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LAICS Annual Summit 2013 Follow Up


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A process description and process run through of the LAICS Annual Summit 2013

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LAICS Annual Summit 2013 Follow Up

  1. 1. LAICS ANNUAL SUMMIT 2013  
  2. 2. Here you see thecontent of the day. Letme take you through itstep by step.
  3. 3. LOTTE DARSØ  LAICS Programme LeaderThe LAICS Annual Summit gives LAICS alumni,students, faculty and friends the opportunituyto build new relations and synergies in ourextended community by working co-creativelyon making a difference for society.First Lotte Darsø.
  4. 4. REX DEGNEGAARD  Summit Leader, Assistant Professor, CBSWelcome everyone to this first LAICS Summit.This year we will be working with a Co-Creation challengewith the Dainsh Police. Co-Creation really means climbingover our fence and creating solutions not for but with themany stakeholders of our organizations.Then thesummit leader.
  5. 5. STINE ARENSBACH  Head of Strategic Visualisation, KPMGStrategic Visualization is a greattool for creating engagement in multi-stakeholder processes where the outcome isundefined and the ”what’s in it for me”can be dificult to see.Then Stine Arensbach.
  6. 6. And finally Peter Coughlanfrom IDEO who took us throughhis design thinking methods forcreating new solutions.PETER COUGHLAN  Partner, IDEOThrough design thinkingprocesses, we will be exploringhow we can design new solutionswith the Danish Police usingdesign and systems thinking.
  7. 7. CHECK IN  The LAICS wayAnd then it wastime for check in
  8. 8. Well, we have a lot of toughchallenges and we needactual solutions. Case owner HelleKyndesen now gave usthe challenges for theday.INTERVIEW: HELLE KYNDESEN  Police Commisioner
  9. 9. THE KEY CHALLENGES  Which wereburglaries andorganised crime
  10. 10. SHARE STORIES  And then we went towork. Peter asked us toshare stories that relate tothe challenges.
  11. 11. SHARE STORIES  And analogue stories that buildon the principles for co-creationwith the Danish Police.
  12. 12. BRAINSTORMING  The IDEO way!From the stories we weretuned in on the challengesand started brainstorming.
  13. 13. BRAINSTORMING  The IDEO way!Obeying these simple rulesproved quite difficult when itcame to staying on the topic.
  14. 14. BRAINSTORM  There was aconcentrated andintense atmosphere inthe room…
  15. 15. And wild!BRAINSTORM  
  16. 16. IDEA STRETCHING  And then Peter asked usto really stretch our ideasand helped us how to...
  17. 17. Using this templateto help the processIDEA STRETCHING  
  18. 18. It was great fun butalso challenging for us.IDEA STRETCHING  
  19. 19. BUILD TO THINK  And then it wastime to protytype.
  20. 20. BUILD TO THINK  Or ”Build to think”which is actuallymore precise.
  21. 21. BUILD TO THINK  Because yourhands are smarterthan your brain.
  22. 22. BUILD TO THINK  And prototyping issomething LAICS’ters knowhow to do!
  23. 23. PRESENTING SOLUTIONS  For Police Commissioner Helle KyndesenFinally it was timeto present theprototypes.
  24. 24. PRESENTING SOLUTIONS  PRESENTING SOLUTIONS  For Police Commissioner Helle KyndesenEight presentationsin all.
  25. 25. REFLECTIONS  Rex and Helle had a conversation about what shetook with her from this day. Helle expressed that therecurrent theme for many of the presentations had beenthe local dimension which she would take with her.The many apps were also something that stood out.Finally, this way of working was inspiring as a way for thepolice to work on finding new approachesto theirchallenges.
  26. 26. CHECK OUT  And after Stine Arensbachhad taken us through the visualsummary of the day we checkedout.The LAICS way, of course!
  27. 27. VISUAL TOOLS  All the visual tools were uniquelycreated for this day. You can downloadthem at
  28. 28. CARRY THE TORCH  Who will carry the torchand create next year’sLAICS Annual Summit 2014?2013 Summit Leader, Rex DegnegaardLeft is only to ask…
  29. 29. Summit Leader 2014: ?