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Social media business_tips


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How social media can help in business and tips

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social media business_tips

  1. 1. Social Media IS Good! What it is and How to Use it in Business, Simple Tips
  2. 2. What is Social Media ? In simplest terms, it is the easiest and cheapest communication method available, for both the companies and the end-users, in order to reach maximum amount of audience. 2010-October,
  3. 3. What is Social Media ? Social Media (SM) is not a fashion or trend or hobby, it was (simple e-mail and chat), it is (SMS, blog, web, Facebook etc) and it will be (mobile viral). 2010-October,
  4. 4. What is Social Media ? Why? • Because the world is more dependent on each other, SM has become a life style and will gain strength by time • Everybody use it • It saves time and money • It saves lives • It is entertaining • It opens the doors to the “The Beyond” 2010-October,
  5. 5. Tips • Define your Goals and Check your target audience: You must already know it by your industry. So you must be knowing where and who they are. This is the beginning. However if you are wrong about your target you lose from the start. Therefore make sure of it! 2010-October,
  6. 6. Tips • Check if you want to reach more than the “standart” target: Did you forget anything or everything is just fine! • Check if your target is suitable for social media. Otherwise you will be “funny” 2010-October,
  7. 7. Tips Is your company ready and have the right knowledge about internet, social media, web, blog etc.? If not hire someone or outsource the stuff to an eligible provider for you. 2010-October,
  8. 8. Tips • Choose the right SM suitable for your business. These can be both for individual and business media • However they must match and complement each other. A men-women friendship media and Linkedin would not match for example. Don’t make fool of youselves. 2010-October,
  9. 9. Tips • Create all possible links and connections between medias, so that they act as a cobweb. 2010-October,
  10. 10. Tips • Finally: – Don’t spam – Don’t oversell – Be kind and clear – Focus on the subject – Share information – Be selective – Follow and be followed – Evaluate results and re-plan 2010-October,