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eLearningSimplu | Intuitiv | Flexibil | Complet
Learning Gateway                                                        Charisma HCM Learning Gateway is                  ...
Key features and benefits         Personalize learning and make it              Easily administer learning under constant ...
Course Builder                                                                   Charisma HCM Course Builder is a         ...
Key features and benefits      Intuitive user interface:      n                                              review proces...
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Charisma HCM eLearning


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Charisma HCM Learning Gateway is
a powerful, cloud-based learning
management system for
organizations of all sizes.

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Charisma HCM eLearning

  1. 1. eLearningSimplu | Intuitiv | Flexibil | Complet
  2. 2. Learning Gateway Charisma HCM Learning Gateway is a powerful, cloud-based learning management system for organizations of all sizes. It provides a flexible and comprehensive system for delivering and managing sophisticated learning programs. Charisma HCM Learning Gateway isn delivers e-learning and social learning.Reliably delivered as a SaaS (Software-as¬a- Service) solution configurable ton Instructor Led Training (ILT).Manages your exact needs with rapidn and delivers tests and evaluations.Creates implementation. Not only is then social learning and communications into learningIntegrates system fast to deploy and easy toprograms manage, but it is continually enhanced by new product releases.n blended learning programs by linking activities andEnhances Our solution is scalable to anyresources together. number of learners and any amountnMeasures, tracks and reports on training delivery. of learning desired.n and documents employee compliance.ManagesKey factsn supports over 500,000 active users.Currentlyn over 250,000 courses per month.Deliversn in over 20 languages.AvailableSupports SCORM and AICC standards includingn PENS (Packet Exchange Notification Services).
  3. 3. Key features and benefits Personalize learning and make it Easily administer learning under constant exciting: change: Promote learning with compelling, fully- n n large numbers of users from Manage configurable portal interfaces for specific registration through to password and audiences. profile management. n job performance by providing Support n administrators to easily distribute Allow an extensive range of on-demand and update learning resources in various resources. formats. Increase social learning and interaction n Take advantage of comprehensive n with communities and forums. classroom management and session management features. nyour people up to date and Keep engaged with scheduled or ad-hoc multilingual news publishing. Gain real-time visibility into learning progress in the organization: Deliver focused activities to specific groups Generate a variety of useful reports with n or teams: the flexible reporting engine. n learning programs with Package Drill down into details with filters and n resources and news that are relevant to grouping parameters. each audience. Use automatic features to generate n n classroom training and sessions Manage charts and graphs for export to other easily and increase attendance with programs. email notifications. n certification processes and Manage Use training paths and recommended n ensure everyone is in compliance. learning to help people priorities their n tests and assessments, providing Create time. valuable feedback about course
  4. 4. Course Builder Charisma HCM Course Builder is a cloud-based, e-learning authoring platform that brings your team closer together to develop dynamic, interactive content. Create, share and collaborate in real-time, using one technology and toolset. Subject matter experts, graphic designers, business managers, translators, people within your team and external partners are able to quickly find and reuse content developed anywhere in your organization. Charisma HCM Course Builder isKey facts: ideal for all types of e-learning including online courses, quizzes,nCompelling: tests and assessments, softwareMakes it easier to create interesting content that gets people simulations, interactive games, andmotivated to learn PowerPoint conversions. Then simple:Fast and platform is based on an advancedHelps virtual teams produce content faster with simpler ways service-oriented architecture andto communicate, coordinate, and control complex processes delivered as Software-as-a-Servicen cost:Reduces (SaaS), making it a safe, reliableLowers costs by keeping pictures, animations, videos and future-proof investment.learning segments organized so they can be found and reusedacross the organizationnMultinational:Helps you gain control over lots of content including multiplelanguage versions and localizations
  5. 5. Key features and benefits Intuitive user interface: n review processes and permit easy WYSIWYG (What you see is what you tracking and documentation of get) editing and step-by-step menus feedback. guide you along and make it easy to nWorld-class language functionality for create advanced, engaging content. translation and localization of content: n range of production templates: A wide Every language is supported for use with Templates makes it easy to create text, navigation buttons and all other engaging and interactive content, from points of user interaction, allowing any quizzes and exams, true/false questions language to be selected, and replacing and multiple-choice questions to free media elements directly into a master form text fields, hotspot interactions, copy of the course. drag and drop matching exercises, and n for high-quality synthetic CBVoice open ended answers and simulations. voice-overs: n and secure media library: A unique Automatically generate and add high- The media library allows you to find, quality voiceovers for e-learning courses store and save files and elements without the need to manually record efficiently, saving you time by reducing and implement sound files. With just a repetitive tasks. few mouse-clicks, you can now add voice-over to any course at any time. n flexible re-use of features: Clear and Highly scalable, Charisma HCM Course n for accessible content Support Builder enables a large amount of digital Charisma HCM Course Builder provides assets and files to be stored, shared or authors with unparalleled functionality copied within or between modules, to create accessibility compliant courses reducing production time and increasing quickly and easily, including full support the effective re-use of content. for assistive technologies, with interactive exercises and tests. n quality assurance and Advanced workflow systems: Comprehensive and configurable workflow ensures complete control
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