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Rapid application development model


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Rapid application development model

  2. 2. • It is a type of incremental model • RAD model used to delivery software early to users • RAD model devotes less time on planning and more time on development • Knowledge gathered from the development is used as feed back for requirements and design • RAD uses a combination of Joint Application Development (JAD) techniques and CASE tools to convert user needs to designs • System developers and users work together
  3. 3. Requirements Cutover Phase Constructive Phase User Design
  4. 4. •More projects completed on time and within budget •Better Quality •Decrease time for development •RAD is able to identify problem during early phase of development •Development in RAD model is fast •Project are completed within budget Advantages of RAD Model
  5. 5. •More effort from resources are required because they are working with requirements and development both. •Experienced resources required as new tools and requirement and always rethinking is required •Poor designing as developer only concern about small changes Dis-Advantages of RAD Model
  6. 6. THANKS