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The New Playbook for Personalizing Content Experiences at Scale


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Content is the driving force behind your most effective marketing strategies, from demand generation and inbound marketing to sales enablement and account-based marketing. As marketers, you aim to personalize how your prospects and target accounts experience your content, and scaling the creation of these experiences becomes your next big hurdle.

In this webinar, Uberflip’s Director of Content Experience, Paige Gerber, and Drift’s Customer Marketing Team Lead, Chris Handy, reveal five easy steps to help you focus, align your team, and truly deliver meaningful experiences so you can rock marketing campaigns that delight your prospects and customers.

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The New Playbook for Personalizing Content Experiences at Scale

  1. 1. @uberflip | #conex The New Playbook for Personalizing Content Experiences at Scale #CONEX Paige Gerber Director of Content Experience Uberflip Chris Handy Customer Marketing Leader Drift
  2. 2. @uberflip | #conex Content shouldn’t be a one-way broadcast. It should be a two-way conversation.
  3. 3. @uberflip | #conex of B2B buyers expect the same buying experience as B2C customers. 80% — Google @uberflip | #conex
  4. 4. @uberflip | #conex The way we experience content matters! @uberflip | #conex
  5. 5. @uberflip | #conex Content experience must be considered across all marketing programs.
  6. 6. @uberflip | #conex Inbound Demand Generation ABM Sales Enablement Every day, as marketers, we are focused on tactics...
  7. 7. @uberflip | #conex While our future customers are out there trying to reach us.
  8. 8. @uberflip | #conex Personalized content experiences lead to: more engagement, better conversations, more quality leads, and ultimately… more customers. Demand Generation ABM Sales Enablement Inbound Driven By Content
  9. 9. @uberflip | #conex Conversions on Gated Content Evidence that experience matters 7x 8x Increase in Engagement 60% Your Content Reach
  10. 10. @uberflip | #conex
  11. 11. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework
  12. 12. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Aggregate your content Own the experience Control the environment and structure
  13. 13. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework
  14. 14. @uberflip | #conex At Drift...
  15. 15. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Plan end-to-end experience Define intended user behavior Categorize for discoverability
  16. 16. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework You don’t get this. Without doing this.
  17. 17. @uberflip | #conex At Drift...
  18. 18. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Build experiences to power your campaigns Personalize experiences based on segmentation Create path to purchase
  19. 19. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Inbound
  20. 20. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... Inbound
  21. 21. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Demand Generation
  22. 22. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... Adapts to Content. Demand Generation
  23. 23. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... Demand Generation
  24. 24. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework ABM
  25. 25. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... ABM
  26. 26. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... ABM
  27. 27. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... ABM
  28. 28. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Sales Enablement
  29. 29. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... Sales Enablement
  30. 30. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... Sales Enablement
  31. 31. @uberflip | #conex At Drift... Sales Enablement
  32. 32. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Integrate marketing campaigns Map experiences to buyer journey Distribute experiences across all channels
  33. 33. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework
  34. 34. @uberflip | #conex At Drift...
  35. 35. @uberflip | #conex
  36. 36. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Convert quality leads Score leads based on engagement Leverage marketing automation and analytics
  37. 37. @uberflip | #conex 100% Increase in monthly leads generated. Content Experience Framework
  38. 38. @uberflip | #conex At Drift...
  39. 39. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework
  40. 40. @uberflip | #conex Questions?
  41. 41. @uberflip | #conex The Content Experience Framework Download Now: Paige Gerber Director, Content Experience Uberflip Chris Handy Customer Marketing Leader Drift @handythinks 💌 Email me for a copy of Unscalable!