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3 phase energy meter on Zigbee1


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3 phase energy meter on Zigbee1

  2. 2. OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION • Why MSP430F47197 ? • Analog Front-end Channel • Software Flow • Why ZigBee ? • X-CTU software • PCB DESIGNING : ORCAD 10.0 • Future Scope • Conclusion • TEST Photos
  3. 3. WHY MSP430F47197 ? • The MSP430F47197 devices belongs to MSP430F4xx family. These devices find its application in Energy measurement and have the necessary architecture to support it. • MSP430F47197 is a ULTRA low power MCU. • MSP430F47197 have a powerful 16Mhz CPU. • It has 120KB flash memory and 4KB of RAM. • Von-neumann architecture • 16 bit hardware multiplier • Low supply voltage range : 1.8V to 3.6V • This 16 bit RISC CPU is specially targeted to single phase electricity meters with 7 channel 16 bit sigma-delta A/D
  4. 4. ANALOG FRONT END CAHNNEL • The Analog front end consist of up to seven analog to digital converters (ADC) based on 2nd order sigma-delta architecture. That supports differential inputs. • The sigma delta ADCs that have a resolution of 16 bits can be configured and grouped together for simultaneous sampling of voltages and currents on the same trigger. • Figure depicts the block diagram that shows the high level interface used for a three-phase energy meter application. A three-phase four wire star connection to the mains is shown in this case. • Current transformers are connected to each of the current channels and a simple voltage divider is used for corresponding voltages. Each CT has an associated burden
  5. 5. • The choice of the CT and the burden resistor is done based on the manufacturer and current range required for energy measurements. The choice of voltage divider resistors for each voltage channel is selected to ensure the mains voltage is divided down to adhere to the normal input ranges that are valid for the MSP430 SD16.
  8. 8. SOFTWARE FLOW • The software for the implementation of 3-phase metrology is discussed in this section. the entire metrology software is described as two major processes. 1. Foreground process. 2. Background process. • The foreground process includes the initial setup of the MSP430 HW and SW immediately after a device RESET. • The Background process is mainly deals with interrupts. • Flowcharts for both FOREGROUND & BACKGROUND processes is given below
  9. 9. • ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols used to create personal area networks built from small, low-power digital radios. • ZigBee is an open global standard built on the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC/PHY. • ZigBee is used in applications that require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking. • . ZigBee has a defined rate of 250 Kbit/s, best suited for periodic or intermittent data or a single signal transmission from a sensor or input device. • The technology defined by the ZigBee specification is intended to be simpler and less expensive than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. WHY ZigBee ?
  10. 10. • Lowest in Weight:40g • Operating Frequency:2.4-2.5GHz ISM band • Line of sight:1 to 1.2 km • RF data rate:250 kbps • Transmit power output:6.3mW • Receiver sensitivity:-102 dB • Supply voltage:2.1-3.6v • Operating current:45mA(transmit) • Operating current:33mA(receive) • Nw. topologies: point-to-point, point-to- multipoint, peer-to-peer, mesh • Interface options:UART,SPI SPECIFICTION OF ZIGBEE MODULE
  11. 11. ZigBee 802.11 WI-FI Bluetooth UWB DATA RATE 20,40 & 250 Kbits/s 11 & 54 Mbits/s 1 Mbits/s 100-500 Mbits/s RANGE 10-100 meters 50-100 meters 10 meters < 10 meters NETWORKIN G TOPOLOGY Ad-hoc , Peer to peer , Star or Mesh Point to Hub Ad-hoc , Very small network Point to Point OPERATING FREQUENCY 868 MHz (urope), 2.4 GHz(world wide) 2.4 GHZ & 5 GHZ 2.4 GHZ 3.1-10.6 GHz COMPLEXITY Low High High Medium POWER CONSUPTION Very Low High Medium Low COMPARISION
  12. 12. • Security • HVAC • AMR • lighting control • Access control • TV • VCR • DVD/CD • Remote PERSONAL HEALTH CARE • Patient monitorin g • Fitness monitorin g PC & PERIPHERALS TELECOM SERVICES • M-Commerce • Info services • Object interaction (Internet of • Asset mgt. • Process control • Environmenta l • Energy mgt. o Industrial Plant Monitoring • Temperature • Pressure sensors • Infrared o Home Automation [HA] • Light switches • Thermostats • Window shade • Heating unit ZigBee APPLICATIONS
  13. 13. X-CTU SOFTWARE • X-CTU Software is used to operate xbee modules. • Where we can change various setting for module and can take work as our requirement. • There are 4 windows in X-CTU Software. 1. PC setting 2. Modem configuration 3. Terminal 4. Range test
  14. 14. Modem configuration
  15. 15. PC setting
  16. 16. Terminal
  17. 17. Range test
  18. 18. • My first task was to design new schematic & PCB design for the Module. For that I have used ORCAD 10.0 software • Basically there are 4 layers 1) Top Layer 2) Bottom Layer 3) Top silk screen layer 4) Bottom silk screen layer PCB DESIGNING : ORCAD 10.0
  19. 19. TOP Layer BOTTOM Layer
  20. 20. TOP Silk Screen Layer BOTTOM Silk Screen Layer
  21. 21. FUTURE SCOPE • Up to I done My Work in time bounding and I have measured parameters like Vrms , Irms and Apparent Power. Further we can implement Various Parameters. We can do work on Active power , Reactive power , Power factor , Frequency, Real time clock, LCD interfacing, Energy calculation etc. & can make smart energy meter. • With such type of modern communication one can think about making more advanced in terms of prepayment system. This type of communication can be deployed at every level of application which will be suitable in terms of technical specification. This makes less effort and reduces time taken by a system.
  22. 22. • My learning phase is started with 3-Phase energy meter. During this period I learnt PCB designing , working of 3-Phase Energy Meter and the MCU MSP430F47197 and Embedded C programming. • Also I learnt communication protocol that are uses in industries like ZigBee. • By using Energy meter we can get all type of energy calculations and by using ZigBee we can think about making more advanced in terms of prepayment system. CONCLUSION
  23. 23. TEST PHOTOS
  24. 24. Output on X-CTU
  25. 25.  THANK YOU !!!