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Week 9 Concious Capitalism - Guy Lieberman


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The Giant Flag is a 66 hectare South African Flag, made up of two and half million coloured desert succulents and a 4 megawatt solar field. It will be established on municipal land on the outskirts of Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape Karoo. The Giant Flag project will layer several streams of environmental, social and economic activity under one over-arching project, that will extend over decades. The concept is to take one Karoo municipality, the Camdeboo, made up of the three towns of Graaff-Reinet, Aberdeen and Nieu-Bethesda, and generate a socio-economic shift so effective that it will change the course of that community forever. All the jobs linked to the Giant Flag, either through direct employment, small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) incubation or contract, will be considered green collar. All public tenders will favour Camdeboo citizens and companies as a priority, extending to the broader Eastern Cape.

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Week 9 Concious Capitalism - Guy Lieberman

  1. 1. We want to Make Change Happen
  2. 2. • Keep Flying had an impact that went beyond our expectations • Through the World Cup, South Africans discovered our beautiful flag • We want to land the flag in a legacy project of huge proportions
  3. 3. The Giant Flag
  4. 4. The Giant Flag is an opportunity to bring the spirit that was kindled in our national banner down to Earth
  5. 5. To impact lives in a place where hope is low, where poverty is high, and where the flag can literally make a difference
  6. 6. The Giant Flag is a 1 km by 0.6 km flag made of coloured Desert Succulents and a Solar Array
  7. 7. The Flag will be established in a desert and seen from space a manmade natural phenomenon
  8. 8. The Site
  9. 9. • Graaff-Reinet in the Camdeboo region of the Great Karoo, is a town of 35,000 • Of the 29,000 that make up the Black and Coloured communities, 50% are on social grants • In the Camdeboo municipality, including Aberdeen and Nieu Bethesda, unemployment is around 40% • Highest Gini coefficient
  10. 10. • Graaff Reinet won the 2010 Kwêla /Rapport Dorp van die Jaar (Town of the Year) • Beautifully restored, vast natural surrounds and archeological hotspots make it a sought after tourist destination • The Valley of Desolation viewpoint makes it a perfect outlook over the site of the Giant Flag
  11. 11. Green – Spekboom portulacaria affra
  12. 12. Red – Ferocactus stainessi
  13. 13. Blue – Agave potatorum
  14. 14. Yellow – Echinocactus grusonii
  15. 15. Solar field as black triangle
  16. 16. Environmental Relevance
  17. 17. Municipal land degraded by overgrazing and erosion
  18. 18. • 66 hectares of land that make up the Giant Flag will serve as a large scale regeneration project • The 34 hectare tract of land surrounding the Giant Flag will be regenerated through the planting of Spekboom, indigenous medicine and food gardens
  19. 19. • Spekboom, the green part of the flag, is an indigenous succulent - high capacity for carbon sequestration • Spekboom planted on the remaining municipal land ensures full ecological regeneration • The 46 hectares of green, would sequester 200 tons of CO2 annually
  20. 20. Construction
  21. 21. • The succulents would be rated on the following criteria: – Indigenous (where possible) – Colour – Water wise – Non-invasive • The white part of the flag would be an access road for walking, horse & cart and vehicle tours
  22. 22. • The black part, where the 4 MW solar array will partly serve as a roof, will house:  Tourism Centre  Conference Venue  Boutique Hotel  SMME Hub  Production facility for SMME Hub  Nursery  Parking • A large scale water harvesting design will be integrated into the solar array, ensuring that the Giant Flag is water independent
  23. 23. Upliftment Economic
  24. 24. • Local labour, upskilled and trained • 60% employed women - third higher than the national standard • In 24 months, over R7,5 million toward local labour • Ongoing employment • A Trust manages the Giant Flag
  25. 25. Sustainability Ongoing
  26. 26. • New eco-tourist destination • SMME business hub at site • Flag honey • Plant your own flag • Tour guiding • Algae industry • Supported by a solar energy Power Purchase Agreement
  27. 27. • DBSA funded the business plan • ECDC financed EIA process • Capital grant from the DBSA Green Fund • Nedbank Foundation grant • Google powering online global campaign with ad grant • Toyota providing fleet of vehicles • Princess Irene of Holland provided seed funds • Support from local and district municipalities • Small Projects IPP • Carbon credit submission to UN • DSTV as media partner • Alliance with NMMU Innovation Lab • Allegiance with Proudly South African and Tourism Ministry • In-kind sponsorship from SA satellite company
  28. 28. Video treatment • 100 episodes of weekly 1-minute documentary shorts, for one year during the build phase of the Flag • Character driven series—portraits linked through to the Flag • Tied to the social media campaign Digital Campaign