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Customer Experience Presentation by SAS at ECEW 2012


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European Customer Experience World (ECEW) Conference 2013 in London
Employees creating customer happiness by setting standards
Anders Åmot
Head of Service Training & Customer Experience, SAS
ECEW 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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Customer Experience Presentation by SAS at ECEW 2012

  1. 1. Employees creating customerhappiness by settingstandardsAnders ÅmotHead of Service Training & Customer ExperienceECEW 2012@smilingViking
  3. 3. Customer Experience at SASChoice ofProductBookingTravelInfoCheck-InandBaggagePre-Travel(e.g. Lounge)IRRBoardingInflightServiceTransferArrivalCustomerRelationsEvaulationandPost-Travelinfo
  4. 4. vs.
  5. 5. vs
  6. 6.  Lounge Staff Friendliness/Helpfulness 71-75 Overall impression of the Lounge 65-72 Lounge Staff wished me welcome to theLounge 64-70 Lounge Staff Availability 71-73
  7. 7. Personal touchDetails=Atmosphere+
  8. 8. 1. Do what you alreadydo, only emphasize itmore!2. Start doing new things
  9. 9. SmileS Say hi! How to welcome our guests, firstimpression lasts Hi with an add onM Make it happen! Just do it, solve the problem, surprise &conquerE Every day, every customer, every visit. Deliver consistentservice, professionalism, I’m on stageI I’m available! Be curious, be present in themoment, be proactive, find new waysL Look people in the eyes. Be interested, see everyindividual, I know my product and my job
  10. 10. Our toolbox – background andprocessApprox 3000 frontlinestaff ideas!IdeasSGHIdeasLounge+CCCIdeasCrewThe ideasWashing andrephrasing100 concretetoolsSmile workshops2011-2012100 toolsEvaluation andprioritization inSmile workshops14 overallservicestandardsStatistics/rankingSmile
  11. 11. SAS OVERALL SERVICE STANDARDS FORFRONTLINE STAFF (3)Cabincrewservicestandards(5)Groundstaffservicestandards(5)CCC staffservicestandards(done)Loungestaffservicestandards(done)Inspirational toolbox with 100 tools/themes
  12. 12. 1. Is it something everyone can do?2. Does it represent SAS Brand Personality –Folksy, Charming, Self-Confident & Warm?3. Will the customers notice we do it?4. Can it be communicated to our customersthat we do it?5. If everyone does it, is it something ourcustomers are willing to pay for in thelong run?
  13. 13.  Lounge Staff Friendliness/Helpfulness 71-7578-81 Overall impression of the Lounge 65-7274-81 Lounge Staff wished me welcome to theLounge 64-7092-96 Lounge Staff Availability 71-7376-80
  14. 14. @SmilingVikingQUESTION FEE 0:-CONTACT FEE 0:-