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Charisma Analyzer - Business Intelligence Software


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Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software, the BI software solutions market leader through an efficient implementation and reduced time to adapt to customer requirements, brings major functional advantages, ensuring the highest standard of visualization and data analysis in the industry, but also by transforming the system into a simple and easy to use one, designed for users that are less familiar with BI software.

Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software addresses all activity fields – financial services, retail and distribution, logistics, services, constructions, medical, pharmaceutical, human resources - provides an updated and extremely important support for planning and optimizing the company business processes.

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Charisma Analyzer - Business Intelligence Software

  1. 1. AnalyzerSimple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Charisma Analyzer Charisma Analyzer – start a new dialogue with your data Comparative analysis tools are key elements that should be part of the daily life of any modern organization. The valuable time lost on reports and analysis created from heterogeneous sources or due to lack of communication with the ITCharisma Analyzer is an advanced solution for analyzing department can be saved byand processing data, which generates reports in a graphical Charisma Analyzer, which removesand intuitive manner, with minimal effort from users. these barriers through an increased transparency of the analysis reportThe solution addresses all activity fields from financial creation, retail and distribution, logistics, services,constructions, medical, pharmaceutical, up to human Charisma Analyzer comprises tworesources, providing an updated and extremely important main components that contributesupport for planning and optimizing the company’s to data analysis and display:business processes. n Analyzer Desktop; CharismaCharisma Analyzer is natively integrated with Charisma ERP n Analyzer Server. Charismaand benefits from the most well performing technology inthe world, developed by Tableau Software, the BI softwaresolutions market leader through an efficientimplementation and reduced time to adapt to customerrequirements. Basically, even users less familiar with BIsoftware applications can become productive in a veryshort time and without special technical training. „Now we can query the database at any time, build very quicklyFinancial and operational benefits situations on targets or sales, and prepare the sales agents payment Faster, one click-away reports; according to their achievements, Flexible and easy to use solution; locations or items; also the World expertise in data visualization; system allows us to make real time Does not require advanced knowledge in the field; decisions.” Multidimensional analysis regardless of data typ Advanced trend analysis; Agroalim Complex “what-if” scenarios. Flori Ţuţuianu IT Manager
  3. 3. Financial and operational benefitsnone click-away distance reportsFaster, n Cutting-edge technologyCharisma Analyzer brings the advantage Charisma Analyzer revolutionizes theof high speed in processing and data display method of data through anvisualization, providing more results with innovative technology that allows usersless effort. Just drag and drop and the to translate the actions of the databaseanalysis changed. Then just a few more into graphical displays of data results.clicks and trends or critical points of the The five principles underlying Charismaanalysis are highlighted. So it is the case Analyzer’s visual data display are theof filters, they are just one click-away user-friendly interfaces, the easy to usedistance. Users can rapidly modify the analysis and research features, theanalysis or identify the necessary expressiveness and best practices ininformation in the data already analyzed. visualization, as well as the database’s independence.n and easy to use solutionFlexibleThe ease of use is highly appreciated by n references Excellentbusiness intelligence platforms users and Tableau Software technology is availablebeyond. Any user familiar with Excel will in over 90 countries, has over 50 000be able to work quickly with Charisma users in 14 industry verticals and coversAnalyzer. The solution enables real-time various activity fields, from retail, banks,visualization of each change on the insurances up to medical, media andextent of their implementation, provides constructions. Among internationalautomatic formatting of columns and companies benefiting from therows and supports the creation of advantages of Tableau Softwaredashboards from multiple perspectives technology, the following can beof the company’s processes and trend distinguished: Citigroup, The Worldanalyzes. Bank, Heineken, Procter & Gamble, The Coca Cola Company, Sanofi Aventis, NewnWorld leader in data visualization York Times, Toyota, General Motors,According to Gartner’s study in January General Electric and Pepsi Bottling2011, Tableau Software is the world’s Group. You have the opportunity to seeleader in interactive data visualization for the solution live, visiting one of thebusiness analysis, their display in reference customers from abroad.dashboards and delivery. From hospitals, Moreover, we can provide additionalIT companies or Human Resource ones, developments to prove our team’sup to manufacturing companies or oil& responsiveness.gas suppliers, Charisma Analyzer candeal with any type of data.
  4. 4. Charisma Analyzer DesktopCharisma Analyzer Desktop is the component of thebusiness intelligence solution that is installed locallyfor the achievement of all reporting and data analysisefforts. Tale of 100 Entrepreneurs powered by Tableau Software 250 m 200 m Revenue (Inflation Adjusted) 150 m 100 m 50 milion 50 m 50 m 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 Year number Rocket Ship Hot Company Slow BurnerThe solution provides answers to any businessquestion by simply dragging-and-dropping data in avisual page. You can create intuitive graphical reportsand dashboards. Also, everything users create can alsobe published on the Internet, for internal or externaluse, in a few easy steps. The facilities brought byCharisma Analyzer Desktop provide the user withmultiple opportunities to interact and create moreefficient and faster reports and data packets throughqueries, views, analysis, filters, sorting, grouping, drill-down, drill-up (in-depth or higher analysis),calculations and summary totals.By generating interactive dashboards, CharismaAnalyzer Desktop addresses those who want to viewand build reports that should be available locally or onthe Internet, financial and operational data analysts,as well as decision makers.
  5. 5. Financial and operational benefitsn the report generation time byReduces n the report maintenance and Reduces87.5% due to interactive visualizations update from several days to severalfeatures hoursTableau Software was appreciated by Following a case study, it was found thatGartner in February 2010 as the BI the time needed to create reports wassoftware solution with the highest level reduced from 16-24 hours to 2-4 hours,of customer satisfaction, the highest while the maintenance effort could belevel of use at company level and the reduced to 0 hours. The features broughthighest quality score. It can be quickly by Tableau Desktop and Server eliminateimplemented, reacts 100 times faster the costs registered by regular updatethan any other business intelligence activities and increase the number ofsolution and is adaptable to permanent internally developed and publishedneeds. reports.
  6. 6. n a consistent and intuitiveProvides n a holistic information on the Providesoverview companyPerforming or underperforming business The application retrieves processes andsegments can be measured in real time displays data from all systemswith intuitive presentation of data type responsible with the business processobjectives, achievements and management: financial-accounting,developments. Indicators used in data purchasing, sales management,display are very interactive and can be customer management etc.defined on spot by means of n Filters and identifies hidden scenariosconfigurable filters. or problemsn IT services costsReduces Charisma Analyzer Desktop helps toUsers can develop and configure by discover scenarios or problems hidden inthemselves the reports they need, the performance indicators, summarieswithout previous technical experience or and trends, by means of drill-downIT knowledge. features, access to information of interest and precise filtering. Graphs, scorecards, charts, tabular views and various reports are all completely configurable and flexible for custom analysis.
  7. 7. n Cross-tabPivot and n Data access methods tailored toWithout any prior training, users can different needscreate “Q&A” sessions. They can use the Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableauconnection to the database and the Software can connect to various datadrag-and-drop features to create multi- sources such as Microsoft Office, SQLdimensional cross-tabs. Such analysis databases, CSV files, Analysis Server,highlights not only critical aspects Tableau Data Extract or other multi-(e.g.:“expenses are increasing”), but also dimensional data bases.answers additional questions (e.g.: n High business expertise“Which products/ departments are The solution benefits from the expertiseresponsible for this increase?”). of consultants with relevant experiencenQuery and Result in all business fields, providing both theCharisma Analyzer is a query and front- required infrastructure and the bestend analysis tool for databases. It can be practices for the optimization andconnected to relational databases and automation of the company’s decisionfiles (.xls, .txt) or multiple OLAP cubes, making process.helping users with no technicalbackground in SQL and MDX to createvalue-adding analysis and reports.
  8. 8. Charisma Analyzer ServerCharisma Analyzer Server is a self-service platformthat enables web publishing of analytical reportsgenerated by the Desktop component in the form ofinteractive dashboards, which further allow views andadditional filters to be applied on data. powered by Tableau Software De ce Charisma Analyzer? Integreaza tehnologia Tableau Software* Beneficii Charisma Analyzer Analiză şi vizualizări interactive Mobile Analyzer Obţine informaţii unde şi când ai nevoie află mai multe cere demonstraţie gratuită Tableau Software * lider mondial în analiza şi vizualizarea datelor Analize de business rapide şi la îndemână conform Magic Quadrant Survey by Gardner 2011The solution allows simultaneous access for moreusers, be they internal or external. Moreover, theinformation can be locally downloaded for variouspurposes such as additional changes or display ofprimary data.Views generated are directly connected to the originaldata sources, so that it is not necessary to repeat theanalysis daily or weekly to get the latest information.Instead, the focus moves to strengthening the processof generating relevant reports as a group to get themaximum information available in the company.The ease of use of the solution turns any potential userinto a successful analyst. Charisma Analyzer Serverencourages users to interact with data at a deep level,enabling them to discover hidden relationships.
  9. 9. Financial and operational benefitsnInteractive web dashboards technical training, data can be used andUsers have at hand an easy way to connected directly to the basic reports orcombine all the desired data and reports data a powerful, complete and updated in n Self-service toolreal time dashboard. Data and reports The Company’s management has allcan be published on the Web, while necessary tools to find the desiredfiltering and trend analysis features are answers, while people are able to focusavailable directly from the browser. With on the corporate strategy. Any reportCharisma Analyzer Server, the transition change or new variables of the analysisfrom data tables to interactive no longer require the involvement ofvisualizations and dashboards is reached several departments (IT, specialists), butwithin just a few clicks. Colleagues, the end user.customers or partners have immediateaccess to useful information through a n Interactivity and drill-downsingle login to a secure environment. The need to analyze in-depth several critical aspects is covered by CharismanFast access to a wide range of data Analyzer Server through dashboardCharisma Analyzer Server transforms filters, mark-ups and drill-down features.million rows of data in answers andconclusions in an extremely fast manner.One click-away distance and without
  10. 10. Charisma Mobile AnalyzerCharisma Mobile Analyzer is an iPad application designedfor users that need dynamic reports in real time.The solution automatically connects to Charisma Analyzerand updates the entire dynamic online reports registry.This new feature is activated automatically once TableauServer is accessed from mobile devices. In addition, nochanges to the login section or report display are needed –they become compatible with mobile devices once theyare published.The elegant interface, access and visualization of the latestdata, filtering and searching features by project, authors,notes and views are some of the benefits provided by this Charisma Analyzer Mobile brings the concept of self-application. service to BI platforms. Business people and companies’ management have all necessary tools to find the answers desired, without additional support from IT departments. Any report change or new variables of the analysis no longer require the involvement of several departments (IT, specialists), but the end user. Thus, by Charisma Analyzer Mobile it is achieved the highest level of efficient use of a Business Intelligence platform.
  11. 11. Financial and operational benefitsnMobility maintained while scrolling.The application’s availability on the iPad n Securityallows you to access data and reports The solution provides the same type offrom anywhere, at any time; security, both at data and user levels, forn visualization and filteringContent all visualizations, be they accessed fromThe solution allows user to filter and a computer or an iPad.view data published according to author, n authentication Uniqueproject or date. Comments saved in the The creation of a different version forapplication can be searched and viewed, mobile devices is not necessary. Once awhile the user can opt for viewing data certain analysis is published in Charismaas thumbnails or list. Analyzer Server, it becomesn scrollDynamic automatically available on mobileThe solution allows scroll features on all devices as well;pages, left to right, up and down, by justmoving your finger. In addition, theinformation from the head table is
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