Systems engineering and project management - partners in successful projects


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Systems engineering and project management - Chair's presentation

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Systems engineering and project management - partners in successful projects

  1. 1. Systems engineering and project management – partners in successful projects January 15th 2013
  2. 2. Agenda9.30amRegistration and refreshments10am Mary McKinlayChairman’s welcome and introduction10.20am Dr Michael Wilkinson, INCOSESystems engineering for project managers. What you need to know, what you may think that you know which ain’t so and what the main challenges are.10.40am Mike Nichols, APMProject management for systems engineers. What you need to know, what you may think that you know which ain’t so and what the main challenges are.11.00am Coffee break11.15am Nick ObolenskySyndicate working: What are the main challenges related to putting the ideas of project management and system engineering to work better together on complex projects? What are profitable areas to explore when looking for opportunities for do better?12.45pmLunch
  3. 3. Who Are We?• How would you describe yourself?
  4. 4. Why Are We Here?“The situation the world is in is a mess” (Russell Ackoff 2004)“Systems Engineering and Project or Programme Management need to be linked effectively to promote the prospects of success in complex systems development”APM Vision for 2020 – “A World in which all Projects Succeed”The traditional approach to PM is to break things downSystems Engineering addresses interconnectivity
  5. 5. Can we work together?• What can we profitably address?• How can we reconcile different cultures?• Does our thinking apply to all sorts of project?
  6. 6. Complex Projects• Interconnectivity• Wicked Problems• Uncertainty• Training Project Managers to think systemically – Using Mike Jackson’s book, “Systems Thinking, Creative Holism for Managers.”
  7. 7. Afternoon Agenda1.30pm Mary McKinlay Brief summary of work in this area to date1.40pm Jim Luffman, Thales Case study: Within the context of business goals, Jim will demonstrate that effective communication and behaviours between PMs and SEs are critical success factors for current and future projects. A case study illustrates the 10 main lessons learned from Thales systems engineering projects. Mapping these lessons to a set of PM/SE capability improvement enablers identifies some areas to look for solutions now and in the future.2.10pm- introduction2.20pmSyndicate working: What steps could project organisations, APM and INCOSE take to make progress in the areas identified in the morning? (Tea while working)3.20pmPlenary session: feedback from syndicates and discussion of conclusions for the workshop.4.00pmClose
  8. 8. Work done to date• INCOSE Symposia• INCOSE Conference UK – "Integrating Project Management (PM) and Systems Engineering (SE) – A Mutualistic Approach” – Eileen Arnold, “Systems Engineering and Project Management Intersects and Confusion” The key points seem to be that both SEs and PMs share both competencies/traits (big picture thinking, breadth, knowledge, communications, leadership, etc) and ownership of artefacts (WBS, tasks definitions, risk register/management plan, stakeholder engagement plan, etc) - the take home point being that both communities are approaching the same problem from different starting points and for subtly different purposes.
  9. 9. There’s more!• Joint INCOSE UK and APM Events in Bristol 25th March 2009 - "So you THINK you know about Risk Management ?" - Peter Campbell (Chairman of the APM Risk SIG)· [The last time that we held a joint INCOSE UK and APM event, one of the key insights to emerge was that the effective management of risk ought to be key to delivering capability. Most of those present would agree with this view, but how many of us really understand risk, and manage it effectively, rather than simply forming “risk admiration societies” to look at the risk register once a month.Project management of complex systems – it’s a risky business…]• 28th May 2008 “Delivering Capability – Why can’t we do it better?” ·
  10. 10. Thanks• Thales – our hosts today• Colleagues from Incose UK and APM who have worked together to create this event• All of you – for defying the weather