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Creating Harmony Between Demand Generation and ABM


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Between the need to launch and scale your ABM programs to managing your current demand generation efforts, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and drop the ball on one or the other.

Brandi Smith, VP, Demand Generation Marketing at Uberflip and Charm Bianchini, Head of Global Demand at Engagio, explore how their teams make both strategies work in tandem and create harmony in their marketing department.

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Creating Harmony Between Demand Generation and ABM

  1. 1. Creating Harmony Between Demand Generation and ABM
  2. 2. @uberflip | @engagio Head of Global Demand, Engagio The Speakers Brandi SmithCharm Bianchini VP of Demand Generation, Uberflip
  3. 3. 3 @uberflip | @engagio ABM, Demand Generation, or both?
  4. 4. Kickoff WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? DEMAND GEN VS. ABM Demand Gen ABM Focus: Markets/Industries Accounts Measure of Success: Quantity of Leads Quality of Target Accounts Objective: New Business Land & Expand Research Tool: Buyer Persona Ideal Customer Profile 4 @uberflip | @engagio
  5. 5. Kickoff Demand Gen vs. ABM What do we say? Where should we say it? Who should we say it to? Offers Channels Segments Who are we trying to reach? What should we say? Where should we say it? Accounts Content Channels DEMAND GEN ABM 5 @uberflip | @engagio
  6. 6. Kickoff CREATING HARMONY Attract people to your site & get them to fill out a form Nurture them with automated emails Identify target companies Engage them with personalized campaigns Build lasting relationships that lead to new opportunities Inbound Marketing Account Based Marketing • Demand Gen can feed into ABM Funnel • If inbound leads are in target account, ABM can pick up where inbound leaves off • Inbound leads can support ABM when accounts look promising 6 @uberflip | @engagio
  7. 7. Kickoff What DOES it mean to be ABM-Centric? Focus more budget and resources on ABM strategies and execution Blended ABM approaches combined with traditional inbound Integrated marketing support for territories and top accounts - net new and expansion 7 @uberflip | @engagio
  8. 8. @uberflip What DOESN’T it mean to be ABM-Centric? To build awareness and thought leadership as we continue to establish and define the Content Experience category We NEED these programs The programs continue to support net new lead gen for nurture and MQL volume to feed the BDR sales team Continued revenue support 8 @uberflip | @engagio Traditional demand generation programs will not be eliminated, just focused on with a different budget and resource allocation. Here’s why:
  9. 9. Kickoff One-to-Many ABM Types of Approaches One-to-Many ABM (1,000s of Accounts) ● Focus on new accounts ● Targeted with light personalization ● Lead-focused Marketing (Demand Gen/Inbound) Inbound/Demand Generation Marketing ● Attracts accounts from entire addressable market ● No real personalization ● Lead-focused One-to-Few ABM One-to-Few ABM (BDR Top 10 and 100, Industry) ● Focus on new and existing key accounts with similar issues/business imperatives ● Customized with some personalization ● Engagement and lead-focused One-to- One ABM One-to-One ABM (5-50 Accounts) ● Focus on new enterprise and existing key accounts ● Highly customized/personalized for each account ● Engagement and relationship-focused 9 @uberflip | @engagio
  10. 10. 2: Figure out the mix of DG + ABM @uberflip | @engagio
  11. 11. @uberflip | #conex 11 @uberflip | @engagio Many Revenue Teams Depend on the Classic Demand Gen Model Broad-based Lead-centric Goal is volume Quality can be poor
  12. 12. @uberflip | #conex Demand Gen is good – but usually not enough 12 @uberflip | @engagio
  13. 13. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini Focus on the right type of customer 13 What is our ideal customer profile (ICP)? Example: Higher ACV compared to non- ICP. Better retention, cross-sell opportunities – best fit for your product 13 @uberflip | @engagio
  14. 14. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini Create your plan 14 $$$ Revenue Goals Pipeline Required (sources can vary marketing, sales, partner) How can we bring in the BEST quality pipeline most efficiently? ENT Segment – Need Z% POR GOAL Mid-Market Segment – Need Y% POR GOAL Small-Business Segment – Need X% POR GOAL Example: Inbound marketing model Example: Programmatic ABM Example: ABM – need for the higher value accounts What is our optimal strategy to get there (mix of DG /ABM- programs, tactics) This breakdown should be the optimal mix to most effectively hit revenue targets 14 @uberflip | @engagio
  15. 15. @uberflip | #conex Establish a Plan of Record (POR) 1. Sales – contributes x% 2. Marketing – contributes y% 3. Partner / or Business Development – contributes z% 15 Total Pipeline Required for World Domination 15 @uberflip | @engagio
  16. 16. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini Program Strategy Goals May 1:1 ABM 1: Few ABM 1: Many ABM Demand Gen June July Top Target Account – Tier 1 – perfect ICP fit Target Accounts – Tier 2 Target Accounts – Tier 3 Good accounts that fit broad ICP $300K $360K $480K $1.8M spend result return % pipe $4M $3.5M $2.1M $4.2M 13x 10x 4x 2x 30% 25% 15% 30% 16 @uberflip | @engagio
  17. 17. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini Planning for ABM and Demand Gen Most ABM programs start by layering on top of current demand gen processes: • Pilot: Test ABM for a few accounts • Segment: Implement ABM for one or more segments (e.g. Enterprise accounts or Healthcare vertical) • Focus: Target existing programs (e.g. outbound sales development) on specific accounts • Transfer: Move budget from poorly performing programs to fund ABM (or identify what can programs can benefit – ex: field marketing) 1717 @uberflip | @engagio
  18. 18. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini Leverage Current Team 18 Have an account foundation/reporting 1. Understand account behavior 2. Now decide on tactics 3. Run personal plays 4. 5. Measure results Marketing Operations Product Marketing Revenue Marketing with Sales Field Marketing / Partner Field Marketing / Partner Revenue Marketing with Sales Revenue Marketing with Sales Revenue Marketing Example if you do not have dedicated headcount Revenue marketing = current marketing role like demand gen Marketing Operations 18 @uberflip | @engagio
  19. 19. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini Type of Program DG Programs ABM Programs Broad DG Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Direct Mail – new product ‘x’ announcement No High value Postcard – lower value Postcard lower value Field Events – showcasing new product ‘x’ Yes Lunch and learn + dinners + onsites Lunch and learn Lunch and learn Tradeshows Yes Special customer dinner No No Personalized email sends No Yes Yes Yes (depending on #) Database sends Yes In some cases OK Yes Yes Targeted Ads - new product No Yes + tailored content + logo Yes + industry Yes – industry Content Syndication – new product Yes Yes – verticals and key companies Yes – verticals Yes -verticals Sales outreach No Yes (calling campaigns, drive attendance) Yes (calling campaigns, drive attendance) No Appt Setting No Yes Yes No Customer content Custom streams No Yes Yes No Run both DG and ABM Programs 19 @uberflip | @engagio
  20. 20. 2: Content experience must be considered across all marketing programs. @uberflip | @engagio
  21. 21. @uberflip | #conex Personalized content experiences lead to: more engagement, better conversations, more quality leads, and ultimately… more customers. Demand Generation ABM Sales Enablement Inbound Driven By Content 21 @uberflip | @engagio
  22. 22. @uberflip | #conex Conversions on Gated Content Evidence that experience matters 7x 8x Increase in Engagement 60% Your Content Reach 22 @uberflip | @engagio
  23. 23. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework 23 @uberflip | @engagio
  24. 24. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Aggregate your content Own the experience Control the environment and structure 24 @uberflip | @engagio
  25. 25. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework 25 @uberflip | @engagio
  26. 26. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Plan end-to-end experience Define intended user behavior Categorize for discoverability 26 @uberflip | @engagio
  27. 27. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework You don’t get this. Without doing this. 27 @uberflip | @engagio
  28. 28. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Build experiences to power your campaigns Personalize experiences based on segmentation Create path to purchase 28 @uberflip | @engagio
  29. 29. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Inbound 29 @uberflip | @engagio
  30. 30. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Demand Generation 30 @uberflip | @engagio
  31. 31. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework ABM 31 @uberflip | @engagio
  32. 32. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Integrate marketing campaigns Map experiences to buyer journey Distribute experiences across all channels 32 @uberflip | @engagio
  33. 33. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework 33 @uberflip | @engagio
  34. 34. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework Convert quality leads Score leads based on engagement Leverage marketing automation and analytics 34 @uberflip | @engagio
  35. 35. @uberflip | #conex 100% Increase in monthly leads generated. Content Experience Framework 35 @uberflip | @engagio
  36. 36. @uberflip | #conex Content Experience Framework 36 @uberflip | @engagio
  37. 37. 3: Activating Sales @uberflip | @engagio
  38. 38. @uberflip | #conex Marketing Programs Require Ongoing Action! Old: The Hand-Off New: Orchestration “It’s easier to work in silos. You just don’t make as much money.” — Peter Herbert, CMO, FullStory 38 @uberflip | @engagio
  39. 39. @uberflip | #conex 1: Use Technology to Get the Right Intelligence 39 Shared view of accounts and activity 39 @uberflip | @engagio
  40. 40. @uberflip | #conex 2: Sales and Marketing Take Action (stand ups) 40 @uberflip | @engagio
  41. 41. @uberflip | #conex 3: Ongoing Optimizations (Territory Health Check) 41 @uberflip | @engagio
  42. 42. @uberflip | #conex 4: Measure and Prove Impact
  43. 43. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchiniCopyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @uberflip | #conex ABM metrics are different from DG metrics Can Take a Long Time to Show Results LEADING INDICATORS are critical Quantity Based Metrics Will Go Down with ABM Focus on QUALITY, not quantity 43 @uberflip | @engagio
  44. 44. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini 44 Early Stage Metrics Later Stage Metrics 1 • Coverage 2 • Awareness 3 • Engagement with key programs 4 • Meetings 1 • MQAs or MQLs 2 • Opportunities 3 • Pipeline 4 • Impact/ ROI Measure at different points in time 44 @uberflip | @engagio
  45. 45. Copyright ©2018, Engagio Inc. @charmbianchini An Option – if you need a hybrid • Ideally you want the right people in the right accounts • MQA represents this the best • MQL-A is a good interim step – still reflects a single person 45 MM MQA MQL-A MQL 45 @uberflip | @engagio
  46. 46. @uberflip | #conex Funnel Metrics 46 @uberflip | @engagio
  47. 47. @uberflip | #conex Attribution—Know What Works! • Use all activities (sales and marketing) – not just campaigns • Use all people that touch the buying center – leads and contacts 47 @uberflip | @engagio
  48. 48. @uberflip | #conex • Demand Generation and ABM can work in harmony • Content Experience matters for all programs • ABM addresses real business pains • Create engagement with relevant, human interactions over email and in-person • ABM naturally supports marketing-sales coordination • ABM measurement is about quality, not quantity; use engagement as a leading indicator to revenue Takeaways 48 @uberflip | @engagio
  49. 49. @uberflip | @engagio The Content Experience Framework Download Now: experience Brandi Smith VP, Demand Generation, Marketing Uberflip Charm Bianchini Head of Global Demand Engagio Download Now: @brandismith01