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Du presentation rossburn oct 2013

  1. 1. The Centre
  2. 2. Interpretive Centre mission statement: To connect people with wetlands
  3. 3. It is relatively easy to show the diversity and abundance of wildlife that can be found within this Wildlife Management area. With over 300 species of birds, dozens of mammals and other species make this an ideal classroom for visitors of all ages
  4. 4. Evening Grosbeak
  5. 5. Objectif • De sensibiliser le public aux terres humides de l’Amérique du Nord et d’obtenir son appui pour leur conservation
  6. 6. Objectif • De sensibiliser le public aux terres humides de l’Amérique du Nord et d’obtenir son appui pour leur conservation
  7. 7. Our Programming: • • • • • • • • Public programs (canoes, nature walks, films) Ecotourism (snake pits, wolf howl, orchid tour) Special events and workshops (migration concert) Youth groups (Dusk to Dawn) & birthday parties School programs (interactive, curriculum friendly) Educator workshops (project WET, SAG) Exhibits and demonstrations (seasonal themes) Off-site programming (children’s festival, parades)
  8. 8. On-Site
  9. 9. Interactive
  10. 10. Hands-On
  11. 11. Year-Round
  12. 12. Fun
  13. 13. Outreach Programming: Background: • Outreach is stated as part of the overall mission • Key component of education strategy • Specific targets set annually • Interesting, authentic programming used in delivery
  14. 14. Educational Outreach Programming: • running since 1996 • youth groups, seniors and community groups • over 150 communities have been visited in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta • hundreds of thousands of students have participated in interactive wetland educational programs • wetland educational kits created to lend out to schools
  15. 15. Communities Visited:
  16. 16. We can come to you
  17. 17. Interactive On-Site Hands-On Fun
  18. 18. CSI Oak Hammock
  19. 19. Water Festivals • Souris • Gimli • Peguis
  20. 20. Empowering youth through citizen science • • • • radio telemetry SONDE water quality monitoring unit GPS GIS
  21. 21. Educator workshops:
  22. 22. For the Future With Interpretation ... understanding With understanding ... appreciation With appreciation ... conservation
  23. 23. Ducks Unlimited Canada Works to conserve and restore wetlands and associated habitats for waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and the people who live there.
  24. 24. Ducks Unlimited Canada was established in 1938 out of the drastic drought and dramatic decline of waterfowl populations. The first project was Big Grass Marsh, built in 1938, and it is still producing ducks today.
  25. 25. Broughton’s Creek Watershed
  26. 26. The Broughton’s Creek Watershed has been the site of DUC research in recent years. Because this watershed is representative of the prairie pothole watersheds of southwest Manitoba and as such is representative of southwest Manitoba in terms of land use, geography and wetland loss. One part of our research looked at the loss or degradation of wetland basins due to drainage by comparing data from 1968 and 2005.
  27. 27. 1968
  28. 28. 2005 21% reduction in wetland area 69% of wetland basins have been lost or degraded
  29. 29. We need to protect our remaining wetlands but we can’t do it alone.
  30. 30. For more information contact us ducks.ca 1-800-665-DUCK (1-800-665-3825)