Social media marketing


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Social media marketing

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGFinal presentation Conghui Su
  2. 2. The post “return on investment” got more comments and views. There are the reasonsTotal posts 9 More commentsTotal comments 12 the post got, more people glad to see it! This post contains aTotal page views 235 lot of stuffs which the professor mentioned in the class. Students might overview others’I’d like to keep up a blog after this class. I am a posts to review themember of environment protecting group in university. I can use blog to record whathappened and how we help protectingenvironment. Blog is like a online-book. We canuse it write our own story and attract morepeople join us!
  3. 3. Next time, I’ll add some musicIt’s my first time to and subtitle to make it morerecord a video and convenient to audiences.publish it online. Soits really a big Choose a beautiful and quitechallenge for a me place.who speaking Englishas a second language.It took me almost 2 Use two or three different language to perform it.hours. 10 peopleviewed it until now. Use some software like Premiere to audit it.
  4. 4. Facebook is a social media website. Facebook is the first photo-sharing sites in the United States. According to the data, all users upload 8.5 million photos per day.For us, it’s a popularway to post photosand feelings. Groups I followedEveryone shareshappiness and sadnesson it. We also canknow what happenedto our friends. Before Iattend this class, I haveno account of it. Butnow, I check at leasttwice a day.
  5. 5. For companies, it is a marketing-effective media. Because there are thousands of users. But last Wednesday, Google vice president Bradley Horowitz said Facebook has become a thing of the past, its advertising strategy doesn’t work any400 more. So companies need to find other new350 effective social media like Renren ,Weibo or find300250 new ways to marketing their products.200150100 50 For me, I will keep using it. Because I have met 0 some foreign friends and add them on Facebook. Facebook Twitter Renren Weibo Following Followers
  6. 6. Twitter is an online social networking service and enables its users to send and read text- based messages of up to 140 characters known as "tweets".Strengths Weaknesses I followed CNN, UCR, global voices, USAll companies have a place 140 characters are MissinCN andin Twitter and the ability to sometimes not enough to Dajiyuan.grow without much effort. explain our point. Following these twitters will helpOperate one or more It is one of the most used me know whatTwitter accounts is not only social networks around the happened lately anda new channel of world, but also can not find give me morecommunication with your it users of all kinds. information aboutcustomers but compared to the world economicother media, can help you to and technology.operate quite a low cost And I will continue to use twitter.
  7. 7. LinkedIn is a new social media for me. And generally, it’s a socialnetworking website for people in professional occupations.After I opened the account, I find it’s really a effective tool forpeople to find a suitable job and for companies to find excellentworkers.I’ve noticed that one the important features of LinkedIn that isGroups. Joining the appropriate groups can greatly extend ourability to connect with new people. Also the discussions help uskeep our ear to the trends. But some people say there are also a lotof groups’ main discussions are spams and sales messages.And I think when we use it, we need to pay more attention to ourprivacy. Because we need to publish lots of information ofourselves.The groups I joined are Beijing institute of technology, socialmedia marketing, Public Relations and CommunicationsProfessionals, Ogilvy People and so on. I join these groups becausethey are related to my major and Ogilvy is my dream company. I’llkeep following them. And complete my profile.
  8. 8. Comments about Pinterest: Pinterest is all aboutinterest. Pinterests users are overwhelmingly female. Males onlymake up about 17% of its user base. Further, its topics aremostly about fashion, food and home decoration. Also, its focuson images. If the appearance of our products is a major sellingfactor, Pinterest could become a big part of our onlinemarketing.Take-aways from this class: I’ve learned moreabout social media and marketing. And I’ve found the strengthsand weakness when using different kinds of social media. I wantto become a worker of public relations company, and knowinghow to use social media absolutely can be a competitiveadvantage of me.My favorite social medias are Facebook and LinkedIn. I like touse Facebook because it keep in touch of my friends. ForLinkedIn, it provides a social connection point for the businessworld. And I am not crazy about Favorites. Because it is toocomplex.