Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665
Vol.:3 Issue:08 Monday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 20...
PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA
chairperson Sonia Gand...
PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
" 3rd Indian Stainless Steel House ware Show 2013" was
inaugurated on ...
PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
Deepika, Kangana,
Chitrangda audition for next
Fast & Furious instalme...
PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
Anti superstition Bill : Hanging since 2003
Kalnirnay founder Salgaonk...
PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
It appears that someone against Dabholkar's thoughts killed
him. They ...
PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
The depreciated rupee will be
very damag...
PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013
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25 august 2013


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25 august 2013

  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665 INDIA'S LOCAL NEWSPAPER Vol.:3 Issue:08 Monday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 Page .......2 PM inaugrates National Media Centre, says credibility is media’s currency Page .......3 Mumbai gang-rape: Press Council panel begins work Page .......8 Sonia unveils Delhi food scheme Inside INDIA'S LOCAL NEWSPAPER Mumbai: Hours after the police arrested the two missing suspects in the gang-rape of a young photographer in Mumbai, her family issued a statementthankingthemedia,thepolice,thestaff at the hospital where she is recovering, and the public. "Wehopeandprayforyourcontinuedsupport andcampaigninthefightforjusticeformydaughter and women at large in India," the statement said. "Now that stringent laws are in place, we are optimistic that your and the government's efforts will help fast track the matter so that the severest of punishment is meted out. This will ensure that eventhemostsick-mindedthinktwicebeforethey Mumbai gang-rape: ALL FIVE ACCUSED ARRESTED; WOMAN'S FAMILY ASKS FOR 'SEVEREST OF PUNISHMENT' actinsuchaninhumanandinsensitiveway."(Read fullstatement) Allfivemenwantedforthegang-rapehavenow been found.The main accused, SalimAnsari, 27, had managed to escape to Delhi but was located there and arrested today. He is being brought to Mumbai. Investigatorssayhewastheonewhoinstigated his four friends to rape the 22-year-old, while her male colleague was tied with a belt and thrown to the ground nearby at a deserted textile mill on Thursdayat6pm.(Bravesurvivorsaysshewants to work again) Earliertoday,thepolicearrestedKasimBangali, 21, from a Mumbai suburb. The police says Bangali, in his late 20s, was "the most depraved" of the gang and raped the woman twice. The photojournalist has told the police in a statement that a broken beer bottle was held over her head as the men took turns to rape her. Later, the police said in court today, the gang ordered thephotographertocleanupthesceneofthecrime and took two photos of her in a cellphone, threateningtoreleasethemifshereportedthemto anyoneTheattackinacitylongconsideredamong thesafestforwomeninIndiahasprovokedanger andcomparisonswiththefatalgang-rapeofayoung studentonmovingbusinDelhiinDecember. Visit u at
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 Editorial Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi jointly inaugurated the information and broadcasting ministry's new National Media Centre on Raisina Road, New Delhi on Saturday. TheNationalMediaCentrewithmoderninfrastructure will serve as the communication hub of the government. The media centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate enhanced media access to the government and is likely to house the Press Information Bureau (PIB). "This media centre symbolises the vibrant mood of the existing media landscape in the country. I am sure it will fulfill the needs and requirements of our mediafraternity,manyofwhomarepresent heretoday,"ManmohanSinghsaidduring theinauguration. "A witch hunt is no substitute for investigative journalism. At the end of day, credibility is media's currency,"theprimeministersaid,addingthatthespiritof inquiry should not lead to calumny. He said that the media was among the principal beneficiariesofthewaveofeconomicreformsintroduced inthecountry,andadvancementsliketheinternet,telecom revolution, low-cost broadcasting and social media were RAHUL TULI Enforcement and awareness help Beed improve Child Sex Ratio Two years ago, Beed in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region made newsnationwideonaccountofheinouscrimeoffemalefoeticide,lead- ingtoaseriouscrackdownonseveralmedicalpractitioners.According to 2011 census, Beed recorded a Child Sex Ratio of 796 girls per 1000 boys,muchworsethantheChildSexRatioof894forMaharashtraand the all India figure of 914. Child Sex Ratio is defined as the number of femalesper1000malesinthe0-6agegroup.Thisratio,onitsownmay notbeabletopresentacorrectpictureofsexratioasthereareinstances ofunderreportingofgirls.Therefore,theSexRatioatBirth,definedas the number of girls born for every 1000 boys, is considered a more accurate and a refined indicator. While unplanned pregnancy is gener- allythereasonbehindabortions,femalefoeticideisafarmoreheinous crimethantheageoldpracticeofkillingtheunwantedchildafteritwas born. Selective elimination of the girl child in the womb itself is done after the determination of child’s gender through the medical means. Thisisusuallydoneunderfamilypressurefromthehusbandorin-laws or even women’s parents. Sadly a majority of female foeticide cases involve an enthusiastic participation of women - both old and young. Like many societies around the world, India too is patriarchal in nature.Rightfromtheancientscriptures,onefindsinstancesweremen areglowinglypraisedasthekeytocontinuefamilylineage.Thisresults in a fanatic obsession for a male progeny. Alarmbellsbegantoringwhentherampantpracticeofprenatalsex selection came to light with the connivance of several reputed medical practitioners in Beed. The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prevention of Sex Determination)Act, enacted by Parlia- ment of India in 1994, bans use of sex selection techniques before or after conception and prevents the misuse of prenatal diagnostic tech- niqueforsexselectiveabortion.However,duetolaxityinenforcement, the there was no let up in discrimination against the girl child. The state government woke up to the challenge and announced a slew of measures to stop female foeticide and catch its perpetrators. Teamswereformedtocrackdownonillegalultrasoundcentresindulg- ing in sex determination tests. Food & Drug Administration kept a watchonthesaleofdrugsandmedicinesrequiredformedicaltermina- tion of pregnancy. Action was taken against 12 chemists in Beed dis- trict who failed to provide satisfactory replies to the show cause no- tices served upon them.To supplement the enforcement programme, a massiveawarenessdrivewasinitiatedtodrivehometheimportanceof girl child. Besides the public service advertisements broadcast over television and radio, Amir Khan’s TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ also helped raise the level of awareness about female foeticide. Voluntary Organizations(NGOs)cameforward to supplement government’s ef- forts in this girl child mission. In Beed, organizations like ‘Tee Foun- dation’and ‘Marathwada Lok Vikas Manch’came forward to adopt talukas, in a bid to improve child sex ratio.TheseVoluntary Organiza- tions adopted Shirur-Kasar taluka for a comprehensive survey and provision of necessary support services. “It was a grim scenario when we began our survey in 2011; Beed had a low sex ratio of 733 and it was even worse in Shirur- Kasar taluka, where child sex ratio was only 669” says Dr. Bharati Lavekar of the Tee foundation The Voluntary Organizations conducted house to house surveys and listed out the reasons for adverse sex ratio. “After studying the mind- set and the behavioural pattern of villagers, we became convinced that the situation can not be improved merely by enacting laws or conducting television sting operations. We needed to get to the root of the problem and change people’s mindset” adds Dr.Lavekar.While the government supervised strict enforcement of the PCPNDT Act, holistic health services were made available to pregnant women through regular health check up, vitamin administration and nutrition supplement under the National Rural Health Mission, NRHM. Spe- cialtrainingprogrammeswereheldforASHA(AccreditedSocialHealth Activist) volunteers and Anganwadi Sevikas for skill upgradation. Voluntary Organizations played a key role in inter-personalcommuni- cation, by reaching out to women during their free time. To motivate people to raise girl child a fixed deposit scheme under the Balika Suraksha Yojana was introduced. Under this scheme Rs 5000 would be deposited in the name of every girl child born afterAugust 15, 2011 tobeheldasFixedDepositwithStateBankofHyderabadforatermof 18 years. The lump sum money would be payable to the girl on be- comingamajor,subjecttoattainingcertainminimumeducationalquali- fications. PMinaugratesNationalMediaCentre, sayscredibilityismedia’scurrency The centre costing around Rs. 60 crore is sprawled over a 1.95 acre plot and can hold around 300 mediapersons in the main press conference auditorium. inconceivable just two decades ago. The PM further asserted that media and civil society are an essential part of democracy and nation building and added that the UPAGovernment has always fostered a free, pluralistic and independent media. "Media is a reflection of the entire society at large and the mediahasenormousreach.Mediaandcivilsocietyareanessential partofdemocracyandnationbuilding.Advancementslikeinternet, telecom revolution, low cost broadcasting and social media were inconceivable two decades ago. I reiterate commitment of UPA Governmentinfosteringafree,pluralisticandindependentmedia," he said. Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that constructive criticism of the policies of the government by the media was welcome as it played an important function of a watchdog. "Wewelcomethewatchdogroleofthe media," Sonia Gandhi said, adding that it hadstrengtheneddemocracy. ThecentrecostingaroundRs.60croreissprawledovera1.95 acreplotandcanholdaround300mediapersonsinthemainpress conferenceauditorium. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry had said that the location, Raisina road will cut distance and travel time between eventsfordignitariesandthemediapersonnel.TheMinistryadded thatthisinitiativeaimsatimprovingdisseminationofinformation aboutgovernmentpoliciesandprogrammes. Nation remembers Rajguru on his 105th birth anniversary The Nation on Friday pays tribute to Rajguru, one of the greatest Indian revolutionary of modern India, on his 105th birth anniversary. The ‘deadly’ trio of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru will always be remembered by the coming generations for opposing the mighty British Empire tooth and nail. Shivaram Hari Rajguru was born on 24thAugust, 1908 at a time, when India was facing the staunchest opposition for its independence by the British Empire. RajguruwasacolleagueofBhagat Singh and Sukhdev. Being a learned scholar, he was a sharp shooter and was regarded as the gunman of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA). Rajguru was a member of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army, who wanted India to be freed from the clutches of Britishers by any means. He believed that ferocity (extremism) against oppression was far more effective than the moderate path. He displayed courage when he took part in the murder of a British police officer, JP Saunders, at Lahore in 1928. The murder was seen as a revenge for the death of Lala Lajpat Rai, who succumbed to his injuries due to excessive police beating. Fighting till their last breath, all three, Rajguru, Sukhdev and Bhagat Singh were convicted of crime and hanged on 23rd March, 1931. They were cremated at Hussainiwalaat on the banks of the Sutlej river in Ferozepur district of Punjab. Today on the birth anniversary of the freedom fighter, we pay our sincere tribute to Rajguru who was a born leader. His courage and spirit will continue to inspire generations. Safety audit carried out shows air travel is safe in India A safety audit carried out by International aviation experts shows air travel is safe in India. The audit by the International Civil Aviation Organisation - ICAO - says, action plans are in place to address safety concerns. With this, India is all set to be removed from the list of nations having significant aviation safety concerns.Director General of CivilAviation Arun Mishra said the auditors have cleared India of all the 'significant safety concerns' and they have recommended this to their - ICAO headquarters in Montreal. The formal clearance by the UN-body ICAO is likely to come within a week or 10 days.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 " 3rd Indian Stainless Steel House ware Show 2013" was inaugurated on 23rd August by film star Smt. Hema Malini in presence of Smt. Jayawantiben Mehta at Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon (E), Mumbai. Seen in the picture, Shri R.L. Choudhary- Chief Editor of "Steel Market Info" with Smt. Hema Malini & Smt. Jayawantiben Mehta. Fair with 170 stalls open up to Sunday, 25th August, 2013. Free Entry to trade visitors. Time: 10 am to 7 pm State rules out auto fare hike till March The state has said there will be no fare hike for autos till March next year. Meanwhile, over 30,000 permits will be issued to autos plying in the eastern and western suburbs by the month end. New Permits ForMumbai Autos 34,000 Taxis 12,000 ForThaneandNaviMumbai Autos 20,000 Taxis 2,000 Maharashtra tops in dengue deaths this year Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of dengue deaths this year. Of the national toll of 60, the state accounts for 23 deaths. State Dengue Cases Deaths Maharashtra 961 23 Kerala 5,801 19 Karnataka 3,775 11 Tamil Nadu 3,079 0 (Figures up to July 2013) Mumbai gang-rape: Press Council panel begins work Mumbai(AU NEWS NETWORK): The inquiry committee appointed by the Press Council of India to look into the factsofthegangrapeofa23-year- old photojournalist here, today held talks with Home Minister R R Patil and police commissioner Satyapal Singh. PCI chairperson Justice Markandey Katju appointed Rajeev Sabade to inquire into the facts of the case, the version of the Maharashtra government, journalists and asked him to submit a report at the earliest. "Sabade held talks with Patil and Singh," said a statement by the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, from where he is operating. Any organisation or individual wishing to submit information or memorandum to the panel could do so during regular office hours, the statement said. The intern with an English magazine was gang raped by five men on Thursday evening when she and her male colleague had gone to the deserted Shakti Mills compound in Lower Parel on an assignment. The incident triggered outrage across the country and was condemned as despicable and shameful stirring memories of a similar attack on a paramedic last December in New Delhi that led to nationwide protests. Political parties, media associations and Bollywood have joined the common people in demanding harshest punishment to the culprits of the crime in a city which is seen as safe for women. Maharashtra Home Minister personally supervising gang-rape case probe Mumbai(AU NEWS NETWORK): Under fire from the opposition in the wake of gang- rape of a 23-year-old photojournalist here, Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil is personally supervising the probe into the case round the clock. Patil visited Crime Branch Unit3nearNMJoshiMargpolice station in the wee hours today to review the progress made in the investigations of this case, a police official said . Patil's visit to the police station at 2.30 AM raised eyebrows and officials weresurprisedtoreceivehim.The home minister not only interacted with the police officials at the station to get a first hand impression of the probe, but also spoke to the two accused who had been arrested in the case. Patil asked the duo their names and where they resided. He also questioned them about their role in the incident. According to the official, Patil appreciated the efforts of the police in arresting the two accused and stressed the need to quickly arrest the remaining culprits. The Home Minister has given full freedom to the police in probing the case and told them that the government needs quick results, the official said. The photojournalist, who worked as an intern with an English magazine, was gang-raped by five men on Thursday evening when she had gone to the deserted Shakti Mills compound in Lower Parel with a male colleague on assignment. Senior photojournalist Gajanan Ghurye commits suicide Mumbai(AU NEWS NETWORK): Apparently upset over his nagging health problems, a senior freelance photojournalist allegedly committed suicide at his residence in Central Mumbai, police said.Gajanan Ghurye (58), was found hanging from a ceiling fan by his family members at his third floor house in 'Sai Charan' apartmentsinDadar'sShivajiPark, said Deputy Police Commissioner D Kulkarni. The political photographer was ill for quite some time and this could be the reason behind the extreme step, the DCP said. A case has been registeredattheShivajiParkpolice station and further investigations are on. Maha Governor to take up issue of women safety with Chavan Mumbai(AU NEWS NETWORK): Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan todayassuredwomenjournalists herethathewilltakeuptheissue of the safety of women in the statewithChiefMinisterPrithviraj Chavan. Addressing a group of women scribes representing the print and electronic media who met him at Raj Bhavan, the Governorsaidhewouldalsotake up the issue of enhancing the safety of women in local trains with the Railway Minister. The journalistsvoicedtheirconcern onsafetyofwomeninMumbai in the backdrop of Thursday's gangrapeofaphotojournalist,a Raj Bhavan spokesperson said. "Wehavestronglawstoprotect the life and liberty of citizens; what we need is effective implementationofthelaws,"the Governor said. The journalists narrated to the Governor instances of harassment suffered by women while travellingaloneonstreetsandin trains. Mangets9yrsimprisonment for mugging woman on train Mumbai(AU NEWS NETWORK): A sessions court here on Wednesday convicted a 41-year-old man for assaulting and robbing a woman on a train, and sentenced him to nine years' rigorous imprisonment.According to the Dadar Railway Police, Manjusha Marva (40), the victim, was travelling to Mumbai by Devnagri Express on January 12, 2012. As the train crossed Dadar terminus, Mohammed Sheikh, the accused, got into the ladies coach nearParelstationinthecity.Seeing Marva alone in the coach, he tried to strangle her with her dupatta and assaulted her. Later, Sheikh snatched the woman's mobile phone before jumping off the running train. "The key to cracking the case was the IMEI number of the mobile. We traced the number and the accused was immediately apprehended," said a Dadar railway police official. The prosecution relied on witnesses from the mobile company to prove the case. Further, Marva herself identified the accused in the court. Accepting the prosecution's case, the court convicted Sheikh and sentenced him to nine years' imprisonment. So far, we have not got any information on the 26:22 seat sharing formula (as claimed by the NCP) from Delhi. Manikrao Thakre, state Congress chief, on the 2014 Lok Sabha poll strategy. 88% sitting time lost, LS session may be extended NewDelhi:TheLokSabhawas productive for barely 12% of its available sitting time over the first ten days of the 16 day monsoon session, losing the remaining 88% time to adjournments. Disturbed over the House clocking just 7.42 hours of actual sittings till August 22, the government is now considering extension of the monsoon session. According to data compiled by PRS Legislative Research, the Lok Sabha spent just 38 minutes on legislation and 50 minutes on question hour during its 10 sittings till August 22. Out of the seven bills introduced, not a single bill has been passed.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 Deepika, Kangana, Chitrangda audition for next Fast & Furious instalment Madras CafeStraight up, Madras Cafe couldn't be more dif- ferent to director Shoojit Sircar'sVickyDonor.Politi- cal, tense, finally explosive, Madras Cafe is no picnic in the neighborhood park. Major Vikram Singh (Abraham) lands in Sri Lanka, heading RAW's co- vert operations. He must work with colleague Bala to get Anna Bhaskaran (Rathnam),headoftherebel LTF group - "Also known as Tigers" - to accept a peaceful resolution.Vikram knowsAnna will be a huge challenge - what surprises him is how many others he must face. Madras Cafe dives boldly into terrain Bollywood hasn't touched before. Its arsenal features research, respect and bravely, no songs. But it's not arty or preachy any- where. Its first half is lay- ered, complex trails - leaks, foreign interests, domestic rivals - slowly revealed to Vikram. As RAW boss Robin Dutt (Basu) ups the pressure, Vikram must move fast through sultry, dangerous airs. His foreign journalist friend Jaya (Fakhri, apparently playing real-life journalist Anita Pratap, who first inter- viewed LTTE chief Prabhakaran) knows this conflict's heart even better thanVikram, whose discov- eries, from Sri Lanka to South Block, grow trau- matic. Madras Cafe's true star is its story which builds up to an agonizing end. It brings to life the Lankan war which many viewers were too young to have known. It highlights India's ambiguous role, moving sensitively, taking no sides, except those of relation- ships involving respect - but no romance - between Vikram and Jaya, duty, vic- tory and loss. Its second halfgrowsmorefraughtand taut, conspiracies and com- pulsions becoming clearer. John stays low-key and competent as Vikram while supporting actors, like agents Bala, SP and Vasu, stand out. Restrained per- formances by the LTF sui- cide bombers are chilling. The cinematography is remarkable, shots of huge naval warships, helicopters floating across hills, sun- shine on a deadly sea, haunting. Commendably, Sircar never overindulges in gore, keeping Madras Cafe a shifting site of men- tal violence. Madras Cafe deserves an extra half-star for guts, going for the gun- powder - but with a re- strained hand. Bollywood stars are in demandinHollywoodmore than ever before. Close on the heels of reports of Sonam Kapoor auditioning for Pirates Of The Carib- bean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, comes news of Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut and Chitrangda Singh audition- ing for a role in Fast & Furi- ous 7. Interestingly, the brief for scouting talent was 'someone like Deepika Padukone', reveals a well- placed industry source. As it turns out, the makers of the franchise were looking at Bollywood actors for the role of a science and tech- nology expert, a significant character in the pacy thriller. "Considering the brief, Deepika was the first to be auditioned, before she went on her holiday," revealed our informer, adding, "Kangana and Chitrangda were also recently screen- tested for the part. The pro- ducers wanted to keep their options open as the movie has been scheduled to re- lease next July." Why should I be uncomfortable facing Kareena: Amrita Rao Amrita Rao was named after her grandfather Amrit Rao, who had fought for our freedom with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. She believes that her first relationship will be her last, but, so far, marriage is not on the cards. She is most attached to her mother, who has always been with her and she values the fact that her mother never put any pressure on her, and, in fact, gave her whatever she wanted without her asking for it. While she had walked from Mahim to Juhu during the Anna movement, under police protection, to share her generation's collective disappoint- ment with the system, she feels sad that in spite of our forefathers having fought for our freedom without the help of the police, we are back to square one. Ahead of her upcoming release Satyagraha, she talks to TOI about her pride in being self-made, pressures of being an actress and how she did not date Shahid Kapoor. Excerpts: How did you get into films? While we are originally from Mangalore, my grandfather had migrated to Burma from where he returned to join the Indian NationalArmy and settled in Mumbai, where I was born and brought up. I was still in school when I heard about this audition for this fair- ness cream ad. I got selected and subse- quently, did a lot of ads and I got no- ticed by Ramesh Taurani and Ken Ghosh and Ishq Vishk happened. Since my childhood, I was that girl who would walk into a movie hall starry-eyed having this hunch that I will be there and can do this though I did not have the guts to share my feeling with my parents. I truly believe in destiny. Once, this chocolate brand actually waited for my exams to get over to shoot with me. I joined col- lege, but finally, had to drop out as by that time I had a lot of work and could not continue doing both. Initially, I was thrown out of track mentally and I would imagine myself sitting and writing exams and could not fathom that I had to dis- continue studying. I had trained in Hindustani classical singing and my mother thought I could become a play- back singer, but I always wanted to be- come an actor. Children who are inclined to the arts where the income is not guar- anteed, need more support from their par- ents. Sometimes, parents lose patience due to pressures of the outside world. I got that support and got success easily and could prove to my par- ents that there was a demand for me. But, perhaps, if I tried and failed, I would have had to step back. From the age of 15, I haven't taken a single rupee from my dad, even though he could afford the best of luxuries for me and I pride myself on that. Do you feel stressed due to competitive pres- sure? It's not just that your films have to work. You also have to look good. There is an added stress related to what you are wearing. While on the one hand, the media expects us to be down-to-earth, on the other hand, they do not want us to repeat our shoes. So actors work with designers whose stuff they wear and promote. While there is an influx of new faces and it is easier today to get a debut, to sustain your career is a real challenge. From the beginning, I always had people approaching me and I find that to be the more respectable way. For me, it's extremely difficult to call people to ask something for my- self. While it would be great to have a godfather, it's a great feeling to be self- made. Issue on screens for 'Once Upon...' unfounded: Shah Rukh Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says the issue over the allotment of screens for the release of Ekta Kapoor's 'Once Upon A timeInMumbaiDobaara'is a little unfounded as 'Chennai Express' produc- ers UTV did make way for Balaji's request. Ekta's mother Shobha Kapoor, who released Akshay Kumar starrer 'Once Upon...' a week later on August 15, had expressed disappointment with UTV over the sharing of screens. ShahRukhsaidthecommit- ment from the producers UTVwaswellclarifiedwith themakersof'OnceUpon...' and he was not involved in any discussion. "We had booked single screen the- atres for two weeks. A de- sirecamefromthere(Balaji) that look we are coming on August 15 and can you give us some theatres. I don't do the business, they (UTV)saidwewillgiveyou 40 to 50 per cent (screen space) which we did," Shah Rukh told in an interview. "Our film was earlier sup- posed to release on Thurs- day, it then got shifted to Fri- day,aweekmeanssevendays and everyone has the right to run their film for seven days. (AU NEWS NETWORK)
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 Anti superstition Bill : Hanging since 2003 Kalnirnay founder Salgaonkar dead Jyotibhaskar Jayant Salgaonkar, founded of the popular Kalnirnay almanac, died in Mumbai on Tuesday after a brief illness. He was 84. 700Airlines from 83 countries polled The amount of baggage lost at the Mumbai airport has grown 10 fold, a survey by Skyscanner reveals. 12,850 Baggage lost in 2011 at the airport 1,190 Baggage lost in 2006 Unclaimed bags at the airport till May 2012 : 4,840 List of passengers' forgotten belongings Live parrot Glass eye Prosthetic leg A bag of sand A clog Box of dried fish One shoe Wedding dress Bag of diamonds Wig Bag of onions Bag of onions Toupee Handcuffs Double bass One egg (without packing) Frog Falcons Underwear Written marriage proposal UGC asks varsities and colleges to use digital animals and simulators Colleges told to take digital leapfrog Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK): In a bid to stop the killing of animals in higher educational institutions across India, the University Grants Commission has asked universities and colleges to use digital animals and simulators instead of dissections and experiments on real frogs, guinea pigs or rats. Universities have been advised to modify their Zoology and Life Sciences curriculum accordingly to follow the commission's 2011 guidelines effectively. Such virtual platforms are widely being used in universities and medical colleges abroad. Last month, UGC asked all universities, through a circular, to refer to the course structure of Bharathidasan University, Chennai, which has done away with animal killing. The university uses simulators to teach students. The commission wants all institutions to follow Bharatidasan.In2011,UGCcameoutwithaguideline for "discontinuation of dissection and animal experimentation". The guideline is still to be followed in letter and spirit by all universities and colleges because Zoology and Life science courses have dissection mandatory. Besides, a large number of rare and protected animals are killed to prepare specimen and models for laboratories across India. Animal dissection should be carried out only if the animals is not protected under Wildlife (protection) Act 1972, emphasizes the Bharathidasan University's course model. It gives details of simulators / software available for digital dissection of various animals. The course stresses on the use of chart, slides and models instead of specimens of animals. Highlights … The new law will have 11 articles and 12 schedules. TheminimumimprisonmentsixmonthsimprisonmentandRs.5000 fine and maximum seven years imprisonment and Rs.50,000 fine if the person is guilty and found exploiting physically, monetarily and mentally. The police has to compulsorily register all complaints; they cannot give any excuse. Crime under this law is cognizable and non- bailable. It is a Crime now Torturing the person, beating him/her, making him drink urine or dung saying he is influenced by the god/goddesses or spirits. Showing so called miracles and threatening persons to part with money by warning of harm. Calling anyone unlucky Sacrificing someone's life to get the hidden treasure Claiming to be god. When bitten by a dog or snake, instead of taking the victim to the doctor, if someone takes him/ her to bogus godmen for inhuman treatment like putting hot iron on the body etc. Promising sex change of a foetus by performing 'miracles'. Having an illicit relationship with 'barren' women. Ordinance on black magic issued Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) :Aday after the killing of anti superstition activist Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, the Maharashtra government on Wednesday pushed through an ordinance enacting the anti black magic legislation he had relentlessly campaigned for. The state cabinet decided to promulgate the ordinance in the wake of mounting pressure and protests following the gunning down of Dr. Dabholkar by two unidentified assailants in Pune. The ordinance, signed by chief minister Prithviraj Chavan and sent to the governor for approval, replaces the draft Maharashtra Prevention and Eradiction of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman, Evil nad Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act, 2011, pending before the Assembly since it was last introduced on August 10, 2011. The bill prohibits human sacrifice, Aghori practices, black magic, and illegal practices by quacks. Offenders can be imprisoned for a maximum of seven years. The original draft of the bill was prepared by Dr. Narendra Dabholkar in the late 1990s. It came before the cabinet for discussion for the first time in 2003. It was tabled in the Assembly inApril 2005, when the treasury benches itself opposed it and suggested changes. Activists who had drafted the bill had deliberated with more than 100 MLAs and key leaders of the Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata party. The changes After diluting some of the provisions and a nod from the cabinet, the bill was tabled again. The stateAssembly cleared it on December 16, 2005, but the Legislative Council opposed it. It decided to send the bill to the joint select committee, which held four meetings and invited suggestions and objections from the public. 1.17 lakh responses - 38,887 against the bill, while 78,869 in favour the committee received. The bill lapsed as the government was dissolved after theAssembly elections in 2009. Push for New Bill With push from activists, the state Cabinet gave its nod to the new draft in July 2011, which was tabled in theAssembly inAugust that year. No discussion has been held on it till date. Contentious issues Theoriginaldraft,whichcame before the Cabinet for discussion for the first time in 2003, was comparatively 'harsh' in nature. The act of 'being possessed by a deity' and chanting of mantras to treat snake bites were punishable acts in the draft. The activists were divided on these provisions, which were deleted from the draft before it was tabled in 2005. THEOBJECTIONS Among the 1.17 Lakh responses received by the legislaturein2007-08,someraised objection to the very idea of the bill and contended that there were only 17 cases related to superstitions registered in the five years prior to 2007, and hence there was no need for the Act It was also contended that the provisions of the bill are against the constitutional rights of the people as even the Satyanarayan puja would be a religious ritual and punishable under the proposed Act. The Warkari community objected to the provisions of inclusion of trusts and temple managements in the ambit of the bill. They feared the trusts managing various temples would be affected due to the provisions. The government then decided to delete section 5, which had the provision. It decided to delete section 13, which talks about religious rites and rituals interpreted as against the traditional rituals. The government planned to replace the existing bill, but failed to do so because of resistance from theWarkaris. 8 crusaders killed in state in past 3 years Mumbai : The murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar on Tuesday took to eight the number of prominent crusaders from various sectors killed in the state in the past three years. Murdered since Jan. 2010 Satish Shetty | Killed in Jan.2010 in Pune. Arun Sawant | Killed in Feb. 2010 in Beed. Dattatreya Patil | Killed in May 2010 in Ichalkaranji Ramdas Ghadegaonkar | Killed inAug. 2010 in Nanded Yeshwant Sonawane | Addl. Collector killed in Jan. 2011 Premnath Jha | Killed in Feb. 2013 in city Dr. Narendra Dabholkar | Campagined for state to pass anti superstition bill; killed on Tuesday in Pune. 2006 Mumbai train blast accused moves court for homoeopathy books to study New Delhi(AU NEWS NETWORK): A prime accused in 2006 Mumbai serial train blasts case has approached the Delhi High court seeking a direction that he be provided publications on homoeopathy free of cost in jail for studying as he was too poor to afford them. The move came after attempts by Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui to get the books from Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Delhi by filing an RTI plea failed with Central Information Commission (CIC) rejecting the request. The Delhi High Court today directed the Centre and city government to respond to the plea of Siddiqui, currently lodged in the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai. Issuing notice to the governments, Justice VK Jain sought their response by January 31, 2014 on the plea seeking direction to supply copies of all 45 books published by CCRH, Delhi. On February 4 this year, Siddiqui had written a letter to the Delhi High Court Chief Justice claiming his right to study the medical books after his request was rejected by CCRH and CIC. J Dey murder accused seeks extension of bail on health grounds Mumbai(DEV GAURAV PAWAR): Real Estate developer Vinod Asrani, alias Vinod Chembur, an accused in the murder of journalist Jyotirmoy Dey, on Friday moved the Bombay High Court seeking extention of bail granted to him earlier on medical grounds. His lawyer Adhik Shirodkar told a bench of Justices PV Hardas and Reveti Dhere that Asrani had chronic liver and kidney problems and needed constant medical attention which was not possible in jail. Hence, Asrani was urging extension of bail given to him in December last year on the same ground. Hearing the plea, the bench asked the prosecution to file its say on September 20 and adjourned the matter until then.The same bench had on Tuesday dismissed Asrani's plea for discharge while relying upon a confession of a co- accused which allegedly hinted at the role played by Asrani in the conspiracy. The High Court, however, after perusing the material submitted by the prosecution, held that there was prima facie evidence against Asrani.Shirodkar said the police had in their possession a recorded telephonic conversation between gangster Chhota Rajan and his associate wherein the former said thatAsrani was unnecessarily arrested in the case and that he was not involved. Asrani is accused of calling Dey to a suburban hotel and identifying him to members of Chhota Rajan gang who allegedly shot the journalist dead in suburban Powai on June 11, 2011.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 It appears that someone against Dabholkar's thoughts killed him. They are under the wrong impression that his fight will be finished by killing him. Sharad Pawar, NCP chief on the murder on Dr. Narendra Dabholkar The progressive movement of Maharashtra is now bereft of a face, with the killing of Dabholkar. Thoughts cannot be crushed by such cowardly attacks. Ajit Pawar, deputy chief minister Narendra Dabholkar's murder is a great insult to our society. Fights based on ideology should be fought through ideology, but the situation has reached to a point where he was shot dead. Everyone must now fight for the anti superstition and black magicbill. S. Manav, founder of Akhil Bharatiya Andhsraddha Nirmoolan Samiti Pune/Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK): For 20 years, Narendra Dabholkar held his ground in his fight against inhuman social practices stemming from superstitious beliefs over the years did little to change that stance. He paid heavily for that on Tuesday, when two unidentified assailants gunned him down in Pune for being a voice of reason in a superstition riddled society. Even till his last moments, he was completely immersed in his campaign. The 68 year old Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan declared a reward of Rs.10 lakh to anyone who provides crucial details of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar's killers. Condemning the attack on Dr. Dabholkarchief ministerPrithviraj Chavan said, Dabholkar's death is a blot on the face of the progressive Maharashtra. The state will neverforget Dr. Dabholkarcontribution against anti superstition movement.We have to keep the fight continue against unhealthy and heinous prevailing activities in society. That will be the real tribute to Dr. Dabholkar. crusader was engaged in mobilizing public opinion and pressuring the Maharashtra government to pass theAnti Jaadu Tona Bill to check the spread of practices related to magic and superstition, which is being opposed by certain sections. The Pune police have started collecting CCTV footage of areas near the assassination site. a senior police officer said they have got part of the registration number MH 12 ( ) 7756 without the specific series. Based on this the police have zeroed in on 14 motorcycles from the Khed taluka in Pune district. The police have also released the sketch of one of the suspects. Protests erupted across Maharashtra as soon as news of his assassination spread. In Mumbai, protests gathered outside Shivaji Mandir at Dadar to morun his death. Nashik, where the anti superstition movement was personally guided by Dabholkar himself, was plunged into a state of gloom. Several dignitaries, including CM Prithviraj Chavan and home minister RR Patil, and loved ones lined up to pay their last respects at Shantiniketan in Satara, where the activist's remains were kept. Dabholkar, colleagues recalled, had been threatened several times over the last few months for opposing Jat Panchayats. Three years ago, he was attacked at a public forum while speaking up against black magic and blind faith. TheMurderPlot Around6.45am,Dr. Narendra Dabholkar starts from his flat in Ameya Apartments in Shaniwar Peth for his routine walk to SambhajiPark. Passes along Shaniwar Peth police chowky en route to Balgandhava bridge. Two shooters between 25 and 30 years old, one wearing a white shirt and the other wearing a grey shirt, follow him on foot after parking their bike in front of the police chowky. At 7 am, the shooters fire five rounds at Dabholkar from close range.Threebulletshithim; two in the chest, and one in the forehead. The two men calmly walk back towards their bike.Aman, who lives in an apartment near the police chowky, notes down the bike's registration number from his balcony. There was police nakabandi, to check chain snatching, at a distance of barely 50 meters from the spot. Thus spake Dabholkar … When one follows the scientific spirit, he should also be a critic of religion. The important question is people getting exploited because of superstition. That is more important than whether miracles exist or not. The proposed law will help stop exploitation of a lot of people from the villages. There are 14 cases against me and damages of almost Rs.14 crore have been sought. I take it as part of my work. I am able to sleep in peace at night; that is what is more important. I don't think its faith. It's blind faith.And it's across the world. It ought to get suppressed. Why did the Peshwas collapse? They did all their work based on Brahmins' predictions. If I have to take police protection in my own country from my own people, that there is something wrong with me. I am fighting within the framework of the Indian Constitution and it is not against anyone, but for everyone. Only those who swindle common people need to fear this bill. Some misguiding forces rake up some issues and the government hesitates to approve the bill. NarendraDabholkar. About Dr. DabholkarNarendra Dabholkar was born on November 1, 1945, in Satara, Maharashtra, His father was a lawyer. After completing his schooling, Dabholkar moved to Sangali to study medicine. He was a national level kabaddi player and receivedsevengoldmedals.Hewas also honoured with the Shiv Chhatrapati award. Dabholkar startedhismedicalpracticeinSatara in 1970. He was actively involved in social reformation movements such as one village one well, renaming of Marathwada Vidyapeeth. He set up the Maharashtra Andhshraddha NirmulanSamiti17yearsago.The samiti has more than 230 branches all over Maharashtra. Dabholkar authored 12 books propagating social reforms. He also wrote several articles in various publications and was editor of Marathi weekly Sadhana for the past 13 years. He was famous for hisoratoryskills,sharpthinkingand critical analysis. Dabholkar also a conduceted de-addiction centre in Satara for 20 years.He is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son. TheBill Maharashtra Prevention and EradicationofHumanSacrificeand Other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori PracticesandBlackMagicBill AIM The proposed law targets quacks, tantriks and godmen who claim powers to conduct surgeries only with fingers. It targets those whouse'tantramantra'tocuresnake and dog bites and serious illnesses. The government plans to take upthebillduringthewintersession of the state legislature. OFFENCES The practice, promotion andpropagationofhumansacrifice and black magic. To be cognizable and non bailable. Under the prtextofexpellingghost,assaulting bytyingapersonwithropeorchain, and beating by stick or whip. Display of so called miracles by a person and thereby earning money and to deceive, defraud and terrorize people. Doing inhuman, evil and aghori practicesandblackmagicinsearch of precious things, bounty and water resources. Propagating black magic and other dubious practices as cures for ailments. PUNISHMENTS Imprisonment from six months to seven years, fine from Rs.5,000toRs.50,000 IMPLEMENTATION A team of policemen will be appointed as vigilance officers to monitor crimes and report them to the nearest police station. Court dismisses PIL against ban on VHP's yatra The Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court on Saturday dismissed a petition against the Uttar Pradesh government's ban on VHP's proposed Yatra from Ayodhya. Adivision bench comprising Justice Laxmi Kant Mahapatra and Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhaya dismissed the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by a local lawyer Mahesh Gupta. The PILwas filed on Friday, seeking a direction to the state government to allow the devotees to undertake the 84 kosi parikrama in Ayodhya from Sunday. "Since the petitioner has not pleaded any customary right to this parikrama regarding past several years it is dismissed," the court said. On behalf of the state government, Additional Advocate General Bulbul Godiyal said, "Such type of parikrama was never organised in the past 50 years and as per Hindu belief it is performed in "Chaitra" month of the Hindu calendar which has already passed away as it was in between April 25 to May 20". The court observed, "There is nothing in the writ petition to show that the 84 kosi parikrama is a religious custom followed at the place mentioned and it was stated by the state counsel that such a parikrama has never been undertaken in the last 50 years". Court further said, "In the absence of any material showing that the parikrama proposed to be undertaken is a part of religious custom, no such direction can be issued as no right occurs. The writ petitionisaccordinglydismissed". Anti superstition activist shot dead In Pune 68 year old Dr. Narendra Dabholkar killed while on morning walk CM declares Rs.10 lakh award
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 TOP BUSINESS NEWS ASHOK DOSHI The depreciated rupee will be very damaging for our economy especially on the inflation, fiscal deficit and stock market fronts. It is imperative that RBI intervenes strongly. Fortunately, the mon- soon has turned out to be excel- lent. The agricultural season should be very good leading to high growth in agriculture, which will be beneficial to the rest of the economy with strong rural de- mand. I feel, if we act strongly the GDP growth in the second half of the current financial year, can be restored over 7% -AdiGodrej|Chairman,Godrej Group We think that the worst is over, though there is no sign of recovery. If RBI is able to stabi- lize the rupee by issuing NRI or sovereign bonds and roll back the July measures before, say, the advance tax outflows of mid-Sep- tember, growth could improve to 5.3%in2013-14,from5%lastyear, on good rains. If tightening per- sists into the busy October- March industrial season, growth will likely slip to 4.8% as banks will then begin to hike lending rates -Indranil Sen Gupta | India Economist, Bank ofAmerica ML We are downgrading India from 'overweight' to 'neutral' … The main concern is the esti- mated CAD of 5.1% of GDP and how this will be financed.Acon- tinuation in emerging market bond fund redemptions due to US Fed tapering is a reasonable as- sumption. -Adrian Mowat | JPMorgan The steep fall in nifty raises the question whether this is the time to buy. Valuation and senti- ment indicators are the key and some of the sentiment indicators appear to be reaching oversold territory, and at some point in the next few nifty points and a few days, the market is likely to rally. However, until the fundamental construct remains the way it is, we think this will be a rally to sell, not buy. -Ridham Desai | Morgan Stanley There are now increasing signs of adverse effects on India both through the trade and fi- nance channel as it continues to face a hostile external environ- ment. GDP growth in FY14 does not look promising. However, In- dia can well use the occasion to make a bold pitch for policy ac- tion…Indiamustturnmoreforce- fully towards cooperation for trades, investments and finance with South East Asian, African and LatinAmerican countries. -SoumyaKantiGhosh|Chief EconomicAdviser, State Bank of India The rupee has become over- sold and at this stage India is probably gaining significant competitiveness in the interna- tional markets. -JIM Walker, MD and Founder, Indian economy Kodak seeks court approval for reorganization plan NewYork ; Kodak is in court seeking approval for its plan to emerge from bankruptcy protec- tion. A confir- mation hearing is under way in N e w Yorkbe- fore a federal bankruptcy judge, days after Eastman Kotak Co's credi- tors voted in support of its plan to reorganize its finances and operations. The photography pioneer filed for bankruptcy pro- tectionin2012tocopewithgrow- ing debt amid the shift from film to digital photography. Concern for falling rupee Rupee Vs other currencies Rupee has suffered against most other world currencies since the start of 2013 While other currencies also depreciated against the dollar, the hit on rupee was stronger due to a number of factors. CURRENT RATE IN RS. Bahrain dinar UK pound Euro Swiss franc US dollar Canadian dollar Australian dollar Singapore dollar Malaysian ringgit UAEdirham Saudi riyal Chinese yuan Hong Kong dollar Indonesian rupiah SriLanka Jan. 1 145.00 88.73 72.29 59.71 54.69 55.13 56.94 44.75 17.88 14.88 14.58 8.77 7.06 0.56 0.43 Aug. 20 168.30 99.03 84.74 68.69 63.23 60.98 57.33 49.54 19.24 17.30 16.95 10.33 8.15 0.59 048 %fall 16.1 11.6 17.2 15.0 15.6 10.6 0.7 10.7 7.6 16.3 16.3 17.8 15.6 5.7 12.2 Source : Bloomberg L&T bags Rs.1500 cr order from Oman Larsen & Toubro Ltd. has bagged an order valued at Rs.1,500/- crore, or $250 million, from Petroleum Development Oman LLC. The order is for the engineering, procurement and construction of the Yibal third stage depletion compression project in Oman, and is likely to be executed over 39 months, the company said. Yibal Nath is a sweet gas reservoir in Oman and the Yibal third stage facility is being installed to boost reservoir pressure. India blacklists two global arms suppliers New Delhi : The Home Minister has served show cause notices to two foreign arms vendors following allegations of their bribing offi- cials and ordered suspension of all transactions with them. TheAmeri- can subsidiary of Swiss firm M/s. Sig Sauer, known for manufacturing rifles with sophisticated designs, exceptional accuracy and realibility, and another Swiss small arms manufacturer M/s. San SwissArmsAG were served with the notices. Fortis sells Vietnam hospital for $80m Fortis Healthcare has completed the sale of its entire 65% stake in Vietnam based hospital chain Fortis Hoan My Medical Corpora- tion for $80 million. In June, the healthcare major had entered into a pact to sell its entire staken in the Vietnamese hospital chain to Viva Holdings Vietnam. The transaction has been concluded on August 20, 2013, Fortis Healthcare said. In 2011, Fortis Healthcare International, its unit, has acquired 65% stake in Hoan My Medi- cal Corporation for $64 million. Tatas to Rebrand Nano as Smart Car Mumbai : Automobile giant Tata Motors plans to position its small car Nano as a smart city car with advanced features as the company tries hard to do away with its image of being a cheap vehicle. We are coming out with a power steering option for Nano. The new version with better fuel efficiency will target the youth, said Cyrus Mistry, chairman, Tata Sons, at the company's annual shareholders' meet on Wednesday. He added the company will launch a new Ultra range of light commercial vehicles and new me- dium and heavy trucks in Prima series soon. Tata Motors' capital expenditure for the current financial year will be higher than Rs.3,000 crore it spend in financial year 2013-14. RInfraplanstoinvestRs.3,000crinpower Reliance Infrastructure plans to spend around Rs.3,000 crore by March 2016 on power generation, transmission, and strengthening distribution network in Mumbai, sources said. The company has ear- marked Rs.1,406 crore for its distribution business. Reliance Infra- structure is planning to set up sub stations around Mumbai to cater to growing load. The company will spend Rs.1,113 crore over the next three years on power transmission and "is looking at tying up loans to fund its capital expenditure plan for the transmission expansion", a source said. IRDAslaps Rs.3.1 cr fine on BajajAllianz Life New Delhi : Insurance regulator Irda has imposed a hefty pen- alty of Rs.3.10 crore on BajajAllianz Life Insurance for violation of various norms, including those related to early death claims and group insurance. Rs. Sinks...why ? The rupee continued its slide on Wednesday, touching a fresh low of Rs.65.54 to a dollar before closing at 64.11. A Deutsche Bank note said the ru- pee could reach 70/$ within a month but some re- bound is possible later in the year. Why is the rupee sliding? Domestic Factors Widening current account deficit means demand for dol- lars higher than supplies. Policy paralysis and slowing economic growth had already made foreign investors jittery about India. Political un- certainty ahead of 2014 polls added to fears RBI curbs on dollar outflows seem to have backfired. Investors see it as possible precursor to capital con- trols, rush to take out dollars while they can Foreign investors nervous that profits may get offset by rupee depreciation. Hence they exit while they can still book a profit or trim losses. Speculators add to volatility by buying up dollars, expecting to sell the US currency when it appreci- ates further. GlobalFactors As US economy started recovering, it prompted inves- tors who had fled to emerging markets to re-invest in US assets. Foreign investors rattled by US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's indi- cating that Fed's bond buying programme could be tapered off. Ironically, fears of possible end to US growth stimulus trig- gered anxiety about impact on global economy, in- cluding India Maruti launches WagonR Stingray Maruti Suzuki launched a re- furbished variani of its WagonR hatchback, called the WagonR Stingray,pricedatRs.4.10lakhex- showroom, Delhi). The Stringray comes in three trims wit the top model costing Rs.4.67 lakh. The Stingray is, for now, available only with a petrol engine, but the company has plans to launch a ENG powered variant soon. Nishi Vasudeva new HPCL chairperson Nishi Vasudeva, 57, has been selected as CMD of HPCL, the first woman to head a state backed 'Navratna' enterprise. She is currently HPCL's director marketing. Incumbent Subir Roy Choudhury retires on February 28 next year. The government interviewed seven shortlisted candidates before selecting Vasudeva who had created history in July 2007 as well when she became the first woman to make it to the board of the cash-rich state owned oil firm.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday, 26thAugust to 1st Sept 2013 If you want to make it BIG in LIFE start reading OWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc.Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400072.Editorial Office : Shop No.2, MarbleArch, Shastri Nagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022-26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly. Activist hits Tunda in court Lashkar bomb expertAbdul Karim Tunda was assaulted in a Delhi court complex by an alleged Hindu Sena activist on Tuesday. Even during the proceedings, a lawyer started shouting slogans against the LeT man. Now, you can file RTI petitions online too New Delhi : Citizens will be able to file RTI applications online fromWednesday in all central government ministries and departments in the national capital. Minister of state for personnel, public grievances and pensions V Narayanasamy will launch the patrol at a function here. Tension grips Kashmir Pandits Srinagar : Tension has gripped Hall village of south Kashmir after some youth allegedly pelted stones on Kashmiri migrant pandits quarters. Local pandits said some annoyed local youths pelted stones on their residential quarter here on Monday night. The annoyed youths were protesting against the local administrations for dismantling the legally constructed shed when they pelted stones on our quarters, said a pandit. India, China discuss border incursions New Delhi : India and China on Tuesday discussed the recent spate of incursions and ways to maintain peace and tranquility along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the border areas. During the 5th round of India-China Strategic Dialogue, resumed after nearly three years, the two sides discussed key bilateral, regional and global issues of mutual interest including ways to reduce trade deficit and trans border rivers, ministry of external affairs said here. UP out to lure Muslims, offers 20% quota in government schemes Lucknow : In a bold political move aimed at consolidating the Samajwadi Party's Muslim vote bank, theAkhileshYadav government on Tuesday announced 20% reservation to minorities in public welfare schemes. We have fulfilled the promise we made in our election manifesto, chief ministerAkhileshYadav told reporters after the cabinet meeting where the decision was taken. We are trying to implement Sachhar and Rangnath commissions recommendations as far as possible to give the minorities, especially Muslims, their rightful due, he said. Niira Radia Tapes : Ratan Tata appears in SC Lawyer pleads for direction to ensure that tapped conversations are not leaked and misused. New Delhi : Business tycoon Ratan Tata on Wednesday attended the Supreme Court proceedings of his petition in which he has claimed publication of the leaked Niira Radia tapes violated his right to privacy. He attended the hearing for almost two hours during which his counsel senior advocate Harish Salve stressed before a bench headed by Justice GS Singhvi the issue of right to privacy. The senior counsel said if government cannot protect privacy, it should stop intercepting of telephonic conversations. It was a constitutional right and there has to be a balance between this and public safety and privacy. It was not for the executive but for the judiciary to decide it, Salve said. The transcripts on corporate lobbyist Radia's conversation with several politicians, media persons and business tycoon including Tata got leaked in 2010, unraveling the 2G scan. Following the expose Tata had involved the SC criticizing publication of his conversations. Attired in a grey suit,Tata arrived at 11 am in the packed courtroom and was seated on the benches meant for lawyers only. Later, Tata Sons, in a statement, said, Ratan Tata has filed this writ petition on a matter of principle. He believes privacy is an important right for every individual. Sonia unveils Delhi food scheme NewDelhi:Launchingwhatsheclaimed was"afoodsecuritysystemwhichisunparalled intheworld",UPAchairpersonSoniaGandhi onTuesdayunveiledtheFoodSecurityBillat Delhi'sTalkatora Stadium in the presence of chiefministerSheilaDikshitandfoodminister KVThomas. ThepartychoseformerprimeministerRajiv Gandhi'sbirthanniversarytolaunchtheBillin the Capital, which becomes the first state to introduceit.WhileunveilingtheBill,theUPA chiefsaidthatitwasRajivGandhi'scherished dreamtoensurethatnoonesleptonahungry stomach.TheUPAgovernmentisfollowingthe idealsofGandhiandcontinuouslymarching forwardtobringrevolutionarychangesinthe lives of the aam admi.We want to make the poorselfsufficient,saidSonia.Wemadethe schemesothatnobodyremainshungryinthe countryandnoone'schildsleepshungry.Giving foodsecurityinsuchalargescaleisunparalleled The Scheme Rs.2 per kg Wheet Rs.3 per kg Rice 75.5 lakh people to benefit from the scheme 43.89% of Delhi's population to be covered Food security cards will be issued to people Homelesses, rag pickers, residents of resettlement colonies will be eligible for the scheme. 96 lakh - No of ration card holders in Delhi Rs.1.25 cr The amount to be spent on foodgrains. intheworld.Twothirdofthenation's125crore peoplewillbeprovidedfoodgrainsatsubsidized rates.Over80crorepeopleinthecountrywill get food grains at cheaper rates, besides 50% oftheurbanpopulationwillalsobenefitfromit. weareproudofit,saidSonia. Thefoodsecurityprogrammeisbilledasthe biggest in the world with the government spending estimated at Rs.1,25,000 crore annuallyonsupplyofabout62milliontonesof rice, wheat and coarse cereals to 67% of the population.BesidesDelhi,theschemewillalso be rolled out in Uttarakhand and Haryana. In Delhi,thegovernmentwillprovide5kggrain per person, or 30 kg per family under the scheme.Thebillwillprovidesecurityto75.5 lakh people of the Capital's 1.68 crore population. The scheme will be extended not justtothosewithaBPLcard,butalsotothose living in slums, to the homeless, and to those livinginresettlementcolonies.