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  1. School of Computing Science and Engineering Name: Project Program Name:B.Tech(CSE) Topic: Automated Canteen Ordering System
  2. Content Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) • Introduction • Objective • Goal • Usefulness • UML Diagram  Use Case Diagram  Sequence Diagram  Activity Diagram  Class Diagram System Architecture
  3. INTRODUCTION Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) Ordering your food in a queue sometimes become hectic and time consuming. The purpose of making this application is to minimize the time required for ordering food and getting delivered. As when we go to canteen during lunch generally we found a long queue waiting for placing order and some are waiting for getting there food order delivered. Our application provides facility to faculty and students to have there order on time.
  4. Goal Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) The main objective of our project is to reduce the problem of waiting in the queue for ordering food in canteen. Our application provides facility to students and faculties for ordering food from classes and cabin itself without being in a queue waiting for order to be placed.
  5. Usefulness Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) • Simple user-interface. • This is secured feature no other person can access data of another account. • There will be a proof that you have ordered any item from canteen if any misunderstanding happens. • Order can be placed using personal android phones.
  6. Use Case Diagram Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) A use case is a methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify, and organize system requirements. The use case is made up of a set of possible sequences of interactions between systems and users in a particular environment and related to a particular goal.
  7. Program Name: B.Tech (CSE)
  8. Sequence Diagram Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) In the sequence diagrams, how the object intersects with the other object is shown. There are sequences of events that are represented by a sequence diagram
  9. Program Name: B.Tech (CSE)
  10. Program Name: B.Tech (CSE)
  11. Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) Class diagrams in UML are used to capture the static view of the system. The class diagram represents how to put various objects together. The class diagram gives an overview of the system, in which various classes and relationship among these classes are represented.
  12. Program Name: B.Tech (CSE) Reference: 1) 2)