Certification introduction for PHR/SPHR


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Certification introduction for PHR/SPHR

  1. 1. PHR/SPHR Certification
  2. 2. Facts about certificationsData based on Jan 2011 119,327 certified prosby HRCI 67,186 certified PHR 48,832 certified SPHR Pass grade is 500 out of700 The exam is held twicea year May-June Dec.-JanExam TestingPeriodPHR PassRateSPHR PassRateMay-June 2008 60% 54%December2008-January200959% 54%May-June 2009 59% 52%December2009-January201060% 53%May-June201056% 50%December2010-January201157% 52%May-June 2011 59% 48%
  3. 3. Why it is important Credibility and proof of knowledge and skill in thefield Exam is developed based on thorough research ofthe skills needed for HR pros Addresses the lack of academic HR programs inJordan Widens the scope as it covers all aspects of HR. Better job opportunities (employers in Jordan aremore aware of the certifications now) Encourages continuous professional development
  4. 4. How does the exam look like 175 multiple choice questions (4 possible answers) 150 scored questions 25 pretest questions randomly distributed throughout theexam Generalist in nature (all HR areas) and based on USfederal laws. Two exams available, based on your level ofexperience.
  5. 5. How does the exam look like PHR exam for operational/technical level SPHR exam questions tend to be more at thestrategic and/or policy level Duration: 3 hours Location: Amideast Below are guidelines to decide which exam is moresuitable to you.
  6. 6. How the exam is developed?writing• Question development (By item writing panel)• Questions sent to professional testing organizationapproval• Questions reviewed (By item review panel)pretest• New approved questions appear in exams• Not marked, to ensure statistical reliabilitysuccess• Successful questions enter the test bank• Min of 100 new questions enter the bank yearly
  7. 7. Exam content The content of the exam covers the six areasidentified in the HR BOK. The number of questions of each area differsdepending on the exam level.
  8. 8. PHR vs SPHR- RolesSPHRPHRDesigns and plans HR programs vs.implementationFocuses on programimplementation vs. creationFocuses on big pictureHas tactical/logistical orientationUses judgment obtained with timeand application of knowledge; hasdepth and breadth of knowledge inall HR disciplinesHas a solid foundation in functionalareas of HR without depth andbreadth of a senior HR professionalHas ultimate accountability in theHR departmentResponsibilities focus on the HRdepartment rather than the wholeorganizationUnderstands the business beyondthe HR function and influences theoverall organizationHas not yet had progressive andincreasingly complicated HR workexperience
  9. 9. PHR vs SPHR- RequirementsSPHR PHR4 years of demonstratedprofessional (exempt-level) HRexperience with a master’s degreeor higher1 year of demonstratedprofessional (exempt-level) HRexperience with a master’s degreeor higher5 years of demonstratedprofessional (exempt-level) HRexperience with a bachelor’s degree2 years of demonstratedprofessional (exempt-level) HRexperience with a bachelor’s degree7 years of demonstratedprofessional (exempt-level) HRexperience with less than abachelor’s degree4 years of demonstratedprofessional (exempt-level) HRexperience with less than abachelor’s degree
  10. 10. Exam areas and weightsSPHRPHRModule30%11%Business Management & Strategy17%24%Workforce Planning andEmployment19%18%Human Resource Development13%19%Compensation & Benefits14%20%Employee and Labor Relations7%8%Risk Management
  11. 11. Applying for the exam Read thoroughly 2013certification policies andprocedures handbook. Go to www.hrci.org to begin the process. Register before March, 9 to avoid paying lateregistration fee. You can register up to April 13, but $75 late feeapplies. Exams are held from May 1 to June 30
  12. 12. Applying for the exam Exam fees (late fee not included) $300 for PHR exam $425 for the SPHR exam Best paid through credit card due to time constraints.