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Top 12 Trends from the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show


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Symrise Flavor NA attended the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA to report on the latest trends to impact food and beverage.

Enjoy our report and reach out to a member of our team in you'd like to learn more:

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Top 12 Trends from the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show

  1. 1. 2020 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show Top 12 Trends
  2. 2. Table of Contents 2 Top 12 Trends from the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show 1. Sparkling Turmeric 2. Flavors of the Ottoman Empire 3. Spreads 2.0 4. Fruits Meet Savory Snacks 5. Oats Go Wild 6. The Changing Face of Beer 7. Coffee+ 8. Egg Nosh 9. Wellness Tonics 10. Next Wave Superfoods 11. Savory Dairy 12. Health Sweets, Smart Treats
  3. 3. Sparkling Turmeric 3 The Popular Spice Breaks Out in Wellness Drinks Turveda Sparkling Turmeric Tonic Sultan Drinks Mineral Water with Turmeric, Black Seed, Orange, Mandarin Arya Turmeric Infused Sparkling Water
  4. 4. Flavors of The Ottoman Empire 4 From Egypt to Hungary Niloofar Persian Train Mix Second House Gourmet Zaa’tar Dips & Spreads Mix, Dukkah, Herbs & Roses Grlk Lebanese Garlic Spreads
  5. 5. Spreads 2.0 5 Spreads Take New Flavors, Forms and Textures Burma Love Tea Aioli Lantana Carrot, Cauliflower & Edamame Hummus Philia Spreadable Flavored Feta Cheese
  6. 6. Fruits Meet Savory Snacks 6 Savory Snacks Take on Fruit Flavors Evoke Berry Oat Crisps Almond Brothers Orange & Cayenne Almonds Bella Sun Luci Sriracha Tomato Jerky
  7. 7. Oats Go Wild 7 More Than Just Oat Milks… Oatzarella Oat Based Mozarella Cheese Elmhurst Oat Creamers Endangered Species Chocolate Oat Milk Chocolate
  8. 8. The Changing Face of Beer 8 Low alc, Non alc, New Forms and Hop Flavors H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water Beer Buddies IPA & Stout Beer Snacks Surreal Brewing Company Non-Alc Craft Beer
  9. 9. Coffee+ 9 Coffee with Added Benefits & New Formats Taika Coffee That Conjures Clarity Verve Coffee Roasters Flash Brewed RTD Coffee LeanerMe Coffee Coffee + Supplements
  10. 10. Egg Nosh 10 Eggs Come to Snacking Trois Petits Cochons Sous Vide Egg Bites Snazk Bites Salted Egg Squares The Perfect Bite Co. Egg Bites
  11. 11. Wellness Tonics 11 Drinking is for more than Hydration Tarta Sparkling Balsamic Vinegar Seltzer Mood 33 Hemp Infused Herbal Tea Sunwink Sparkling Herbal Tonic Cleanse, Detox, Immunity, Uplift
  12. 12. Next Wave Super Foods 12 Jamu, Mulberry & Black Garlic Origine Turmeric Jamu Epicurean Butter Black Garlic Butter Elemental Mulberry Superfood Seedbar
  13. 13. Savory Dairy 13 Unexpected Savory Flavors in Dairy Dream Pops Plant Based Ice Cream Mango Rosemary Haig’s Shallot Yogurt Dip Pregel Olive Oil Parmesan Gelato
  14. 14. Healthy Sweets, Smart Treats 14 The Best Version of Ourselves LivBar Raspberry, Kale, Maca frill Refreshing Green Teranga Superfood Baobar
  15. 15. 2020 Thank You! For more information contact: