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Obama Hope The Next 100 Days


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The start of Foreign Empowerment Policy to Empower the Poor

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Obama Hope The Next 100 Days

  1. 1. The next 100 Days President Obama will sign the first Executive Order on Twitter to transform the lives of 13 million orphans and empower 2,166 communities to be sustainable. by  Ambassador Hope
  2. 2. Problem • The premature deaths of young parents from HIV/AIDS has left more than 13 million orphans abandoned across the continent of Africa. • 3,000 orphans are dying every day and they cannot survive the recession alone. • The economic and care burden on the grandparents, relatives and communities is too heavy. They receive no pensions or social welfare. • The African economies depend on this generation of children to be sustainable. • America depends on 246 products from Africa that cannot be out-sourced from anywhere else in the quantities that America consumes. • Africa has an economic, energy, food, and health security challenge that is impacting us all.
  3. 3. Solution • These orphans are the Human Assets of Africa - they must be safe, healthy and educated to play their critical role in the global economy. • The private sector will invest $55 billion over 4 years to co- create 2,166 Economic Development Centers with safe accomodation for 13 million orphans, widows and caregivers. • The Hope on AFRICA Program will co-create jobs for 22,000 unemployed veterans to work with local laborers to clear the land, build the foundations and assemble the buildings. • 22,000 American youths will digitally database the orphans and show them how to use their wind-up laptops and connect to the internet. • Green technologists will provide the latest technology to ensure affordable sustainabilty.
  4. 4. Business model • A Stakeholder model where everyone plays their role. • 'Top down' planning • 'Bottom up' investment • African Communities say: quot;Yes We Canquot; • Private sector provides investment funds • Public sector provides • short term guarentee • Veterans and youth co-create with local laborers • Orphans, widows and caregivers co-create micro-enterprises and co-operatives
  5. 5. Technology Over 100 Green technologies to be applied to co-create an environmentally sustainable and healthy environment. eg: • Water pumps for drinking, irrigation and fires • Rain water harvesting to recycle for showers and laundry • Recycled materials for walls and roofs • Solar panels and water heaters • Trash to energy unit • Mini taxis, hoppers and trucks with 85 mpg • Wind up laptop computers with on-demand ciriculum • Communications tower for free local telephone calls • Mobile phone banking • Soil technologies to conserve water and boost root growth • Sensors for crop protection • All green technologists invited to submit bids. Best tech wins
  6. 6. Celebrities and Fan Clubs • Each Children's Village named after a Hollywood celebrity. • Celebrity visits site to break ground and/or for opening ceremony • Celebrity mobilizes 6,000 fans to support one orphan each.
  7. 7. Children's Village milestones – 625 acres of land is donated or leased – Local laborers and veterans clear land for the foundations – 525 water pumps installed – Foundations are built and concrete poured – Growing program starts with soil preparation and planting – Youths database the orphans who will live in the Children's Village – Containers arrive with walls and roofs. Veterans and laborers assemble – Containers arrive with green technologies. Veterans and Youth assemble – Cattle, chickens and fish arrive – Containers arrive with furniture and furnishings. Veterans and orphans assemble – Containers arrive with laptops. Youth help orphans to use – Celebrities arrive with fans for Opening Ceremony. – Orphans, caregivers, teachers and nurses move in – Micro-enterprises and Co-operatives are co-created
  8. 8. Summary and call to action • Ambassador Hope interviewed on international media 27/4 • Ambassador Hope arrives at the White House on 29/4 • President Obama signs the Executive Order in the Oval office • Veterans apply online for 22,000 jobs • Youths apply on-line for 22,000 volunteer roles • Press conference announcing which 2,166 celebrities honored • Small businesses submit bids for contracts online • First teams leave for Liberia, Kenya and Uganda where sites are ready • Celebrities fly to Africa with fans to break ground on their Children's Village and meet the orphans
  9. 9. Twitter:          http://  Email:       /  Text:               +447984931462  IM:           Voice:            USA   + 1 202 741 9172      UK  + 44 186541 2222 YouTube: Bio:       Fan Club: Contacts: Google: Facebook: MySpace: WAYN:  IMDb:  Ambassador Hope is a Member of: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, ContactAnyCelebrity, Open Society  Institute Alumni, Sovereign Wealth Group, Global Health Council, TCNECA: Television Cable News Experts &  Commentators Assn. + Producers/Bookers--CNN, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, Radio & Television Broadcasters, National  Association of Broadcasters