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Small Council, Big Vision, Bigger Savings - AIRAH Pre-loved Buildings 2014

Presentation showing the incredible energy savings potential of geoexchange / ground source heat pumps for heating and cooling commercial buildings. This presentation was delivered at the AIRAH Pre-loved Buildings Conference in Brisbane, Australia in October 2014.

Titled Small Council, Big Vision, Bigger Savings, it takes the audience on the journey of this project from initial concept through to completion. It discussed both the incredible energy and dollar savings while also addresses the importance of the project team and their importance in delivering what was a truly great project.

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Small Council, Big Vision, Bigger Savings - AIRAH Pre-loved Buildings 2014

  1. 1. Small Council, Big Vision, Bigger Savings: The Transformation of the RiverinaHighlands Building Yale Carden (M.AIRAH, M.IGSHPA) and Cameron Hutchison (M.IGSHPA)
  2. 2. Presentation Overview •The Small Council: –TumutShire and the RiverinaHighlands Building •The Big Vision: –The RiverinaHighlands Building Energy Efficiency Project (RHBEEP) •GeoexchangeProject Cycle •Bigger Savings: –The Story So Far •Conclusions
  3. 3. Introduction •Client: TumutShire Council •Population: 11 000 •Elevation: 305 m •Monthly Minimum: 1.2 C in July •Monthly Maximum: 31 C in January
  4. 4. Location
  5. 5. The RiverinaHighlands Building •Built in early 1980s by TumutCounty Electricity Authority •NLA of 2326 sqmover 3 floors •Brick, iron roof, single glazing, minimal insulation •Tenants: Council, State Government Departments, Emergency Operations Centre •Purchased by TumutCouncil in 2008
  6. 6. Stewardship Commences •2008: First AC Audit –Replacement required •2011: Level 2 Energy Audit –January 2009 to October 2011 –Daily peaks of >200 kWh from June to August –Monday winter peak from 0630 to 0800 –Daily peak in summer of 100-150 kWh from 1430 to 1700
  7. 7. Electricity Use Breakdown (2010) Usage kWh pa Percent Lighting 130 341 24 % HVAC 283 302 51 % Refrigeration -- -- Appliances 134 410 24 % Pumps and Motors -- -- Hot Water 7621 1 % Other -- -- TOTAL 555 673 100 %
  8. 8. Energy Audit: The Business Cases •Upgrade and Retrofit Lighting (T8-T5); •HVAC Retrofit / Upgrade; and •Solar PV Installation (30 kW) •Plus –Installation of insulation; –Power Factor Correction; and –Metering Optimisation
  9. 9. The Big Vision -RHBEEP •Reduce electricity •Lead by example •Educate others •Future proof •Build local capacity
  10. 10. The Big Vision -Finance •Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP): $877 516 •Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC): $1.18 million low interest loan
  11. 11. Transforming the HVAC •Existing / original: –Air cooled central plant with electric duct heaters –Split DX units in meeting rooms, server room and Emergency Operations Centre
  12. 12. Transforming the HVAC •Upgrade Options –Optimiseexisting system –Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system –Geoexchange/ GSHP system
  13. 13. The GeoexchangeProject Cycle •Pre-feasibility and Concept Design •In-situThermal Response Test •GeoexchangeDesign •Building Services and GSHPs •Ground Heat Exchanger •Pumping Strategies
  14. 14. Pre-feasibility and Concept Design •Desktop Study Identified: –Client Commitment –Climate –Car Park for Ground Heat Exchanger (GHX) –Internal space suitable for GSHPs
  15. 15. Thermal Response Test •Thermal Conductivity •Thermal Diffusivity •Mean Earth Temperature •Practicalities
  16. 16. GeoexchangeDesign Process •Building: –Annual hourly load profile •Ground: –Thermal properties -TRT •Distribution: –Building services and GSHPs •Integrate: –Building annual heat flux with ground capacity
  17. 17. GeoexchangeDesign Process •Finalise: –GHX design re borehole quantity, depth and spacing •Pumping: –Optimiseheat transfer and minimisepumping costs
  18. 18. Building Services and GSHPs •Distributed ‘water to air’ GSHPs •26 GSHPs in individual zones •DC inverter compressor •Variable speed fans •Modulating water valve
  19. 19. The Ground Heat Exchanger •35 boreholes at 92 m deep, 7 m spacings •Bentonite / silica grout (enhanced) •Reverse return manifoldedas 5 sets of 7 •Material:PE100, DN40 (boreholes) •Material: PE100, DN40-180 (manifolds) •Electrofusionjoints
  20. 20. The Ground Heat Exchanger
  21. 21. Pumping Strategies •Low pressure drop •No balancing valves •3 circulating pumps with VS drives (1 standby) •Additional small pump for very low loads such as Emergency Operations Centre
  22. 22. Bigger Savings: The Story So Far Summary of Energy Savings Across the RHB (MWh) Lighting HVAC Other Total Baseline Data 121.9 267.1 142.1 531.2 Jan-May 2014 51.2 37.6 135.0 223.8 Savings 70.7 229.5 7.1 307.3 % of System 58 % 86 % 5 % 58 % % of RHB 13 % 43 % 1 % 58 %
  23. 23. Bigger Savings: The Story So Far •86 % HVAC savings includes insulation and lighting upgrades •Level 2 Audit predicted 79 % saving with geoexchange •Does not yet include the heating season, which has predicted savings of 88 % •Annual maintenance costs were ~$80 000
  24. 24. Bigger Savings: The Story So Far •The simple economics: –~$217 00 in annual savings –Simple payback is ~8 years –Simple payback with funding is <4 years –ROI is 11-12 % •Increased plant room space •Higher comfort levels •Greater temperature and humidity control
  25. 25. Bigger Savings: The Story So Far
  26. 26. Conclusions •The value of a big vision •Power of a small team with a purpose •A template for similar buildings •Importance of finance structures
  27. 27. Finalist Awards •AIRAH 2014 Award for Excellence: –Best HVAC and Refrigeration Retrofit or Upgrade (National Award) •Banksia Foundation: –Innovator of the Year (National Award) •Local Government NSW: –Climate Change Action (State Award) •Local Government Management Association Excellence Awards 2013: –Excellence in Environmental Leadership and Sustainability (State Award) •Office of Environment and Heritage Green Globe Awards: –Local Government Sustainability (State Award)