Wearables Corporate View by Intel 2014


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Wearables Corporate View by Intel 2014

  1. 1. Intel® Vision on Wearables, IoT, AR June 2014
  2. 2. 2 The Computing Renaissance Aiding the Next Industrial Revolution An evolution of computing is emerging. The intersection of a few key trends suggest now is the time for entrepreneurs and inventors of all types to create tomorrow’s computing devices. • The open software movement is now mainstream. • 3D printing can almost support consumer-grade products. • A whole new set of crowd source funding, Incubators, distributors and other communities have been created and are thriving. However, nothing has been done on the core computing side to support this new world. This is where Intel® Edison comes in. Barriers to entry have lowered to the point where nearly anyone can participate in this new market. Intel’s opportunity is to build a product, service, support and ecosystem to support the thousands of ideas on the cusp of being invented. Online Communities Physical Spaces Compute Platforms Markets Micro Funding 3D Printing Distis Millions of Makers Worldwide *Names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
  3. 3. Intel® Edison Family: Supporting Innovation with Expansion Boards 3 Intel Confidential Drone Expansion Board Arduino Expansion Board Environmental Sensor Expansion Board Breadboard Expansion Board Soil Test Expansion Board Robotics Expansion Board Wearable Expansion Board
  4. 4. Opportunity 4 Factors for Success • Clear Use Case • Does the consumer understand the device? • Price • Too high - limited addressable market • Too low - experience compromised • Ease of Use • Intuitive • Shallow learning curve • Rich App Library • Apps will become the experience
  5. 5. 5 makeit.intel.com
  6. 6. 7 VALUE PROPOSITION The Intel® Edison development platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for a range of Inventors, Entrepreneurs and consumer product designers to rapidly prototype and produce IoT and wearable computing products.
  7. 7. The Intel® Edison Offering Hardware Edison Module + Derivatives Expansion Boards Software Intel Partner Yocto + Various Runtimes, IDE & Developer Tools Kits Segment specific kits (Robotics, Drones, Smart Clothing, Home automation, etc.) Ecosystem ISVs, Incubators, Crowd Source funders & SIs Support Managed on-line community, trouble ticketing, drawings, schematics, datasheets, code libraries, webinars, etc. 8 Intel Confidential Pro-Maker & Entrepreneur Maker Consumer IoT Light Ind. IoT No extended temp or life
  8. 8. DREAM IT Visionary Track Currently accepting submissions Submit a 1-minute video along with a description of your idea. Concepts will be reviewed and judged in 5 waves on the basis of inventiveness and potential to positively impact the world. You can submit up to 10 concepts. Selected participants receive: » Personal story featured online » Invitation to Final Gala event » Travel package for 2 to San Francisco » 4 night hotel accommodations in San Francisco » $5,000 (5 winners) BUILD IT Development Track Registration begins Summer 2014 Submit a proposal and pitch video of an innovative and creative product concept. Submissions will be judged on a balance of creativity, feasibility, and market potential. As participants advance to semifinal and final rounds, they will receive mentorship. Selected participants receive: » Increasing guidance & mentorship throughout program » Business, design, and technical development support » Intensive incubation and education » $50,000 to finalists (10) » $500,000 grand prize (1), $200,000 second place prize (1) and $100,000 third place prize Prizes