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Implementing the ICH Convention in Greece, 2012-2103


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Greece – Mrs Stavroula Fotopoulou, Head of Department of Museums of Modern Cultural Heritage Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports

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Implementing the ICH Convention in Greece, 2012-2103

  1. 1. Implementing the ICHConvention in Greece, 2012-2103Stavroula –Villy Fotopoulou,Head of Museums Department in ModernCultural Heritage Directorate, HellenicMinistry of Culture
  2. 2. Hellenic Minisrty of CulutreResolutions that begin to bearfruit Organizing the 6th Annual SEE Meeting inAthens enhanced the visibility of the 2003Convention in Greece Collaborations with other agents in the fieldof the ICH were made easier Greece was elected in theIntergovernmental Committee of theConvention, Paris, June 2012
  3. 3. Hellenic Minisrty of Culutre Formation of the National Committee forthe Implementation of the ICH Convention MoC’s Website for the ICH: Translation of the Operational Guidelines Development of the template for theNational Inventory
  4. 4. Hellenic Minisrty of CulutreThe Template for theNational Inventory Identification of the element Identification of the community, group Description Transmission Safeguarding Measures
  5. 5. Hellenic Minisrty of CulutreGuidelines for Inventorying Emphasis on the community participation in everystage of the inscription on the National Inventory Balance between expert phrasing - analysing theelement and the community evaluation of it Collaboration with institutions that have beenactive since the beginning of the last century infield work (and possess extensive repositories ofethnographic documentation)
  6. 6. Hellenic Minisrty of Culutre New inscriptions in the National Inventoryselected mainly due to their contribution to:– Sustainable Development: traditional craftssuch as wooden shipbuilding, marble-sculpting,ethnobotanical knowledge etc.– Intercultural Dialogue in the SEE Region:aspects of common heritage in music, dance,food etc.
  7. 7. Hellenic Minisrty of Culutre Monitoring of Best Practices such as:– The annual meeting-festival of FolkAerophones (craftsmen and musicians together)– The coordination between wooden shipbuildersin an Association to promote their craft With a view to dissemination, by promotionto national level
  8. 8. Hellenic Minisrty of CulutreAwareness Raising Plan Awareness -raising for the value of ICH inco-operation :– the Network of Modern Cultural HeritageMuseums and Institutions that document ICH,– Communities– Other Public Authorities that implement publicpolicies in the fields of Education, Sports,Health, Agriculture and Food
  9. 9. Hellenic Minisrty of Culutre Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the 2003Convention:– Hosting of meetings in 4 Regions of Greece (placesselected because of the ICH elements that areparticularly pronounced in the Regions)– A series of concerts of traditional and popular music inthe garden of the Museum of Greek PopularInstruments– One-day event in Athens by the end of Autumn for thepromotion of the ICH and the 2003 Convention
  10. 10. Hellenic Minisrty of Culutre
  11. 11. Hellenic Minisrty of Culutre