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Nick North


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Nick North

  1. 1. ENGAGEMENT MATTERSHow programme appreciation provides insight to broadcasters© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 1
  2. 2. agenda• Business challenges for broadcasters• How to measure program engagement• Why engagement matters© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 2
  3. 3. Business challenges for broadcasters© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 3
  4. 4. Successful broadcasting is about investment incontent and strategic planning• Choosing the • Cost effective • Achieving • Enhancing right mix of allocation of happy and channel programmes resources loyal audiences reputation• Meeting • Optimising • Effective • Promoting channel remit commercial scheduling recommendation and strategy airtime strategy and and talked about• Investing in tactics TV talent – on and off screen© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 4
  5. 5. Business challenges for broadcasters• Traditional business models are faltering• New revenue streams across multiple platforms may not replace all lost ad revenues• Broadcasters face growing competition for content delivery from online giants• Emerging social and mobile dimensions to content delivery and consumption• More accountable, targeted digital advertising opportunities create a drain on TV ad spend• Priorities include: • Maximising audience size • Optimising production and acquisition investments • More effective marketing and brand building • Building loyal audiences • Demonstrating the power of television advertising, sponsorships and product placement© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 5
  6. 6. Tackling the challengesBroadcasters have no shortage of data abouttheir channels’ and programs’ performance:• TAM ratings – absolutely essential to efficient advertising trading• Web analytics• A growing mass of feedback, from TV critics, viewers, social media• Custom research based insight (from pre-tests to brand trackers)© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 6
  7. 7. Tackling the challengesChallenges remain:• TAM ratings tell you how many but not why:• How to identify the causes of under-performing programs – is it production values, marketing or scheduling? And can something be done?• How to minimise risk in program acquisition and commissioning?• What role can data play in inspiring the creative production community?• Do social media comments represent the opinions of all viewers?• Budgets for custom research may be limited• How to demonstrate the power of TV to advertisers• And how to measure reach across platforms?© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 7
  8. 8. How to measure program engagement© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 8
  9. 9. GfK’s USP is the ability to connect every touch point of theCustomer Journey for Media and Entertainment clients Why? How? Program and Channel Evaluation Exploration & Experimentation Recommendation Quality of experience Brand Loyalty Behaviour change Highly creative, robust & flexible methodologies Highly granular, accurate & timely data Media Choices Media efficiency Audience Profiles Return on Investment Industry Currencies Who? What? When? Where?© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 9
  10. 10. A complete understanding of the viewerGfK TV Appreciation Research Expertise From Europe’s largest TAM provider, GfK delivers unique international expertise to meet client needs’ of a parallel measurement of audience engagement with TV content GfK Appreciation: in 2011 a total of 10.914.413 surveys completed© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 10
  11. 11. GfK Appreciation serving all stakeholdersthroughout the production life-cycle • Pre-testing programs • Measuring audience • Re-commissioning engagement with all decisions programs • Title testing • SWOT analysis of plot, • Forecasting future character, design performance Commissions Production • Genre benchmarking and and • Optimise scheduling Acquisitions Scheduling Commercial Promotions •Meeting remit and and •Budget allocation Strategic Marketing • Testing program •Program, channel and trails service brand tracking • Measuring impact •Measuring ad/sponsor of promotions effectiveness •Cross media reach© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 11
  12. 12. GfK Appreciation Panel: How it worksGfK’s appreciation panels deliver a rich set of longitudinal data from a representativeonline panel, as well as the ability to place fast turn-around, highly targeted ad hocsurveys extremely cost effectively. Step Five Step Four All results of Step Three In-depth strategic, appreciation indices, genre and program- in-depth measures, Step Two For each programme open-ended specific questions,Step One viewed/listened to a delivering scores and responses and ad Which programmes measure of open-ended hoc results delivered did you watch / listen Appreciation (AI score), responses in analysis systemsDid you watch TV / to (from a ‘TV Guide’ and other core within 36 hours oflisten to the radio Ad Hoc Surveys canyesterday? screen of yesterday’s measures (effort to broadcast transmissions across be added to the end view / attention / all measured of the daily survey, amount of programme channels) for all panelists, or viewed) are collected. for specific target groups © GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 12
  13. 13. GfK Appreciation Panel: How it works[insert video]© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 13 13
  14. 14. Reporting and analysis 36 hours after transmission © GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 14
  15. 15. Effort/Quality mapping by genre for a channelIn this example, Drama strongly drives viewing, but there are many genres that are lesseffective at driving viewing even though the programmes are recognised to be of highquality. High Quality High Quality Less effort to Strong effort to view 100% Serious view Factual 95% Religion Drama News & Drama series/serials Weather Other singles factual Sport 30% Current Affairs 50% 60% Arts & 70% 80% Music 80% Comedy 75% Entertainment Drama soaps 70% Lower Quality 65% Lower Quality Less effort to Strong effort to view 60% view© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 15 Example data. Size of bubble equates to % of total channel responses
  16. 16. Predicting change in audience share For this talent show, declining appreciation led to a seven point drop in audience share % share of Appreciation Index audience 50 84 45 42,9 82 40 36,1 80 35 78 30 76 25 74 20 15 72 10 70 Aug Aug Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct 1 Oct 2 Oct 8 Oct 9 Oct Oct Oct Oct 20 27 3 Sat 10 11 17 18 25 26 Sat Sun Sat Sun 15 16 22 23 Sat Sat Sat Sun Sat Sun Sat Sun Sat Sun Sat Sun© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 16
  17. 17. Measuring weekly reach across different platforms(using day after recall within appreciation panel) The audience of programme A is 43% higher if also accounted for other contacts than live viewing. Word of mouth Other traditional media Other online / mobile Viewing online / mobile Viewing in pub (football only) Other BARB ITV1 live Live Word of mouth is relatively high for programmes A and C. X Factor Programme A Corrie Programme B Football Programme C This Morning Programme D 43% 25% 44% 55% bigger bigger bigger bigger© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 17
  18. 18. Key benefits of appreciation research• A continuous measure of quality, complementary to TAM• Deeper insight into viewer preferences and drivers of program choice• Deeper understanding of viewing segments• A measure of brand health• Helping to improve risk management / pre-testing programs• Helping to optimise program performance• Talent management• Competitor gap analysis• A highly cost-effective platform for highly targeted research among viewers It’s like having members of the public in the office with you. Unnerving, honest and invaluable. (Stuart Murphy, former Controller BBC THREE) © GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 18
  19. 19. Why Engagement Matters© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 19
  20. 20. What do we mean by engagement?“Turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surroundingcontext” The ARF 2006 Measuring only exposure leaves us short of understanding. Measurement of attention and affect can lead to better predictive models of future behaviour.© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 20
  21. 21. Programmes we love • ‘Must-see’ loved programmes drive audiences to channels, even to platforms© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 21 21
  22. 22. Program engagement drivesreceptivity to sponsorshipsSponsorship research findings *• The viewer’s relationship with the programme is key. A strong relationship drives positive emotions towards the brand• This transfer works best when there’s a link to engage the brand in the emotional bond with the programme• Programme attributes, such as trust and fame rub off on the brands• More touchpoints beyond sponsorship works best* David Peters, Carat Sponsorship, AdMap March 2010, and others.© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 22 22
  23. 23. Program engagement drivesreceptivity to advertising... ... A commercial has significantly higher levels of overall engagement when viewed in the context of a successful television show, compared with being viewed out of context. It is the context primarily affecting the overall level of engagement and not any moment-to-moment pattern of response. ... in the lab * A Biologically Based Measure of Emotional Engagement: Carl D. Marci, Journal of Advertising Research, Dec 2006© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 23
  24. 24. And in the field… does engagement drive effectiveness? Campaign 93 TV Audience effectiveness Campaigns engagement Campaign Audience engagement Advertising effectiveness effectiveness and audience AdMeasure of STER, the Over 4,000 responses engagement sales house of NPO, over per day from the NPO Matched by campaign 100 respondents per Appreciation Panel, for the main target of campaign, administered measuring appreciation the campaign by MarketResponse of the programmes around which the campaigns were run© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 24 24
  25. 25. Program engagement drivesstronger buying intention• Increase in buying intention of the product is correlated significantly with appreciation• Increasing the appreciation of programmes before the break by 1 point (1-100) increases the buying intention by 30% Buying intention -74 75 76 77 78+ Results tested successfully in multivariate analysis, controlling for other campaign characteristics such as product type and the number of GRPs of the campaigns. Acknowledgements and thanks: STER and Intomart GfK© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 25
  26. 26. Conclusions • Measurement of engagement delivers benefits beyond TAM • Appreciation panels can deliver insight throughout the production life-cycle • Media owners can demonstrate the power of program engagement to deliver more effective advertising Image Source: Banksy TV Girl, via Resources for Life© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 26
  27. 27. THANK YOU! Nick North Global Lead, Media & Entertainment + 44 20 7890 9797© GfK 2012 | Engagement Matters | March 2012 27