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Oske zipipop collaboration_enviroment_project_summary_february_2012


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Summary presentation of a collaboration environment project Zipipop helped rollout for the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM).

The final two pages concerns an extension of the project (not supported by Zipipop) that was rollout by OSKE members with knowledge gained from the initial project.

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Oske zipipop collaboration_enviroment_project_summary_february_2012

  1. 1. OSKE Collaboration EnvironmentThe OSKE Secretariat wanted to improve how they communicate with the 23 organizations in the OSKECommunity. They also wanted a solution to help the 13 OSKE clusters collaborate more effectively.OSKE is an industry support network provided by the Finnish Ministry of Employment & the Economy.OSKE has over 200 associated members.
  2. 2. OSKE wanted an alternative to email as the “main” form of communication
  3. 3. The needs were met by combining: Yammer: Google Apps: • improving awareness • announcements • making help requests • generating knowledge • sharing information • collaborative documents
  4. 4. Creating a wider network X Cluster OSKE Admins cluster membersYammer “External Networks” cluster managerswere used to expand the “community” “community” networkcollaboration spaces. network admins only “parent” OSKE Community X Cluster network Network cluster membersMembers can access the “community”OSKE Yammer External all OSKE usersNetworks using their normal networkwork emails + private “community” network X Clusterpassword. cluster members (“community” network)
  5. 5. OSKE Collaboration Workshops Preparation 1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month 4th MonthClient Q&A / Onlinesurvey Yammer & Google Sites Setup 6 x Community Manager / Admin WorkshopsSocial media-based collaboration was new to many of 6x User workshopsthe OSKE members, so a series of training workshopswere given.Initially the focus was on the 14 Community Managers User review workshoprepresenting TEM and the 13 Clusters, as they werecrucial to the success of the collaboration networks.
  6. 6. hub.oske.netGoogle Sites were used to share top-level news The “hub site” links all parts of theannouncements, core documents, and member collaboration environment — Includinginformation. Yammer and the individual cluster Google sites.
  7. 7. Greater information sharing andawareness building• Cluster board meetings are far more productive and innovative as they can be prepared with online communicating in Yammer and Google documents.• Face-to-face meetings among community members have been reduced significantly; this means savings in time, money and natural resources.• The governance of the community is much more easier than before; OSKE Secretariat can contact over 200 people without any heavy email sending, etc.• Clusters and project participants have been able to easily adapt the platform for their individual projects.
  8. 8. Intelligent Machines OSKE Cluster ProgrammeYammer: preparation of activities /projects and communicationsbetween coordinators Cooperationbetween other Oske–clusters (Oske –community groups)Google Apps: shared calendar, filearchiving, collaborative andembedded Google Docs, IM processpages
  9. 9. Project(Case:(Bal/c(Sea(Coastal(and(Rural(Tourism(–(Yammer(1/2(created(by((OSKE(/(Flagship(Project(12,7(within(the(Priority(Area(Tourism(in(the(EU(Strategy(for(the(Bal/c(Sea(Region(Background:Based&on&the&learnings&of&using&Yammer&as&community&tool,&the&&Centre&of&Exper:se&for&Tourism&and&Experience&Management&of&South>West&Finland&(OSKE),&and&City&of&Turku&inspired&the&flagship&project&to&adopt&Yammer&in&the&context&of&Bal:c&Sea&Region&collabora:on&as&of&November&2011.The&benefits&iden:fied&were&that&the&Yammer&External&Networks&are&free&of&charge,&and&provide&many&opportuni:es&to&develop&the&dialogue&between&the&members.&One&of&the&targets&set&was&to&manage&the&informa:on&flow&and&learning&between&the&interested&stakeholders,&affect&to&the&higher>level&stakeholders&by&giving&a&new&type&of&visibility&to&the& In addition to Baltic Sea Flagship. Tourism OSKE uses Yammercommunity&results. to facilitate dialogue, netowrking and learning btw different parties for ”eTourism Roundtable/signals”, regional steering teams, project managers community and experience labs.
  10. 10. Project(Case:(Bal/c(Sea(Coastal(and(Rural(Tourism(–(Yammer(2/2(created(by(OSKE(/(Flagship(project(12,7(within(the(Priority(Area(Tourism(in(the(EU(Strategy(for(the(Bal/c(Sea(Region(Current state and feedback198 members joined in less than 3 months. Members represent both private and public sector, researchers, developers, SMEs andbigger companies from local, regional, national and BSR level, including Russia. In addition there are decision makers, politicians,members from different funding programmes and from the Commission.All the members have a relationship to and interest in BSR related issues and/or to tourism development — especially in thedevelopment of the rural areas.The Network has aroused interest among the members and actors both nationally and at the EU level. The comments have beenpositive and encouraging. It seems that there is a demand for this kind of informal and fast communication channel.A Nordic project consortia that applied Nordic Innovation Funding in December 2012 outlined the intent to use Yammer as aproject internal communication tool (based on the experiences and lessons learned in this case)FutureThe platform is meant to be a professional social network which means it is basically an unmoderated channelMembers&are&encouraged&to&use&Yammer&for&sharing&and&exchanging&experiences&and&discussing&the&perspec:ves&and&future&of&the&rural&and&coastal&tourism&in&the&BSR.&The&members&are&able&to&use&the&network&as&one&of&the&channels&to&disseminate&informa:on&about&events,&tools,&results,&etc.,&and&to&find&new&partners&among&BSR&Tourism&professionals.&Informa:on&concerning&funding&for&BSR&Tourism&development&projects&is&also&shared.