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Social Localisation


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Reinhard Schaler introduces the concept of Social Localisation at Localization World Silicon Valley on 10th October 2011, during a workshop jointly organized by the LRC, CNGL and The Rosetta Foundation.

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Social Localisation

  1. 1. Give up the Illusion of Control! How to support User-driven and Needs-based Translation and Localization ScenariosintroducingSocial LocalisationReinhard SchälerLRC/CNGL and The Rosetta Foundation What’s your message?Localisation World Silicon Valley 2011 - Preconference Workshop - Monday, 10 October 2011 - 13:30 – 17:30
  2. 2. Who we are• Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) A dynamic academia-industry partnership with over 100 researchers developing novel technologies addressing the key localisation challenges of volume, access and personalisation• The Rosetta Foundation A nonprofit charity owned by its members aiming to provide access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world. It is a University of Limerick and CNGL spin-off
  3. 3. What we will not discuss todayPeople’s future and their lives depend on accessto knowledge and information across language Disaster relief Fun Security Finance Justice Health Education
  4. 4. Social Localisation Context Technology Join in! Give up the Illusion of Control
  5. 5. Context Social Localisation Users are in the Driving Seat
  6. 6. Context What do you do if you want to share your ideas, your pictures, your life? What do you do if you want to find out about how to fix a printer, where to find a weird hotel in San Francisco, which nice romantic restaurant to go out tonight? … across languages?SocialMedia -> Business -> Localisation
  7. 7. Give up the Illusion of Control: From Social Media to Social Business to Social Localisation I dont think its crazy to ask if your CEO is the next Mubarak. The elites--or managers in companies— no longer control the conversation. This is how insurrections start. Gary Hamel Ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the world’s most influential business thinker
  8. 8. Give up the Illusion of Control: From Social Media to Social Business to Social Localisation This isnt just about Arab Spring. This is about corporate spring. Marc Benioff CEO,
  9. 9. Give up the Illusion of Control: From Social Media to Social Business to Social Localisation Social Media will be dwarfed by Social Business Ehtna McCarthy Senior Manager of Digital and Social Strategy, IBM
  10. 10. Give up the Illusion of Control: From Social Media to Social Business to Social Localisation This is about the localisation spring. Mainstream Localisation will be dwarfed by Social Localisation. Our own prediction
  11. 11. Social: Content -> Enterprise -> Localisation Global Content Delivery Social Localisation/ Enterprise Translation
  12. 12. The Road to Social LocalisationImagineMillions of translators supported byNext Generation Localisation Technology deliveringany type of digital content acrossthousands of languages
  13. 13. Next Generation SOCIAL LocalisationTens of thousands of pre-configured processes? Analysis Translation Testing ReleaseGlobally interoperable & configurablecomponents! Testing Release Translation Analysis
  14. 14. Technology Where we areResearching and Developing Next Generation Localisation Technologies
  15. 15. Technology & ResearchtodayThe Rosetta Design Fest SF (Feb 2011)& CNGL: Service-Oriented LocalisationCNGL Architecture Solution (Solas) andTranslation eXchange (TeX)The Rosetta Deployment FestCopenhagen (March 2011) &Translate/Rosetta/CNGL PlanningSession: Translation Tools SupportThe Rosetta Operations Framework(April – to date): SharepointDevelopmentCNGL Technology Component andInnovation Platform Development
  16. 16. Join in Make it happen Open Forum – Discussion - Planning
  17. 17. VisionWe empower social localisationdriving the most significantgrowth opportunity for the industry.
  18. 18. MissionTo offer the technology necessary tosupport the initial stages of sociallocalisationTo establish The Rosetta FoundationOpen Source Project providing aworking infrastructure forcollaboration of like-mindedindividuals and organisationsTo develop a service-orientedlocalisation architecture solution(Solas) that is free and open source atits coreTo validate and deploy Solas with usercommunities in (for profit and not-for-profit) enterprise localisation.
  19. 19. StrategiesTechnology deploymentSolas and Translation eXchangeDevelopment Schedule: two monthsrelease cyclesUnderstanding Social Localisation – UserGroups and Requirements: how to involveuser communitiesDeveloping the Technology – The RosettaFoundation Open Source Project: settingup a framework for collaboration(TRF, CNGL, CDAC, Translate, …)Sustaining the Effort – Buy-in to CoreActivities: how to ensure sustainability ofcoordination and support activitiesNext steps –Deliverables, Milestones, Schedule: thenext 12 months
  20. 20. We are about to …
  21. 21. What’s Your Message?Social Localisation