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Touchpoint Dashboard Overview


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Overview of Customer Journey Mapping Platform.

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Touchpoint Dashboard Overview

  1. 1. Touchpoint Dashboard provides the world’s first web-based SaaS application designed to give companies the ability to easily create insightful and action-oriented customer journey maps that help them better understand & improve their overall customer experience & business performance.
  2. 2.  Touchpoint Dashboard’s Map, Analyze, Present (MAP) methodology provides a streamlined, yet holistic view of your company’s touchpoints across all channels & lines of business so you can better understand your complete customer experience.  Touchpoint Dashboard is a powerful visual tool that provides companies the solid facts they need to make smart decisions and build a prioritized action plan for creating a best-in-class customer
  3. 3. • • • • • • • • Keeping 3M in business! Difficult to transfer knowledge Time consuming to create Difficult to share and administer updates One-and-done attitude Tools are expensive Static, two dimensional output Many hours spent drawing – not on strategy and execution
  4. 4. • • • • • Create an organized inventory of all company touchpoints Audit and measure the effectiveness and value of every customer interaction Identify what’s most important to customers, and what creates or detracts from value & loyalty Get everyone on the same page Build a compelling case for change, develop smart improvement plans and prioritize funding Touchpoint Dashboard helps organize, prototype, prioritize, share, measure, and present the customer experience for better decision making
  5. 5.  Customer Experience Management suggests an ongoing relationship tied intimately to data so that the journey map becomes a living decision-making tool. Touchpoints are: •Fully customizable •Data driven •Linked to the company’s own measures, custom scores and models “Each interaction combines to create the overall experience. By seeing the big picture, you can identify inefficiencies and opportunities for innovation to improve the overall experience. One poor interaction can result in a bad experience and dilute brand equity. Since experiences are a result of multiple interactions, nothing should be left to chance.” James Torio,
  6. 6. On the web General Contact Info 8918 W 21st Street North, Suite 200, PMB191, Wichita, KS 67205 PHONE: 888-267-9454