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Social media

  1. 1. (Image by: MediaBy Anthony Altamura
  2. 2. Introducing Myself My name is Anthony Altamura Senior at The University of Nevada-Reno I Major in Business managementand Marketing Picture
  3. 3. Interest I have been a huge sports fan for all of my life  This is where my distinctive competencies come from:  Team Work  Solving Problems  Communication  Working hard
  4. 4. Employment I currently work at the Peppermill as a valet
  5. 5. My Brand Mantra and Values My brand mantra and name of my blog is the same “Social Media Works” My core values are independence, integrity, and loyalty
  6. 6. My Experience with Social Media In the 2011 Fall Semester I took a personal branding class with Dr. Bret Simmons He told us how social media was a big part of business today and that if companies didn’t join soon they would be left behind He taught us that having on online presence today was very important and will lead to:
  7. 7.  More Job Opportunities (Image by
  8. 8.  I really doubted what he was saying in the beginning I thought this was just another required class for my major but I was:
  9. 9. (image by:
  10. 10.  Before that class all I had was a facebook He required us to create social media platforms on:  Twitter  LinkedIn  Wordpress  Google+  Youtube
  11. 11.  Through these platforms we were suppose to build our personal brands Being the big sports fan that I am, I choose to do my personal brand on fantasy football
  12. 12.  Bret wanted us to create a lot of content to help increase our Google juice  We were required to tweet or retweet similar content 3 times a day six days of the week  He also required us to blog 2-3 times a week
  13. 13.  Since I choose a topic that interesting to me and since we were in the NFL season this was relatively easy for me But I was only doing it for the class and I didn’t think anything was going to come from it  I didn’t have a lot of followers and my blog wasn’t viewed that much
  14. 14.  But one day I got this tweet
  15. 15.  So right then and there I saw that this social media thing was for real And that tweeting and blogging really worked
  16. 16.  So I took the job with  I wrote fantasy football content for them for the next six weeks till the fantasy football season was over
  17. 17.  That was my personal social media success story Since I succeeded personally I created another brand: I wanted to help people learn how use social media
  18. 18.  To do this I created Social Media Works at
  19. 19. My Social Media Blog On my social media blog I created five blogs:  Social Media Works!  Evaluating Two Competitors: Coca-Cola and Pepsi  Creating a Blog  Using Twitter Effectively  People and Companies Shifting Towards Social Media Through these blogs I learned a lot
  20. 20. Social Media Works Is a blog basically explaining what I have already told you about how I got into social media and how I actually saw some success
  21. 21. Evaluating Two Competitors:Coca-Cola and Pepsi This was a blog I wrote about Coca-Cola and Pepsi and how they use social media  I came to the conclusion that even though Pepsi has more followers on Twitter Coca-Cola has a better online presence because:  The have an accessible blog  The blog more often  Over 15,00 Sites link to their site  They Tweet every 23 minutes  They have over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube  They have over 40 million likes on Facebook (Image by
  22. 22. Creating A Blog In this blog I wrote about how important a blog is to your social media profile I learned that their are five steps to keep in mind when you start blogging: (Image by:
  23. 23. Step One Write about something you are truly interested in  For me it was fantasy football and social media  When you are interested in the topic readers can tell
  24. 24. Step Two Go over your original posts and make sure to limit the mistakes  When creating an online presence it is important to appear to be professional and using good grammar is essential
  25. 25. Step Three Release your content on social media platforms  By posting your content on Twitter, Facebook, etc. you are releasing your content to the hundred of millions of social media users out there
  26. 26. Step Four Be persistent  Just keep on pushing content
  27. 27. Step Five Never give up  If blogging is something you truly want to do and you are not being noticed just blog more and eventually you will be noticed.
  28. 28. Using Twitter Effectively (Image from On this blog I talked about how I believe that Twitter is the most effective social media platform you need to get you content out there I learned thath there 6 steps on how to use Twitter effectively for your personal brand or your company
  29. 29. Step One In order to gain followers you must first follow other people that share the similar brand
  30. 30. Step Two In order for them to really notice you, you have to retweet their content
  31. 31. Step Three Tweet out your own content
  32. 32. Step Four Be Responsive  Just like the automated systems on the phone, there are automated systems for Twitter
  33. 33. Step Five Thank people for retweeting your content and retweet theirs if you believe you followers will enjoy it
  34. 34. Step Six Follow everyone that follows you (except spammers)  In the beginning you need to get and keep as many followers as possible so that you can signal to the people on Twitter that your content is relevant
  35. 35. People and Companies ShiftingTowards Social Media (Image from: In this blog I explain how business are shifting towards social media  I explain how Companies can use this to their advantage  Ex. Redbox