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Symrise's Seattle Trek For StarChefs 2020 Rising Stars


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Get a glimpse of our trek to the restaurants, bars and bakeries of Seattle's Rising Stars.

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Symrise's Seattle Trek For StarChefs 2020 Rising Stars

  1. 1. SYMRISE TREK: Chef-driven Trends, Flavors and Inspiration from Seattle StarChefs Seattle Rising Stars February 17 - 18, 2020
  2. 2. Chef Ricardo Valdes Raíz What We Ordered: Chicken Chilaquiles, Salsa Roja, Queso Fresco and Fried Eggs The Raíz menu is heavily influenced by the Mexico City cuisine that Chef Ricardo was raised up on. However, Raíz’s take on classic Mexican comfort foods features an incorporation of creative twists and local ingredients native to the Northwest. The Chicken Chilaquiles dish—topped with fresh sprouts and pickled onions—won our hearts during our Seattle trek.
  3. 3. Symrise Roundtable StarChefs Seattle Rising Stars 2020 "There was always a channel that reminded me of how my Grandma cooked. Now my inspiration is focused on classic dishes that represent Mexico while using the best ingredients, utilizing what I can grow locally and finding creative ways to build the pantry." - Chef Ricardo Valdes Raíz
  4. 4. Bakers Chera Amlag and Geo Quibuyen Hood Famous Café + Bar What We Ordered: Ube, Calamansi Mango and Coconut Pandan Cheesecakes Hood Famous Café + Bar’s menu features an array of the FilipinX and Asian flavors that have been on our trend radar for the past few years. The bakeshop’s variety gave a full spectrum of fruity, citrusy and sweet-and-savory flavors in a base of indulgent and perfectly dense cheesecake.
  5. 5. Mixologist Cera Grindstaff Stampede Cocktail Club What We Ordered: Man Candy (House Falernum, Passionfruit, Lemon, IPA, Rye, and Angostura Bitters, Topped With Cotton Candy) The fun and flavorful Man Candy cocktail was mixed to pure perfection – with an ingredient line-up that even threw Symrise’s beverage experts for a loop. The impactful flavor of Man Candy is no coincidence and with just a glance at the vibrant cocktail menu it becomes very apparent that Cera is a master of the mixology craft.
  6. 6. Chef Melissa Miranda Musang What We Ordered: Dinuguan (Pork Cheeks, Pork Ears, Tamarind, Chilies), Roasted Vegetables in Adobo Sauce, and Garlic Rice Musang is a FilipinX oasis in the heart of Seattle’s Beacon Hill community. The menu emulates Chef Melissa’s strong FilipinX roots with dishes inspired by her father and childhood. Dinuguan is a traditional FilipinX Pork Stew served with Musang’s own creative twist. We enjoyed the dish alongside a veggie blend of Kale, Mushroom and Onion in Adobo Sauce.
  7. 7. Symrise Trek StarChefs Seattle Rising Stars 2020 “Musang is the result of asking; how can we create a space to bring back FilipinX food and cultivate the culture and experience of the Philippines?" - Chef Melissa Miranda Musang
  8. 8. Chef Jaimon Westing No Anchor What We Ordered: Foie Gras Funnel Cake (Grape Jelly and Puffed Amaranth) The Foie Gras Funnel Cake is Chef Jaimon Westing’s Peanut Butter and Jelly inspired dessert. Albeit an unconventional combination of ingredients, the marriage of Foie Gras, Jelly and ancient grain, Amaranth, made for an exceptional savory treat.
  9. 9. Mixologist Jennifer Akin Rumba What We Ordered: Red Wedding (Mezcal, Rum, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Ginger, Aperol, Passionfruit, and Lime) The essence of Seattle's premier rum bar, Rumba is elevated in the Red Wedding cocktail. But not all drinks at this Tiki-inspired bar taste as they appear. Where as other menu items are more rum- forward, this drink has an expected Mezcal smokiness to counteract the sweetness of Passionfruit and Hibiscus florals.
  10. 10. “Rum is the most diverse spirit on the planet. It runs the entire gambit of the flavor spectrum.” - Mixologist Jennifer Akin Rumba Symrise Roundtable StarChefs Seattle Rising Stars 2020
  11. 11. Interested in learning more about Symrise’s StarChefs Rising Stars experience? Reach out to