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Fleet Fuel Management: Analysis and Reporting


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As the speed of business has increased, the ability to make profit has increased as well. With this influx of new business has come a difficulty to maintain a fleet as vigorously as before. If you have not looked over your fleet management guidelines lately, than it would be prudent to take a real look at what is actually happening. A professional analysis and reporting firm can not only help identify areas of loss, but setup and maintain an efficient program to shore it up as well.

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Fleet Fuel Management: Analysis and Reporting

  1. 1. Fleet Fuel Management: Analysis and Reporting …DoYouHaveEverythingUnderControl?
  2. 2. BusinessattheSpeedofLight • As the volume of business and the speed at which it takes place has increased, so has the potential to overlook key components of a businesses strategy. • This is where expenses can easily get overlooked. • Rather than just plodding on forward, here's some questions that your board of directors needs to stop and ask itself.
  3. 3. WhoAuditsYourFueling? • Fuel auditing is one of the first maintenance tasks to fall on the way side. • Because it can be a tedious and ungrateful job, many business let it drift. • Ironically however, this is also one of the areas that a business is most likely to lose money on if not properly managed. Fleet management services can turn this around for you.
  4. 4. ArethePricesCorrect? • In any fleet dependent business, knowing the current price of fuel is essential. • What if you’ve been overlooking something and these numbers are incorrect though? • Unless you have a dedicated fleet manager who pours over these documents every day, you may never know how much you’ve lost.
  5. 5. WhoKeepsTrackofSurcharges? • Surcharges have become so prevalent in business anymore that many hardly consider them worth noting. • However, left unchecked and these charges can get hefty. • Unless you are regularly monitoring all the surcharges pertaining to doing business with someone, you can never get an accurate picture of your actual expenses.
  6. 6. IgnoringtheProblemDoesn’tHelp • It’s been said that 81% of all fuel theft is an internal problem, while 4% of all business transactions are done incorrectly. • In other words, 8 out of 10 fuel thefts originate from employees and 4 out of every one hundred transactions are billed incorrectly. • Whether you want to deal with it or not, the statistics show that not facing a problem can have severe financial consequences.
  7. 7. ProfessionalAnalysis • If you’ve gone through these questions and realized that your have been defunct in many of these areas, don’t panic. • It’s not too late. • The first step is in hiring a business that offers professional fleet analysis. Through this process you will get a detailed report of how efficient your operation is and how to tighten up any loose areas.
  8. 8. ProfessionalReporting • One of the great things about hiring another company to handle your fleet management is the detailed reports that you gain access to. • If we’re honest with ourselves, no-one really has the time to tell us everything that would be helpful. • A third-party manager however is hired for no other reason than this very sort of thing.
  9. 9. AreOurTaxesOK? • Just about everyone is in agreement that the tax code has gotten too complicated. • When servicing multiple states, this can be even more confusing. • With a flood of receipts, paperwork, and dates that must all be coordinated, it’s easy to overlook something. Unfortunately, the consequences that the IRS gives can be expensive.
  10. 10. TakeControlofYourFleet • Fleet driven business has the potential to make large amounts of money and can be very lucrative. • Imagine how much more lucrative it could be if you were able to dedicate more time on every detail. • By looking into professional reporting and analysis services, you are taking a step towards greater control of your fleet and its assets.