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Top Flavor Trends of 2020: Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Goodness


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This is Part 1 of our Top Flavor Trends of 2020 Report infographic. This includes both Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Goodness and the facts backing them up.

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Top Flavor Trends of 2020: Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Goodness

  1. 1. Trends may be the single most important driver in the food and beverage industry and the Symrise Flavor North America team takes pride in identifying and analyzing the most compelling information available. Through months of extensive research including interviews with trendsetting chefs and bartenders around the world, among other immersive food and beverage explorations, we’ve identified the top flavors anticipated to grow beyond 2020. Here is a sneak peak into some of the flavor trends included in our 2020 report and the facts backing them up. Symrise Flavor North America Top Trends for 2020 and Beyond Tea Inside Last year was all about flower power, but in this year’s trend, we move from floral flavors to tea leaves, as consumers continue to shift to a more mindful approach, seeking innovative products promoting health and wellness. Indian Teas (Assam, Tulsi) Kombuch’in Tea Inside: Market Trends and Product Examples Next Gen Adaptogens As the health halo continues, there’s a clear demand for earthy-flavored superfoods with Chinese and Ayurvedic healing properties. While consumers are serious about their physical health, in 2020, this will evolve to include stress-fighting, mood-boosting, and energy-enhancing adaptogens. Holy Basil Mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga) Top Adaptogenic Ingredients Global: top ingredients, percentage of 'adaptogenic' food and drink products (Apr 2015-Mar 2020) Drink To Your Health Move over cocktails! In 2020, there’s a greater demand for non-alcoholic and low-ABV options. We’ll see more booze alternatives and functional drinks with unique textures, bright colors, and exotic flavors on the menu. Functional Juice Bar Sea Buckthorn Berry Health Drinks: Menu Items and Ingredient Trends Lemongrass +167% Cloves +133% Dill +40% Rosewater +40% Rosemary +10% Cilantro +6% Trending Specialty Drink Ingredients (YOY Item Incidence Change) Fruit Gets Funky Fermentation isn’t new by any means—in years past, the trend dominated the condiment category, with kimchi and gochujang leading the charge. This year, we’ll see a pretty sweet shift with fermentation, as chefs and bartenders incorporate fruit into the trend. Ume (and Ume Boshi) Fermented Cacao Pulp Ume Boshi is a salty-sour Japanese plum that is pickled or brined, traditionally served with plain rice. Cacao is a fruit that’s harvested for its beans resulting in a lot of waste. Fermenting the fruit’s pulp, is a way of using what was previously a wasted bi-product in innovative ways. Nature Added Have we mentioned plants will continue to dominate the trends in 2020? Plants have made their way into more categories every year, pushing chefs to turn to new alternatives and flavor combinations to keep it exciting and fresh. Oats (β-Glucans) Honey Variations Trending Flours, Grains and Ingredients Trending Flours & Grains (YOY Item Incidence Change) . Trending Ingredients (YOY Item Incidence Change) TRENDSCOPE® Natural Goodness Healthy Lifestyle Premium Indulgence Emotional Discoveries Emmer Millet Almond Flour Buckwheat Chickpea Flour Corn Flour +25% +20% +17% +4% +4% +3% Barberries Perilla Goji Pollen Turmeric Bamboo +50% +14% +13% +11% +9% +4% Holy Basil Ashwa- gandha Maca Chaga Mushroom 13% 9% 6%29% Siberian Ginseng Velvet Bean Lion’s mane Mushroom Schizandra 4% 2% 2% 2% Licorice 5% Adaptogenic Tulsi Tea at True Food Kitchen Ginger, honey, & lemon Chef Anthony Strong of Prairie in San Francisco makes a bright orange cocktail that contains Sea buckthorn, ginger, lime juice, club soda, and gin, delivering a little bit of health along with a little bit of booze. Kombucha grew +23.5% YOY at Top 1500 US Restaurants Adult Beverage specialty drinks featuring Kombucha grew +300%* YOY across 7000+ US Menus *Note: Low item incidence of 4, including lodging operators. Source: Ignite menu data (Q4 2019—Q4 2018), Technomic, Inc. Source: Ignite menu data (Q4 2019—Q4 2018), Technomic, Inc. Source: Mintel. To get the full 2020 Top Flavor Trends Report or to learn more about Symrise and our initiatives, please reach out to your account manager. Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest information, innovation and inspiration! CLICK HERE: Interested in learning more?