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The value proposition of advanced telematics


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A presentation by Ken Bailey, executive divisional director, Compass Fleet Management (a division of MiX Telematics). Delivered at the 1st annual Fleet Management Conference held at the Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa

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The value proposition of advanced telematics

  1. 1. efficiency • safety • compliance • security Ken Bailey Executive Divisional Director The Value Proposition of Advanced Telematics
  2. 2.  Road traffic accidents  Volatile fuel prices  The safety of truck drivers  The safety of cargo What drives the telematics market? 2 40% of a commercial vehicle’s risk profile is being attributed to the driver
  3. 3.  Mandated stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) systems  Mandated vehicle tracking software  Carbon emissions regulations Compared to developed countries there is a lack of mandatory regulations in SA What drives the telematics market? 3
  4. 4.  Provide services across a range of different industries and customer types.  Superior, value-driven solutions that guarantee a return on investment.  Encompassing solutions for any size fleet.  Market leader in SA (Berg Insight).  2016 Company of the Year Award for the Telematics industry (Frost & Sullivan). A leading global provider of telematics services 4
  5. 5.  Reduce the fleet size by 12% to 30%  Reduce maintenance costs by 15%  Reduce accidents by 70%  Reduce fuel costs between 7% and 15% Efficiency ● Safety ● Compliance ● Security The benefits of MiX Telematics Fleet Solutions 5
  6. 6. Tangible value and return on investment for our customers EXAMPLES  Barloworld Transport (Meadow Feeds) reduced their fuel consumption by R340,000 p/a.  AVBOB has shown a 27% reduction in fuel costs over a 6-month period.  Crusader Logistics improved their fleet’s efficiency, optimised routes and reduced fuel consumption.  Mozzie Cabs improved driver behaviour, reduced maintenance costs, improved customer service, reduced accident rates and reduced fuel consumption. Read more about these and other case studies Case Studies 6
  7. 7.  Increase in vehicle theft, hijackings, and cargo theft.  Increase of 29% in reported truck hijackings over the past year.  Increase in incidents where signal jamming devices are used during vehicle and cargo theft.  Any standard GSM and GPS telematics devices are susceptible to signal jamming.  Jamming prevents the telematics device from communicating its position. Signal jamming used in hijackings 7
  8. 8.  An enhanced jamming mitigation solution.  Pro-active action taken when signal jamming is detected:  Attempt to transmit a warning notification of an impending GSM jamming event, prior to complete jamming taking effect;  Use one or more of its outputs to act as a deterrent;  Utilise satellite communications or Radio Frequency to communicate the jamming event and assist with the recovery;  If one satellite positioning service is jammed, it switches to another satellite network. MiX Jamming Detect Technology 8
  9. 9.  Stolen Vehicle Recovery service has one of the highest recovery rates in the industry.  Ensures full visibility of the entire fleet to allow for the early detection of potential theft.  Comprehensive transport solution to protect assets and cargo.  Continuous investment in technology to further refine anti-jamming counter-measures. A comprehensive transport safety solution 9
  10. 10.  On the 14th of April at 02:01 AM, a client’s truck stopped transmitting its position on the R554 in the Brakpan area.  The Track and React agent attempted to manually regain communication with the MiX Communicator installed in the truck and he attempted to contact the driver.  However, his attempts were in vain therefore it was suspected that the vehicle was hijacked.  The client was notified and the recovery was set into motion by the MiX Telematics recovery services.  Together with the SAPS and Metro Police, the air and ground recovery team searched the area where the last signal was transmitted from.  The truck and trailer was seen parked in front of a yard in Benoni from the helicopter, and a few minutes later the truck and trailer with the cargo was safely recovered.  The police arrested 8 suspects with a 12 antenna GPS/GSM jammer in their possession, as well as another stolen truck onto which the suspects were cross-loading the stolen cargo.  Criminal charges were laid against all the suspects. Another successful recovery (the 11th for the same client) 10
  11. 11.  A 24/7 Journey Management Service to reduce business risk.  Enables the fleet operation to realise the full benefits of a telematics fleet management system.  Pro-actively manage drivers in real-time to ensure driver compliance.  Improves driver behaviour, which decreases fuel consumption.  Economies of scale make this service very affordable.  Use of independent agents, preventing intimidation by drivers and controllers.  Increases ability to recover vehicles with strict 24/7 monitoring.  Productivity of the fleet is improved with fewer unauthorised stops. MiX Track and React Bureau Service 11
  12. 12.  A bulk transport operator with 63 vehicles achieved a reduction of 1,6 litre per 100 km in fuel consumption, and there was a significant reduction in incidents of speeding and excessive idling.  A diary fleet reduce excessive idling by 50% and decreased over-speeding hours by 83 hours over the first 4 months. This resulted in savings of over R43,000 per year. MiX Track and React Bureau Service 12
  13. 13.  A solution that provides reliable, mission critical satellite communication in all locations using the Iridium Satellite Network.  Ideal for organisations that manage assets that operate in remote areas with poor GSM coverage.  Reduce communication costs – least-cost routing feature ensures cost effective communication; only use satellite communication when really needed.  Reduce risk by actively tracking assets via satellite and ensure driver safety by receiving immediate critical event notifications. MiX Sat Comms 13
  14. 14.  Track assets and drivers regardless of their location and irrespective of GSM communication available.  Configurable settings – daily communication limits, frequency of positions, override daily limits depending on message priority.  Always be notified of high risk events such as potential vehicle break downs and panic alerts.  Flexible contract options to match the fleet’s operational requirements. Monitor airtime usage via integrated reports.  Robust, proven hardware – Slim, low profile, IP66 rated hardware design made for harsh environments, plug & play with the MiX Communicator. MiX Sat Comms 14
  15. 15. MiX Go 15 A task management application for the effective communication and engagement with mobile fieldworkers
  16. 16. THANK YOU