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Aalto Venture Program Students Kickstarter 30 May 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Aalto Venture Program Students Kickstarter 30 May 2013

  1. 1. Social Media KickstartGetting better results with social media30.5.2013 Richard von Kaufmann // Head of Social Media & Collaboration //
  2. 2. Helping businesses win through being social.Zipipop is the social mediacompany in Finlandmore loyal clientsbetter customer supportimproved business collaborationbetter employee motivation and recruitment
  3. 3. Who’s talking
  4. 4. Title hereWhat’s changed?
  5. 5. many to manyopenefficientsearchableclosedrestrictedhiddenone to one
  6. 6. Social media conversations
  7. 7. No DoubtSocial media has change the way we do things.New encyclopediasNew photo albumsNew contact booksNew diaries
  8. 8. What is social media?Online applications, platforms and media whichaim to facilitate interaction, collaboration andthe sharing of content.(Universal McCann’s Social Media Research Wave 3, 2008)
  9. 9. What’s it got to do with me?
  10. 10. Customers are becoming more socialThere are now 3 types of customers:• traditional• online• social
  11. 11. • Use social networksWhat do social customers do?
  12. 12. • Use social networks• Buy more onlineWhat do social customers do?
  13. 13. • Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedbackWhat do social customers do?
  14. 14. • Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviewsWhat do social customers do?
  15. 15. • Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews• Trust in advice given by people onlineWhat do social customers do?
  16. 16. • Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews• Trust in advice given by people online• Like to connect with like-minded peersWhat do social customers do?
  17. 17. • Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews• Trust in advice given by people online• Like to connect with like-minded peers• Expect a better customer experience =What do social customers do?
  18. 18. Just how influential arethese social customers?
  19. 19., 2011
  20. 20., 2011
  21. 21.,
  22. 22. Coke has over 39 million Fans“Links” are the currencyof the web“Likes” are the currencyof social media
  23. 23. Viral Effect
  24. 24. Spread the messageshare to a wallshared on companywall (240 likes)share to own wall(450 friends)3 likes(with more than 1,500friends)Shared to their own wall(300 friends)2 likes and 1 share(with a total of more than1,000 friends)15 likesA total of nearly27,000 people werereachedProvide customers with content that isuseful, entertaining and relevant.
  25. 25. Customer support is marketingHappy customers tell a few friends.Unhappy customers tell many more.On average users have around150 friends in Facebook
  26. 26. Reach out through social platformsCustomer support can be provided throughexisting social media services.Go to where your customers already are.
  27. 27. Responded quicklyGave direct help (i.e. did not sendme to customer support)Made customer happyCustomer gave service feedback3 people Liked the discussion
  28. 28. Cost of Missed OpportunitiesAsk not what is the the ROI of social mediaAsk what is the cost of not doing it
  29. 29. Oh my, that’s serious. But whatcan a small fish do about it?
  30. 30. Quality, quality, qualitySocial media can help promotequality.But it also exposes problems.However, you can use social mediaas an feedback channel in yourefforts to thrill your customers.
  31. 31. One thingDirect focus onto one thing you cangenuinely claim to provide at aworld class level.Even better – best in the world.You can output many messages butthey should all support the onething.
  32. 32. VALUE OFFERINGYou should be able to summarize theone thing on the back of a businesscard.This will be the cornerstone of yoursocial media efforts.
  33. 33. Influence Agency Zipipop FreudCombines communications andsocial media expertise to exertthe right influence at the righttime and in the right place.
  34. 34. client’s quality product / service
  35. 35. Listening / Engaging / Supporting (across all departments and all channels butwith social media being the frontline)client’s quality product / service
  36. 36. Expert Evangelists (internal/external experts, bloggers, enthusiasts, etc)Listening / Engaging / Supporting (across all departments and all channels butwith social media being the frontline)client’s quality product / service
  37. 37. Marketing (integrating social media potential) Social conversations(influencing)Expert Evangelists (internal/external experts, bloggers, enthusiasts, etc)Listening / Engaging / Supporting (across all departments and all channels butwith social media being the frontline)client’s quality product / service
  38. 38. Community Fans (empowering users to promote in social media)Marketing (integrating social media potential) Social conversations(influencing)Expert Evangelists (internal/external experts, bloggers, enthusiasts, etc)Listening / Engaging / Supporting (across all departments and all channels butwith social media being the frontline)client’s quality product / service
  39. 39. listen moreFree monitoring tools fortracking social media discussions
  40. 40. Participate in conversationsGo to the social media spaces that arerelevant to your industry and startcommenting on other people’s posts.And start your own discussions too.You find this spaces after starting tomonitor.
  41. 41. Goals• What are you trying to achieve?• What resources do you have?• How will you know you are beingsuccessful?
  42. 42. Social Media “Marketing” Strategy:• What are objectives• Target groups/audiences• What does the audience expect• What do we want the audience to do• What do we do to achieve these goals• Continuity with brand identity (tone of voice, etc.)• How do we know we have succeeded• How can we keep the activity going• How do we respond to a crisis situation / or amplify the positive
  43. 43. ExperimentingJoe McEwan, Innocent CommunitiesManager:• We have always encouraged people toget in touch (even on packaging)• Social media is at a basic level justtalking to people• Natural engaging tone of voice• Learning as we go, and willingness toadmit to cock ups• Experimenting with ideas and find whatthe right mix of content is
  44. 44. Plan – Do – Review – Repeat what worksThere are standard practices used in social mediaengagement but to some extent social mediaactivities are always an experiment.
  45. 45. But I’m so small no one isgoing to listen to me
  46. 46. Tap into concerns
  47. 47. The Importance of AttitudeBrands that do particularly well in social media have aconsistent “attitude” across the various channels.These are some brand and communication values that willhelp your social media activities:• values (ethics)• attitude (tone of voice)• What are you for?• What are you against?• story (hook for journalists)• agendas (current key messages)
  48. 48. Be authentic• Social media rewards authentic interestingvoices• It’s a conversation with equals• Tap into your natural interests and personality• Select content with defined associations, e.g.innovative, creative, accessible, etc — butmake sure you can live up to them• Reach out to related communities• Learn from others but find your own path
  49. 49. Innocent’s clear and likablestory allowed them to growrapidly and be bought by CokeStory TellingNarrative is a fundamental way wemake sense of the world.More than ever organizations need acompelling story to stand out fromthe crowd.Social media channel for telling yourstory
  50. 50. Telling your storyThrough the social media channelscommunicate:•Why you are remarkable•What you stand for•Who you are•What are your goals•What’s happening now
  51. 51. Be a purple cowTo get noticed you need to:• Be a “purple cow”*, i.e. be remarkable and stand out• Provide a genuinely lovable or useful service• Find interesting, authentic stories behind your team,brand, product or company*
  52. 52. SEO (findable)Content (relevant, useful, entertaining)social media (sharable)“Content Marketing”empower people to tell your story
  53. 53. improvisation — reacting in the moment toamplify the positive and reduce the negative
  54. 54. Social GravityBuild emotional density
  55. 55. That all sounds lovely but giveme something concrete
  56. 56. The aim of of all socialmedia activity is to sendpeople to your keylanding page.Give people reasons tolink back to your contentand site.By cross-linking betweensocial media services youincrease exposure andimprove search results.Landing pageAll roads lead back to your websiteBasecampText
  57. 57. Campaign Landing websiteZipipop was particularly impressed with the F-Secure event landing page thatwas used for the LinkedIn campaign we ran for the Mobile World Congress.
  58. 58. Some practical tips
  59. 59. Main Social Media ChannelsInitial:• Facebook Page• LinkedIn• Blog• TwitterLater:• SlideShare• YouTube• Google+• Wikipedia (check the rules andrecommendations before starting)Concentrate on one account at a time and do it properly; however, you shouldalso reserve your brand name in other accounts.
  60. 60. A focused topical blog can beused to claim your space asan expert in the field.Start bloggingReach out and inform yourcommunity about what you aredoing.
  61. 61. Blog• Good for telling your story• Personal channel to the customers• Natural way to participate andguide the public debate• Increase the visibility of thecompany on the internet (searchengines)• Invite guest writers
  62. 62. Facebook Page• Start your Facebook Fan Page• Invite your friends• Customize your page• Convert you existing network friendsinto Likes• Engage and reward• Advertise with Facebook ads• Prepare advanced crisis response plan• Analysis the statistics
  63. 63. The key measurements• 200+ potential ways to analyze a Facebook PageFollowersTalkingaboutComments Likes SharedNumber ofclicksPaid presenceFan growthOrganicpresenceViral reach
  64. 64. You are your fans
  65. 65. LinkedIn• Popular with business professionals• Use the products and servicesfeatures• You can also update your status tokeep visitors informed• Note: Discussion groups are hard tomake work and require activemoderation.
  66. 66. Twitter• Build up your network• Share links to interesting internaland external posts, e.g. news andarticles.• Give thanks• Discover and share other people’stweets• Observe how people you admire useTwitter• Keep a log of things to tweet
  67. 67. Google+• Powerful media content sharingfacilities — particularly video• Easier editing of posts• SEO advantages• Also for internal communication
  68. 68. Prior to setting up a social channelyou should define:• Who will maintain it?• Content plan — what and when?• Who produces the content?• Process for posting?• How to market it?• How many members do you expect to get?• How to measure the benefits?
  69. 69. Link social mediachannels to main websiteBlogFacebook
  70. 70. Zipipop’s client process overviewBlogsFacebookTwitterWikipediaLinkedInYouTubeChannel selection and detailed trainingSocial media strategy and its implementationSocial media strategyworkshopOrganizing social mediamonitoring processesAppointing aCommunity Manager &creating Social MediaTeam to coordinatingactivity acrossdepartmentsInitial team trainingInitial social mediastrategyrecommendations +content planBenchmarking bestpractices / competitorsetcSlideShareRecommend rollout order (depending on organizational level of social media maturity)
  71. 71. How can I manage it all?
  72. 72. Social media teamThe members should come from different departments in the companyMarketingHRCustomer serviceCommunicationsR&DManagementSalesTeam members should be enthusiastic andcomfortable with using social media
  73. 73. A Community Manager guidescommunities towards smoothand effective collaboration. is a Community Manager
  74. 74. Community Manager rolesMotivatorTakes care of releaseschedulesEvangelistEncouragesparticipationKeeps discussionsgoing smoothlyChairJudgeSolves disputesContent ManagerOrganizes the content
  75. 75. Secret Group coordinatingSeparatecollaborationspace /website tocoordinate allactivityTimetableInstructionsContact infoSeparatespace whereadmins canshare anddiscusspotentialcontentTimetableAccess tomore than onecommunityMonitorsGuidelinesOverall Account specific
  76. 76. Other coordinating tools• Yammer• Podio• Hootsuite• etc
  77. 77. Facebook pioneered the developmentof the live “News Feed” stream – nowused by over 800 million people
  78. 78. News Feedcomponents:• Real-time• Status Messages• Links• Likes• Comments
  79. 79. Micro-bloggingBenefits:• Improving awareness• Requesting help• Finding people• Sharing tips and links• Coordinating• Reduces overall emailtraffic• Makes important emailstandoutBusiness software hasnow adapted the NewsFeed and micro-bloggingpractices to improvecollaboration within andbetween organizations.
  80. 80. Business challenges in social media• Empty and quiet accounts• Account management• Confusion over official accounts• Maintaining good customer service in eachchannel
  81. 81. Different ways accounts are organized• Marketing / Communications• A risk that other departments likecustomer service, sales, HR are leftout of the process• Social Media Team• There is a risk that if the team isnot coordinated it will take a lot ofresources and decision-making willbe slowed down• Outsourcing• Full social media outsourcing israrely the preferred option• A single person is responsible (e.g.Community Manager)• It is difficult for one person tomanage all the channels• Works well if the CommunityManager is supported by the SocialMedia Team
  82. 82. Social Media Benefits (some highlights)Improve brand visibility.Use new channels to get closer to customers.Influence real-time "conversations" concerning your brand.Make customer service more responsive and easier to interact with.Improve efficiencies and innovations though collaboration.New ways to support your employees to get their work done.
  83. 83. A quick case study
  84. 84. Shadow Election
  85. 85. Debate:• Rate candidate text answers
  86. 86. Debate:• Rate candidate videos
  87. 87. Vote for your candidate
  88. 88. Shadow Election USA
  89. 89. Shadow ElectionOver 80,000 fans in Shadow Election communities around the worldShadow Election Kenya — over 11,000 fans in 2 weeks
  90. 90. Influencers• Connect withinfluential people
  91. 91. How did we do this?• In one day unique visits whenup by over 5,000
  92. 92. Go to your community
  93. 93. Likes and comments in Pekka Haavisto’s campaign page
  94. 94. Linking keywords• Vaalikone 2012• Reality Creating Media• Zipipop
  95. 95. Crosslinking
  96. 96. Keeping eyes open• Find genuine connections to influencers or hub sites.
  97. 97. Any thing else I should thinkabout?
  98. 98. Brand Friend: Friendship GrowthAwarenessAcquaintanceFriendshipIntimateViralGrowthCommunity driven
  99. 99. Brand Friend: Friendship GrowthAwarenessAcquaintanceFriendshipIntimateViralGrowthCommunity drivensocial media strategy
  100. 100. Brand Friend: monitoringAwarenessAcquaintanceFriendshipIntimateUnawareAngerIndifferenceViralGrowth DeteriorationCommunity drivenAvoidance
  101. 101. Brand Friend: reacting quicklyAwarenessAcquaintanceFriendshipIntimateUnawareAngerIndifferenceViralGrowth DeteriorationCommunity drivenAvoidance
  102. 102. WeI respect and love you!Being open and transparent is notabout giving away secrets, it’s aboutbeing genuine, telling the truth,enhancing organizational trust, andwinning the support of loyal customers.Transparency
  103. 103. Social media guidelinesEducate users on basicparticipation guidelines:• representing self• seeking permissions• avoiding offence• giving credit• asking questions• if in doubt, don’t
  104. 104. Daily WorkflowToolsSocial media activity must be integrated into your daily workflows
  105. 105. RemindersCreate a truly useful or lovable productFocus on one channel at a timeSpread the content creation responsibilitiesBe authenticBe active and passionateSet values, but experimentListen to your audience
  106. 106. CollaborationInfluence is moving towards thosewho actively add value to theircommunities.“You will gain more by sharingthan you will by hoarding.” GarryHamel (BBC, 16 May 2010)
  107. 107. Gift GivingYou should try to share somethingthat is useful, entertaining andrelevant
  108. 108. Thanks!Richard von KaufmannHead of Social Media & Collaboration // co-founder045 11 222