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Symrise Guide to Kids Snacking Innovation


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This is a quick overview of the Symrise Kids Snacking initiative, which includes examines snacking habits and innovation opportunities for children ages 6-12.

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Symrise Guide to Kids Snacking Innovation

  1. 1. in-sight.symrise.comSOURCE: Symrise with Smarty Pants Symrise partnered with Smarty Pants to explore first-hand the many snacking occasions of 6-12 year olds to identify preferred flavor profiles and forms – as well as white space opportunities. San Diego St. Louis NEW YORK CITY 6th & 7th Grade3RD - 5TH Grade1st & 2nd Grade Better tasting, healthier options of the offerings their kids already love. Anything genuinely new, better and/or different.Filler Offerings that make life easier, and that balance cost, meal prep time, portability and time. Solution seeker Offerings with the flavors kids love, that don’t trade on health. Highly nutritious and natural ingredients. Nourisher ETHNOGRAPHIC ResearchBiggest opportunities Breakfast forms and flavors that are great throughout the day Breakfast Anytime Sustained satiation for growing kids Portable protein Delighting kids without upsetting moms Baked good inspiration Dinner time flavors, variety and combinations that are great throughout the day Dinner Anytime Homemade (-like) snacks that can be customized and personalized Snacks with love Form, flavor, versatility of fruit Fruit Frenzy Effective and healthy ways to refuel Game on! Delighting kids without upsetting moms Confection inspiration Fill kids up & leverage their favorite home-cooked breakfast flavors Hearty Breakfast On-The-Go Giving kids permission to eat and drink “like Adult inspiration Safer ways to push flavor boundaries Hot stuff Access to the world with tame versions of exciting flavors Global Citizens 12 Opportunities FOR Innovation Keepi ng child happy and occupied Balancing c hild happiness and healthiness Child is healthy Foodsthatmake theirkidshappy Better-for-yousolutions;redeeming qualitiesthatalleviate guilt;healthycues Ingredientsyoucansee,noingredients youcan’t,natural,simple Con stant throughout the day Freq uent- and a compensation for lackluster meals M in im al or constant grazing (in lieu of meals) Packaged, process ed, canned, boxed, shelf- stable, cereal, drive thru’s Same as fillers, but moms m ay h ave some items they are not willing to neg otiate on (chicken, milk, che ese) Fresh, local, from the earth, from health food stores, organi c Notbeingtoofat ortooskinny Moderationandbalance; fewercalories,fruitsandveggies Variety,balance,natural, totalbodywellness To fill you up To provide som e nut ritional benefits while filling you up To nourish your body Pa rentalFocus Lookingfor Snacking habits Foods regularly co nsumed HEALTHYMEANS ROLEOFFOOD Solution seeker FillerNourisher 3 Family Types KID SNACKING INNOVATION SYMRISE GUIDE TO