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Social Media Marketing – Making the most of your resources


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Social media marketing presentation aimed at entrepreneurs.

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Social Media Marketing – Making the most of your resources

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Making the most of your resources Vaikutustoimisto Zipipop Freud Ltd 16 October 2013
  2. 2. Who’s talking? 2013
  3. 3. Zipipop Freud — combining social media & communications We unite social media together with communications and social collaboration to help companies get the benefits of social business. react fast when opportunities arise  work and collaborate better together  create content that answers clients needs and questions
  4. 4. Some of our clients
  5. 5. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Sharing, discussing, and interacting around content in social networks. Richard von Kaufmann 2013
  6. 6. What’s the big deal?
  7. 7., 2011
  8. 8. What do social customers do? • Use social networks • Buy even more online • Provide more feedback • Read and create product reviews • Trust in advice given by people online • Like to connect with like-minded peers • Expect a better customer experience =
  9. 9. The marketing landscape has changed
  10. 10. Proactive Scheduled campaigns
  11. 11. Latent Engagement time unknown
  12. 12. “SEARCH ENGINE COMMUNICATION” Timo Nurmi 2013
  13. 13. Reactive Responding in the moment
  14. 14. Proactive Latent Reactive Traditional Online Social (campaigns, press releases, etc. (needs & desires people search internet / ask questions in about in social media) (media discussion – particularly social media)
  15. 15. Why should we care?
  16. 16. TRADITIONAL PURCHASE CYCLE Created by combining: • Google’s Zero Moment of Truth • McKinsey’s “The Customer Decision Journey” 2) Moment of Purchase: 1) Stimulus: need or desire Which product or service will I choose? 3) User Satisfaction: Maybe share opinions with a few friends
  17. 17. 57% of the B2B purchase process is complete online.
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA POWERED PURCHASE CYCLE 3) Moment of Purchase: 1) Stimulus: need or desire 2) Search the Internet Look for reviews, ask questions in social media, etc 4) User Satisfaction: Brand selection made after filtered out initial selection during internet / social media journey If the experience is good they will buy from the brand again, and maybe share feelings in social media networks.
  20. 20. C M O ost of issed pportunities
  21. 21. What you would like to hear…
  22. 22. IT’S SUPER EASY & CHEAP Just set up a blog and a Facebook / LinkedIn page, and get a trainee to share a few posts every week.
  23. 23. Better than nothing, but let’s rewind and go deeper.
  25. 25. one to one many to many closed & hidden open & searchable
  27. 27. DON’T SHOUT AT ME CC License: CC:
  28. 28. TALK TO ME CC License:
  29. 29. Behave like a friend
  30. 30. FRIENDS • Listen carefully and sincerely • Try to help whenever they can • See each other as equals • Enjoy each other’s company • Are open and frank
  31. 31. ENGAGING Before you can start influencing in social media you need to start listening. Listen Discover Engage
  32. 32. EASY LISTENING Free monitoring tools for tracking social media discussions
  33. 33. Brand Friend: Friendship Growth Community driven Intimate Acquaintance Friendship Awareness Growth Viral
  34. 34. Brand Friend: Friendship Growth Community driven strategy l media ia soc Intimate Acquaintance Friendship Awareness Growth Viral
  35. 35. Brand Friend: monitoring Community driven Intimate Acquaintance Friendship Awareness Unaware Anger Indifference Avoidance Growth Viral Deterioration
  36. 36. Brand Friend: reacting quickly Community driven Intimate Acquaintance Friendship Awareness Unaware Anger Indifference Avoidance Growth Viral Deterioration
  37. 37. Without content there is no social media
  38. 38. “Content Marketing” relevant, useful, entertaining Valuable Content social media (sharable) SEO (findable)
  39. 39. “VALUABLE” CONTENT AT WORK share to a wall shared on company wall (240 likes) share to own wall (450 friends) Shared to their own wall (300 friends) 2 likes and 1 share (with a total of more than 1,000 friends) 15 likes 3 likes (with more than 1,500 friends) A total of nearly 27,000 people were reached
  40. 40. GIFTING 

  41. 41. One step at a time
  42. 42. MAIN SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS Concentrate on one account at a time and do it properly; however, you should also reserve your brand name in other accounts. Initial: Later: • Facebook Page • SlideShare • LinkedIn • YouTube • Blog • Google+ • Twitter • Pinterest
  43. 43. Growing your community The process of finding out what kind of content is valuable to your community can take a long time.
  45. 45. GOALS • What are you trying to achieve? • What resources do you have? • How will you know you are being successful?
  46. 46. Basecamp LINKING BACK TO LANDING PAGE The aim of of all social media activity is influence decisions, or take action. Landing page Give people reasons to link back to your content and site. By cross-linking between social media services you increase exposure and improve search results.
  47. 47. LANDING SITES F-Secure event landing page for the Mobile World Congress.
  48. 48. What kind of content should we create?
  49. 49. THEMATIC CONTENT SCHEDULE Some things can be planned for (e.g. seasonal events), but otherwise it is fairly pointless to try and create specific content too far ahead. Instead share the work amongst colleagues based around themes. Appoint a Community Manager to nudge contributors now and again. Here is our 1/3 suggestion: Daily Diary (interesting things the company has been up to: new product launches, recruits, etc) Strategic Entertaining (useful & funny content related to your industry) (content that is designed to get people to take action on specific goals and build thought leadership)
  50. 50. EXPERIMENTING Innocent Drinks Communities Manager: • Social media is at a basic level just talking to people in a natural way • We have always encouraged people to get in touch (even on packaging) • Learning as we go, and willingness to admit to cock ups • Experimenting with ideas and find what the right mix of content is
  51. 51. Plan – Do – Review – Repeat (what works)
  52. 52. Strategy is making decisions
  53. 53. FOCUS NEEDED Available resources Everything you would like to promote Available resources
  54. 54. QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY! You can’t shine sh*t! Social media can help promote quality. But it also exposes problems. No more hiding behind a bunch of customer support telephone lines hoping the bad news will stay under the radar.
  55. 55. ONE THING Direct focus onto 1 (max 3) things you can genuinely claim to provide at a world class / national level.
  56. 56. What do the top social brands have in common?
  57. 57. PLENTY OF ATTITUDE Brands that do particularly well in social media have a consistent “attitude” across many channels. This attitude guides their tone-of-voice and the content they create.
  58. 58. WHAT IS ATTITUDE? The easiest way we can express our values is to demonstrate: • What are we for? • What are we against?
  59. 59. ATTITUDE = VALUES IN ACTION Rami Saarela 2013
  60. 60. Are your values aligned?
  61. 61. BIG COMPANIES NEED ASSISTANCE Zipipop Freud has models for helping organizations align values, target groups, agendas, personas, attitudes, and perceptions cross hundreds/thousand of employees.
  62. 62. TAP INTO PERSONAL PASSIONS • Social media rewards authentic interesting voices • It’s a conversation with equals • Tap into your natural interests and personality • Select content with defined associations, e.g. innovative, creative, accessible, etc — but make sure you can live up to them • Reach out to related communities • Learn from others but find your own path
  63. 63. Some practical tips
  64. 64. START BLOGGING Reach out and inform your community about what you are doing. A focused topical blog can be used to claim your space as an expert in the field.
  65. 65. BLOGS • Good for telling your story • Personal channel to the customers • Natural way to participate and guide the public debate • Increase the visibility of the company on the internet (search engines) • Invite colleagues and guest writers
  66. 66. FACEBOOK PAGE • Start your Facebook Fan Page • Invite your friends • Customize your page • Convert your existing network friends into Likes • Engage and reward • Advertise with Facebook ads • Analysis the statistics
  67. 67. KEY MEASUREMENTS There are many ways to analyze a Facebook Page Fan growth Number of clicks Followers Paid reach Talking about Organic reach Comments Likes Shares
  69. 69. LINKEDIN • Popular with business professionals • Use the products and services features • You can also update your status to keep visitors informed • Note: Discussion groups are hard to make work and require active moderation.
  70. 70. TWITTER • Build up your network by following others. • Share links to interesting internal and external posts, e.g. news and articles. • Give thanks • Discover and share other people’s tweets • Observe how people you admire use Twitter • Keep a log of things to tweet
  71. 71. GOOGLE+ • Powerful media content sharing facilities — particularly video • Easier editing of posts • SEO advantages • Also for internal communication
  72. 72. BEFORE SETTING UP A CHANNEL ASK: • Who will maintain it? • Content plan — what and when? • Who produces the content? • Process for posting? • How to market it? • How many members do you expect to get? • How to measure the benefits?
  74. 74. “The best consumer companies at social media on an average spend double of what the worst companies do; but the leaders are nearly four times more likely to get a positive return on their social media investment.” TCS Report Mastering Digital Feedback with Social Media October 2013
  75. 75. Planning for the future
  76. 76. CATCHING THE SOCIAL WAVES The social media team needs to be ready to react quickly to catch the social media-powered waves of interest.
  77. 77. IMPROVISATION — reacting in the moment to amplify the positive and reduce the negative
  80. 80. More than marketing
  81. 81. BEYOND MARKETING “Companies with broader benefits from social media are more likely to have a large internal ‘social circle’ with multiple functions working closely together on social media.” TCS Report Mastering Digital Feedback with Social Media October 2013
  82. 82. Social Media Centre of Excellence Marketing & Coms Customer Care RULES GUIDANCE SUPPORT HR / R&D
  83. 83. Customer support is marketing Happy customers tell a few friends. Unhappy customers tell many more. On average users have around 150 friends in Facebook
  84. 84. Reach out through social platforms Customer support can be provided through existing social media services. Go to where your customers already are.
  85. 85. • Responded quickly • Gave direct help • Made customer happy • Customer gave service feedback • 3 people Liked the discussion
  86. 86. COMMUNITY SUPPORT F-Secure provides open community support via a Lithium App — as the issues can be personal and complex.
  87. 87. Social Gravity Build emotional density Zipipop Freud has been helping with their Social Media Academy to increase range of employees engaging online.
  88. 88. What’s the most powerful thing you can do?
  89. 89. “Industries with greater benefits from social media are more likely to sell products and services that consumers are passionate about.” TCS Report Mastering Digital Feedback with Social Media October 2013
  90. 90.
  92. 92.
  93. 93. Story Telling • Narrative is a fundamental way we make sense of the world. • More than ever organizations need a compelling story to stand out from the crowd. • Social media channel for telling your story Innocent’s clear and likable story allowed them to grow rapidly and be bought by Coke
  94. 94. Telling your story Through the social media channels communicate: • Why you are remarkable • What you stand for • Who you are • What are your goals • What’s happening now
  95. 95. SHADOW ELECTION Overall 100,000+ Facebook Fans and in just 5 days: • Over 17,000 Likes • Over 18,000 People Talking About This • Over 550,000 people reached.
  96. 96. How should I behave?
  97. 97. SOCIAL MEDIA MAIN GUIDELINES Follow these and you will be fine: • be authentic (be yourself) • seeking permissions • avoiding offence • giving credit • asking questions • check with a colleague • if in doubt, don’t post
  98. 98. Plan – Do – Review
  99. 99. Richard von Kaufmann Co-founder & Partner Head of Social Media & Collaboration Tel. +358 45 11 222 73 Email: