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Augmented Reality - Bread or Circus View by Eligo Vision company June 2014



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Augmented Reality - Bread or Circus View by Eligo Vision company June 2014

  1. 1. Augmented reality in Russian businessAugmented reality in Russian business realiarealia Dr. SERGEY MATVEEV EligoVision Founder and CEO
  2. 2. In 1994 Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino defined a mixed reality as "…anywhere between the extrema of the virtuality continuum."(VC), where the virtuality continuum extends from the completely real through to the completely virtual environment Shake but do not mixShake but do not mix
  3. 3. PanemPanem etet circensescircenses
  4. 4. Augmented Reality on the big stageAugmented Reality on the big stage
  5. 5. This is a hi-tech solution for conducting large-scale presentations using AR markers on a big stage. An image of a speaker together with augmented and real-time interactive content is displayed on the big screen behind his back. Augmented Reality StudioAugmented Reality Studio
  6. 6. • Few market professionals • Technical complexity • Expertise in the field • Attention to details • Human factor • Viral effect NicheNiche’’s Pro and Contras Pro and Contra (Augmented Reality Studio)
  7. 7. HybridHybrid nicheniche ++
  8. 8. Where else to go AR?Where else to go AR? • Education • Edutainment • Medicine • Industrial • Social networks
  9. 9. • AR is now a Valuable Solution • Extensive use of AR in Wearable devices • 3D View of the World • AR Moves to Enterprise • Emergence of a New Interface 5 AR Trends for 20145 AR Trends for 2014