software engineering software engineering practice software engineering & applications web engineering quality management agile the software process machine learning software process managing software projects the software process software engineering practice uml advanced topics in software engineering languages and formal methods search engines and information retrieval web-based education systems and learning applicati multimedia and visual software engineering scrum security software product line software development requirements engineering software maintenance and testing formal methods software quality software testing reverse engineering decision making refactoring feature model. software architecture software engineering decision making software maintenance unified modeling language (uml) privacy trust software information technology cloud computing agile development sdlc software metrics soa devops models ai cyber security challenges clusters and grid computing : security and role of p2p code smells clustering authentication and identity management  pervasive policy management  agent based trust management  metamodels prediction information retrieval education software security business intelligence technology testing agile project management agile process software engineering. efficiency reliability system knowledge-based systems and formal methods bioinformatics software design requirements traceability quality attributes feature model project management artificial intelligence systematic literature review software projects web app agile methodology visualization usability user experience waterfall systematic review metrics java framework integration agile software development software measurement pattern recognition practicesoftware programming machinelearning neural computing big data intelligent systems soft computing landing airplane artificialintelligence softwaretesting softwareengineering softwaredevelopment softwareprocess program debugging practices test-as-a-service s mobile and sensor networks  policy of trust in e- vehicle classification algorithms github repository data extraction algorithm project data software project estimation effort and duration estimation intelligent software-defined networking isdn. user engagements user behavior real time qoe qos openflow hybrid orckestrator reinforcement learning supervided learning open vswitch ovs utility maximization logit models state preference data alogit code internalusecases agentroleactors agent roles multi-agent systems stereotypes visual software engineering software complexity requirements design principles data analytics statechart diagrams empirical validation theoretical validation complexity metrics css pre-processors css broke-implement software requirements revisions. software requirements versions use case variability bio-inspired variability modeling software requirements variability data versions bio-inspired modeling data intensive software product lines requirements variability specification mobile application new product development. social fund for development product development traditional project management maintenance quality and efficiency integration test continuous integration archiving. extreme programming (xp) requirement engineering (re) web software web testing testability software requirement changes software change effort estimation unstable interfaces eclipse technical debt embedded systems biometrics test coverage mutation testing quality model e-government learning applications python effort estimation • search engines and information retrieval genetic algorithms agile methodologies dynamic analysis quality measurement maintainability service-oriented architecture software evolution theoretical validations xp software development life cycle incremental development regression testing cots models mobile computing mobile applications estimating software maximum likelihood estimation genetic algorithm analytic hierarchy process requirement engineering best practices comparison maturity stages maturity model portal real-time systems unit testing formal method test case prioritization expert system first order logic variant management alloy learning management system web application pair programming startups microsoft robotic process automation test automation quality assurance semiconductorsc novelmaterial nanodevices metamaterials nanoscale rfcomponents formalmethods informationretrieval devopsmodels searchengines educationsystems webbased programmer dataanalytics linux generativeai genai chatgpt hacking networking softcomputing informationtechnology webengineering qualitymanagement evolution based automaticcodeceneration modeltocodetransformation transformation swarmintelligence particleswarmoptimization actionspecificationlanguage transformationrules database systems intelligent information scalable computing image processing autonomic computing computer education robotics programming languages networking and communications internet of things (iot) real time systems computer forensics mean value function nhpp software reliability datascience recycling environment msw waste management rfid statistical models ensemble methods case based methods analogical learning methods digitaltransformation datacenter stepdrop cateina industrialcontrols physicsoffreewill factoryautomation webdevelopmentjourney fresherstraining softwareengineeringinstitute softwareengineeringjobs softwareproductengineering wireless multimedia systems wireless communications broadband wireless internet wireless networks next generation internet web-based education undergraduateteaching uuserexperience usercentereddesign agiledevelopment multimedia systems internet of things fuzzy systems e-learning • deep learning data science pilot experience weather mamdani fuzzy logic undergraduate teaching user-centered design pilotexperienceweather decisionmaking mamdanifuzzylogic internetcomputing webcomputing highperformancecomputing computervision computergraphics bigdata softwaredocumentation softwareprojects softwareanalysis softwarequality softwaremaintenance softwaredesign block chain consensus algorithms blockchain privacy ttcn-3 ucm tdl model transformation transformation rules model-driven testing software maintenance effor global software development user community currencies online course virtual tour museum experience serious game learning game software quality metrics sequence diagrams uml diagrams blockchain technology trends socioeconomic development sustainability repository third party components cbd nvivo healthcare services automation digital health quantitative data software modelling archetype diagram object-oriented database model database modeling object-oriented modeling security analytics cybersecurity cyberattacks cybercrime knowledge management teams netlogo agent based modeling abs condition/decision coverage fuzzing automatic ult generation test coverage inference error prone logic unit level test differential privacy pii data data privacy federated learning fintech complexity measures devops success factors devops overcoming strategie devops challenges indicators vulnerabilities open-source erp software inherent software quality metr perceived software quality met bazel maven build automation tools automated process continuous software delivery software project management sampling strategy. objective do-178c soi airborne software global software development. hybrid development method performance testing. cicd adaptability of reusable code-assets exploratory study feature in the code-asset crosscutting concerns aspectual requirements validation and verification aore pqem coverage product quality measurement quality characteristics experimental study. algorithmic estimates delphi method software effort estimation cwe c/c++ apache traffic server source code analysis vulnerability analysis reconfigurable component. victim component component measure reusability volunteer open source free software defect management platform stabilization problems. solutions requirements triage mdre market driven requirements engineering large scale requirements engineering corpus. arabic language arabic information extraction peer to peer application google desktop search engine federated search evidence based research mobile and sensor networks policy of trust in e-le authentication and identity management pervasive c policy management agent based trust management aut automatic testing generation double constraint propagation path condition random testing  the software process  software engineering prac biomedical information retrieval mesh thesaurus language models conceptual indexing medical article e-loox cloud-based lms stochastic automata network. performance software engineering image processing. neural network camera traffic controlling privacy and trust management ecurity hierarchical agglomerative algorithms medical documents languages and formal methods web-based education s and theory  knowledge processing scalability and privacy  embedded system and soft personalization and recommendation  data mining s advanced topics in software engineering  data min serves as a yardstick to make a comparison in the once calculated which gives the number of adjusted defects produce this work also proposes a defect injection metric and defect preventive (dp) measures are proposed f testing and timeline (defects due to lack of time coding design a defect framework highlighting the 5 dimensions ( the “unexpected” one relates to defects. these def discovering the unexpected is more important than hybrid cluster validation methods differential evolution projected clustering semi-supervised clustering soft goal sig (soft goal interdependency graph) grl (goal oriented requirement language) goal centric traceability (gct) fr (functional requirement.) non-functional requirements testing issues test optimization test case generation state chart diagram / state charts test sequence generation test generation technique middleware dds fault-tolerance distributed systems cps advice interpretation nmn midi-lab music midi program visual basic system development process vocational carrier iterative & sdlc descartes specification language secure policy language policy language life cycle development project showstopper stacking bagging ensemble models scrum methodology educational domain smart attendance system case study radio frequency identification unhappiness. happiness agile environment agile projects human factors transparency multi-agent system auditability analysis agent-oriented software development agent-based system computer-aided software programming language literate programming controlled natural language • search engines • multimedia • quality management • web-based education systems • web engineering virtual reality lab mobile teachers students physics augmented reality plasticity adaptive guidance guidance system quality trello visual svn health care solution agile- scrum methodology selenium webdriver c# visual studio automation testing review protocol standards certification use case diagram traditional empirical software engineering grounded theory e-services new product development engineering process ugt. gamification elements online misinformation software development life cycle. requirement engineering process statechart complexity metrics cognitive complexity metrics software engineering and unified modelling languag green environment recycling system quality evaluation cost evaluation service oriented systems skyline twigstack holistic evaluation preferences queries annotated dataguide xml database change impact analysis and software development ph google wave bad smell detection dependency relationship function over-related effort estimation. unified modelling language web services compositional modelling. model checking buchi automata linear temporal logic oman. survey development approach semistructured interview academic program management software engineering models process approach iso 9001:2015 object oriented software. flexibility portability simplicity software design. notation software security development life cycle ssdl aop aspect-oriented programming ao aspect orientation sentiment analysis model& value sensitive design guilt emotions game addiction ethics analysis unified modeling language solution queen game diagrams constructive cost model and software development p function point analysis concept algebra essence framework bioperl. perl entrez sequence retrieval system evolution promotion non-apis technical debt indicator and estimator. systematic mapping review bioperl data type formal specification sofl aspect oriented programming aspectc++ expectations stubs seams mock objects test-driven development formal verification of sysml diagram. test path generation tbfv sysml activity diagrams automated testing driver testing dsp images processing fingerprint open-source application testing test development k-means clustering vector quantization (vq) mel frequency cepstral coefficient (mfcc) emotion detection accuracy cepstral coefficient (cc) maintenance detecting faults seamless debugging network device web server infrastructure knowledge-based survey. ontology cerebral palsy diagnosis tdd processes coverage testing test driven development needed cost of control uncontrolledloss actual risk management budget assigned risk management budget requested risk management budget recommendations systems (rs) a general architectures multi agent system (mas) smart government mining bug repositories developer recommendation bug assignment ontology. and semantically enabled web services shared understanding collaborative requirements elicitation jupyterhub jupyter data analysis corrective actions quality improvement rsa algorithm image steganography text steganography medical and healthcare in iot ooada-re constraint story cards constraint programming domain-specific language python programming language honeypo intrusion prevention system (ips) captcha intrusion detection system (ids) standards. processes mes erp traceability systems engineering plm software systems verification validation software reuse mobile cloud computing software patterns risk estimation risk management pert software estimation techniques long-term learning agile team knowledge sharing continuous learning management. information systems administration kinesthetic learning activity real time routing arbitrary directed graph scheduling graph theory routing messages kla unidirectional ring cs education network routing glove natural language processing context-aware clustering t-sne word embeddings k-means code review customization design by contract formal language specification object oriented programming object-z scrum adoption agile methods team climate scrum challenges scrum failure lean it lean thinking software requirements practice requirements management requirements engineering practice agentology software model multi-agent automated test case generation niche genetic algorithm structural testing emulation of arithmetic automated software engineering numerical precision hoare logic formal verification tools key-hoare tool hoare advanced homework assistant tool software verification usqm user story software project students' perceptions. plagiarism issues plagiarism evaluation plagiarism detection tools open source software design complexity gamification flow theory maslow’s hierarchy of needs & self determination theory hofstede's cultural dimensions system decomposition design analysis culture impact requirement elicitation system development life cycle software applications measuring collaboration mobile gear skier training mobile apps correctness. robustness measurement robustness dependability • software engineering practice • web-based education systems and learning appli • managing software projects • software maintenance and testing • advanced topics in software engineering • knowledge-based systems and formal methods engineering methodologies ubiquitous ucms personal data continuous security testing security risk security test cases operating efficiency. change ripple-effect change impact software maintainability and degradation change propagation. self adaptive monitoring operating efficiency self-determination manufacturing process continuous security devsecops continuous delivery continuous deployment infrastructure-as-code devops release engineering secdevops use case points evolve srgms feedback factor testing time reduction. novel method for testing software industry small-sized software development organization ucd small- and medium-sized enterprises (smes) web application development model driven development web development geographic information systems methodology web requirements web gis food and drugs policy saudi markets communication runtime monitoring bisimulation relation stochastic systems remote lab programming education usability testing online compiler mobile robotics multiple choice latex compiler mathematica software random test maintainability metric maintainability prediction maintainability estimation maintainability model agile security development simulations weighted nonlinear least squares estimation. generalized jelinski-moranda (gj-m) model nonlinear least squares estimation transportation animation dijkstra algorithm focus group. requirements model tms course timetable grasp robust optimization uncertainty rcpsp fbi jelinski and moranda(j-m) srgm schick and wolverton (sw)srgm generlizedjelinski-moranda (gj-m) srgm. software reliability growth model (srgm) distribution tightly-coupled interoperability loosely-coupled & soa design. mobile application development process cmmi. goal oriented modelling automated critical safety system kaos requirements elicitation software project planning and management latent dirichlet allocation (lda) feature-traces feature locations scenarios semantic analysis features combination client side mv-soa daas private cloud multiview service saas rework software configuration management smooth path a* algorithm automated guided vehicle (agv) model-based software development model repository living models design patterns feedback control loop self-adaptive parser expansion noncanonical sudaan lalr(1) operator precedence parser admm requirements change source code testing. predictive analytics machine learning methods software analytics software bug detection transaction data association rules graph service identification method business/it alignment sim service identification ethnography effort estimation factor (eef). function point analysis (fpa) use case point (ucp) end user development (eud) clone group mapping code clone topic assembly component formal conceptual framework architectural framework overlap static analysis policy-based management policy-conflict software metrics validations object-oriented metrics result based software metrics (rbsm) empirical validations global software engineering cloud software security v-model roi iterative prototyping kanban lean traditional development technique for order of preference by similarity to decision support system goal-oriented requirements engineering rate of fault detection. fault severity program analysis dependence flow graph dependence graph intermediate representation aspect-oriented maintenance. control flow graph software project management; systematic literature software quality models software components (re) reverse engineering (fe) forward engineering. word document class diagram normalization fast transient response band-gap reference low-dropout (ldo ) voltage regulator slack agile software pessimistic time optimistic time probability of delay profiling – mde – traceability – performance javabeans prototype component model component-oriented programming type software component count data least square estimation. gompertz growth curve software reliability models time data and multi-criteria decision making timetable problem stable marriage problem clone detection users’ work process. smart handheld device comparing languages c++ fortran ob ject - oriented programming languages agile scrum process framework & agile methodology cost of software quality e - government e - services test cases generation integration operators projection components systems component - based system trace semantics compositional testing conformance testing inheritan ce of functionality object - oriented software systems ch ange requirement traceability change impact algorithms impact analysis performance com component-based ejb transactions .net software requirements analysis resolving key elements of ecommerce business model e-commerce website development function over-related; dependency relationship; ba similarity measure. adaptive guidance profile process engineering software process modeling transaction level modeling real-time system verification modeling component-based development empirical studies integration testing software validation/verification regression testing. test oracles extreme programming refactoring; refactproing techqinces; analytic hie event-b rsm (resource standard metrics) . pattern code generation e-commerce; security requirement; security vulnera paper based testing hypotheses testing computer based testing index term — e - learning; content; courseware; correlated variables frequent subgraph mining program dependency graph t est case selection code coverage errors classification patient safety & medical errors diagnoses . m edical errors web based system agile system database user interface struts model view control mysql time management intellig ent object framework bluetooth and wireless network embedded s ystems stability handheld application measure model network vulvernability unified process object oriented modelin user interface design socio-demographics differences user-centred design user satisfactions distribution rule; class length distribution model decision analysis and resolution(dar) causal analysis and resolution(car) groovy grails adobe flex jmeter tagging software mapping function. radial basis function (rbf) network support vector machine (svm) cloud ram. disk storage fuzzy network traffic agile teams multi-agents systems scrum framework weaving model aspect oriented modeling cooperative information system cooperative requirements mde evolutionary algorithm multi-objective optimization software project development scheduling and inspection planning hyperheuristics graphical user interfaces (guis) class diagram. optical character recognition (ocr) mda web information system higher education enterprise architecture
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