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Transcom presentation on home agents, Kontaktadagen

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Transcom presentation on home agents, Kontaktadagen

  1. 1. Home Based Agents –New PossibilitiesChristian Hultén, TranscomOutstandingCustomerExperience17 April 2013
  2. 2. Transcom in brief• 30,000 employees in 27 countries• 70 contact centers, onshore, off-shore and near shore• Services in 33 different languages• 400+ Clients• Customer care, technical support, sales and credit management services
  3. 3. The number of Home Based Agents is increasing rapidly and isexpected to grow significantly faster than contact center-based agentsin the next few years0200004000060000800001000001200001400002011 2012 2013 2014 20152011–15 CAGR = 18%Global outsourced home-based agent growth*,2011–2015** Total agents working exclusively from home for 20 or more hours per weekSource: Ovum• Well established in USA andCanada• Customer care more common buttechnical support is increasing• Support by phone more commonthan other contact channels• BPO companies are increasingtheir share of Home Based Agents• 15% lower cost can be anticipated• Not considered a threat to off-shoring
  4. 4. Reasons why the use of home basedagents is increasing and will continue todo so in the futureHigh quality/customer satisfactionCost efficiencyFlexibilityHigh resilience to disruptionExcellent recruitment potentialLower absenteeism and better staff retention
  5. 5. Transcom’s home-based agents inSweden• Ongoing projects since 2009• 200 home-based agents (and growing) – allNordic languages• Technical support and sales• Age between 20 and 60•Average age higher than in traditional contactcenters• COPC certification during 2013• Speech analytics
  6. 6. • RECRUITMENT: How do we find,evaluate and communicate withpotential candidates without actuallymeeting them?• TRAINING: How do we train andassess agents that are spread acrossSweden?• MANAGEMENT: How do we followup on agents, analyze calls, coachand motivate?• Partnership with staffing agencies• Video interviews•Personality assessment and focus on working-at-home profile• Virtual training tool• Series of continuous tests•Group education with the option of a “break-out”room•Trainee period with continuous support• Co-listening on calls and screen capturing• Coaching via chat and web camera• Focus on social skills• Virtual team meetings and activitiesOperational challenges and Transcom’s solutions
  7. 7. Summary of the home based concept7Success factors• Innovative virtual technical solution• Clear recruitment profile• ”Online community” enablingcommunication and exchange ofbest practice between home-based agents• High degree of visual contact andinvolvement by management andcoaches• Hub of Excellence• Corporate culture open to newideasConclusions• Good way of securing talentregardless of geographicallocation• Drives customer satisfaction• More cost efficient for both clientand supplier• No limitation with regards to typeof services supported• An increasing trend, howeverthere are limitations• Good, but not for everyone
  8. 8. With regards to working out of my own home,the experience is positive. It’s more relaxedand there are no disturbances. On top of thatit’s also nice not having to travel to work,especially today when there is a snow stormoutside.Inger Karlsson, HärnösandThanks!christian.hulten@transcom.comOUTSTANDINGCUSTOMEREXPERIENCE”””Saving two hours of travel time every day made abig change in my personal life. The benefit ofworking at home gives me more flexibility and abetter balance between work and time with myfamily. Now I’m able to pick the kids up fromkindergarten now and then. It’s also betterfinancially.Senad Porobic, Västerås”


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