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Customer	  Touchpoint	  Mapping	      a	  very	  basic	  overview	  
Customer	  experience	  	    1	                         2	                          3	                        4	          ...
Anatomy	  of	  ‘a	  moment	  in	  time’	                                            •  What	  does	  a	                   ...
 people	  to	  deliver	  more	  ‘pluses’	  •  They	  need	  to	  know	  what	  is	  valued.	  •  They	  need	  to	  know	 ...
Discovery	  in	  the	  learning	    process	  leads	  to	  deeper	   smarts	  and	  the	  ability	  to	  think	  about	  a...
Stage	  1	  :	  Encoding	  –	  sketching	  out	  the	  touchpoints	  
Stage	  2	  :	  Encoding	  –	  filing	  in	  the	  details	  
Stage	  3	  :	  Encoding	  –	  finalising	  the	  learning	  map	  
Stage	  4	  :	  Decoding	  –	  educate	  and	  implement	      Once	  you	  have	  deHined	  a	  touchpoint	  map,	  go	  ...	  
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Overview of customer touchpoint mapping


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We are often involved in helping client map the touchpoints in their businesses. Mostly this is in the realm of the customer. This basic presentation might help you do it yourself.

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Overview of customer touchpoint mapping

  1. 1. Customer  Touchpoint  Mapping   a  very  basic  overview  
  2. 2. Customer  experience     1   2   3   4   n   A   A   A   A   A   moment   moment   moment   moment   moment   in  time   in  time   in  time   in  time   in  time   A  string  of  touchpoints.    One  moment  in  3me  a5er  another.  
  3. 3. Anatomy  of  ‘a  moment  in  time’   •  What  does  a   Value   customer  value  at   this  moment?   A  moment   •  What  could  make   in  4me   Plus   the  experience   beAer?   •  What  would  make   Minus   the  experience   worse?  
  4. 4.  people  to  deliver  more  ‘pluses’  •  They  need  to  know  what  is  valued.  •  They  need  to  know  what  adds  to  the   experience.  •  They  need  to  know  what  subtracts  from  the   experience.  •  They  need  to  think  about  what  they  are  doing.  •  Thinking  =  thoughtful  =  empathetic    service  
  5. 5. Discovery  in  the  learning   process  leads  to  deeper   smarts  and  the  ability  to  think  about  a  topic  from  a   range  of  different   perspectives  –  ultimately   to  react  to  situations  in  a   thoughtful  manner.    Thoughtful  people  deliver   results!  
  6. 6. Stage  1  :  Encoding  –  sketching  out  the  touchpoints  
  7. 7. Stage  2  :  Encoding  –  filing  in  the  details  
  8. 8. Stage  3  :  Encoding  –  finalising  the  learning  map  
  9. 9. Stage  4  :  Decoding  –  educate  and  implement   Once  you  have  deHined  a  touchpoint  map,  go  on  to  design   learning  activities  that  support  the  improved  delivery  of   great  customer  experiences.  
  10. 10.