards continuous performance improvements
  11. 11. The catalyst was bringing their data management platform and CRM solution in-house In the discovery phase of their overall data strategy they mapped the connections between the technologies, and how they are best used across the consumer journey Laying it out thoughtfully helped all internal stakeholders and external partners understand how the tools work together, so they can be more efficient and effective
  12. 12. We knew there was an opportunity to become more data driven and improve audience segmentation to create media and content efficiencies, cost efficiencies, and use the power of data to breakdown our ‘cheese silos’ in order to activate Sargento as a whole.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  13. 13. Built new data management platform to fully leverage existing data, improve data intakes and use across the organization. Build mutually-beneficial data deals with retailers to leverage shopper data within marketing activities. Not 1:1, but 1:microsegment – with lots of different consumer segments to be as relevant as possible. Sargento’s personalization strategy
  14. 14. Whether you’re looking for product information, recipe ideas, or ways to improve your snacking or your meal occasions, we want to make sure we’re sharing the product that will be most relevant to our consumers.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  15. 15. Designing a data strategy The key to syncing your stack: the discovery process 1. Map strategic objectives against use cases 2. Identify current performing audiences 3. Audit and identify data sources 4. Document your activation platforms 5. Create a data center of excellence within the org. structure 6. Create a use case prioritization map
  16. 16. A scalable foundation for a unified data and audience strategy that supports a holistic consumer journey. Sargento’s data strategy mission
  17. 17. Widen’s role Single source of truth for packaging, images, display ads, video, and TV spots
  18. 18. DAM + PIM Content syndication connection in e-commerce space, giving retailers and agency partners the right imagery in any format +
  19. 19. Challenges before DAM + PIM What life was like before these two solutions came to be + Scattered assets Distribution difficulties Duplicate efforts Poor image display
  20. 20. We have thousands of images that we need to be able to syndicate, manage, and leverage. Not uploading content in two different systems is hugely beneficial for us. It’s how we protect the integrity of our brand.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  21. 21. Other anchor platforms: - SAP enterprise-wide - Nielsen and Oracle marketing partnerships - Integral Ad Science and White opps to stay family-friendly and brand-safe - White Ops to combat fraudulent players - Sprout Social to manage social conversations
  22. 22. New additions: - Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) for dynamic creative optimization - Flashtalking uses AAM data to personalize advertising in real time - TheTradeDesk for over-the-top (OOT) media services, online video display, and programmatic audio - Coming soon: predictive analytics, visualization, and deeper personalization
  23. 23. I can’t say enough about the value of that discovery process.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  24. 24. It wasn’t until we meticulously went through each one of those sets that it really helped bring the full picture to light, so we could really start figuring out how we get the right processes in place, what use cases we want to leverage, and how to stage this out.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  25. 25. Final words of wisdom Sargento’s tips on how to approach your martech stack 1. Don’t be intimidated 2. Dive in and tackle each step by step 3. Don’t go it alone - collaborate with peers in legal, media, e-commerce marketing strategy, digital development 4. Involve partners - Sargento involved Adobe team members and IT business partners 5. Together, you can sell the vision to your organization!
  26. 26. How Widen can help
  27. 27. Most do not have a roadmap for integrations and onboarding new products (or don’t know if they do). 40% see value in getting help from Widen to complete their integration projects. Start with a strategy Insights from Widen’s martech survey respondents
  28. 28. Martech strategy design For new and existing Widen customers Change management For new and existing Widen customers Process improvement For existing Widen customers Widen consulting Get the right strategic foundations in place for optimal efficiency
  29. 29. Managed integrations Custom integrations Martech categories Project management Customer relationship management (CRM) Marketing automation Content marketing Social media management Product information management (PIM) E-commerce Sales enablement Widen partners New full service integration deployment partner Contact Widen for help with your integration projects +
  30. 30. Questions? Contact: