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7.30.14 Steven Virgadamo on marketing the_catholic_school_for_image_and_enrollment-2013_sv

Steven Virgadamo, Vice President at Catholic School Management, Associate Director for the Alliance for catholic Education Program at the University of Notre Dame, adn Associate Superintendent for Leadership Formation at the Archdiocese of New York shares secrets to marketing a Catholic School. - Steve Virgadamo

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7.30.14 Steven Virgadamo on marketing the_catholic_school_for_image_and_enrollment-2013_sv

  1. 1. MMaarrkkeettiinngg tthhee CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhooooll ffoorr IImmaaggee aanndd EEnnrroollllmmeenntt RReesseeaarrcchh aanndd PPrraaggmmaattiicc AApppplliiccaattiioonnss
  2. 2. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 22001133--22001144  66,,668855 CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss iinn tthhee UUnniitteedd SSttaatteess 55,,447722 EElleemmeennttaarryy aanndd MMiiddddllee SScchhoooollss 11,,221133 SSeeccoonnddaarryy SScchhoooollss  2266 NNeeww SScchhoooollss OOppeenneedd  114488 SScchhoooollss CClloosseedd oorr CCoonnssoolliiddaatteedd  22,,116666 ((3333%%)) HHaavvee WWaaiitt LLiissttss
  3. 3. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 11998800--22001133 9,559 8,043 1,516 8,508 7,239 1,269 Number of Schools 8,114 6,886 1,228 6,685 5,472 1,213 10,000 7,500 5,000 2,500 0 '80-'81 '91-'92 '01-'02 '12-'13 RReesseeaarrcchh Schools Elem/Middle Secondary 3-D Column 4
  4. 4. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 11998800--22001133 3,000,000 2,600,000 2,200,000 1,800,000 1,400,000 1,000,000 Enrollment Trends '80-'81 '91-'92 '01-'02 '12-'13 RReesseeaarrcchh
  5. 5. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 22001122--22001133 RReesseeaarrcchh  TToottaall EEnnrroollllmmeenntt 11,,441155,,224444 • MMiinnoorriittyy EEnnrroollllmmeenntt 1199..66%% • ((1144..33%% LLaattiinnoo)) • NNoonn--CCaatthhoolliicc EEnnrroollllmmeenntt 1155..99%%
  6. 6. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 11998800--22000088 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0% Minority Enrollment Trends RReesseeaarrcchh '80-'81 '90-'91 '01-'02 '05-'06 '12-'13
  7. 7. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 11998800--22001133 20.0% 10.0% 0.0% Non-Catholic Enrollment Trends RReesseeaarrcchh '80-'81 '90-'91 '01-'02 '05-'06 '06-'07 '12 -'13
  8. 8. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss:: 22001122--22001133 RReesseeaarrcchh FFuullll--ttiimmee EEqquuiivvaalleenntt PPrrooffeessssiioonnaall SSttaaffff:: 116600,,007755 LLaaiittyy:: 9955..99%% MMeenn 2200..99%% WWoommeenn 7744..99%% RReelliiggiioouuss//CClleerrggyy:: 44..11%% SSiisstteerrss 33..00%% BBrrootthheerrss <<11%% CClleerrggyy <<11%%
  9. 9. AAnn HHiissttoorriiccaall PPeerrssppeeccttiivvee 11888844 11996644 11997722 Plenary Council of Baltimore 20% of Catholic Schools Close ““OOff tthhee eedduuccaattiioonnaall pprrooggrraammss aavvaaiillaabbllee ttoo tthhee CCaatthhoolliicc ccoommmmuunniittyy,, CCaatthhoolliicc sscchhoooollss aaffffoorrdd tthhee ffuulllleesstt aanndd bbeesstt ooppppoorrttuunniittyy ttoo rreeaalliizzee tthhee tthhrreeeeffoolldd ppuurrppoossee ooff CChhrriissttiiaann eedduuccaattiioonn ......”” pppp 110011 TTTTJJDD
  10. 10. AAnn HHiissttoorriiccaall PPeerrssppeeccttiivvee 11998855 Kotler & Fox Write Book 11999900’’ss 22001144 ACE Today
  11. 11. PPaarraaddiiggmm SShhiifftt FFrroomm MMaannddaatteess && OObblliiggaattiioonnss ttoo OOppttiioonnss && CChhooiicceess
  12. 12. PPaarraaddiiggmm SShhiifftt Parental Demand for Catholic Schools: Exercising Their Options NNeeeedd FFoorr MMaarrkkeettiinngg
  13. 13. MMaarrkkeettiinngg CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss Product Quality Catholic Education + + Price Good Business + Management Place + + Promotion Effective Marketing = = PPrrooffiitt PPuuppiillss,, PPeeooppllee && DDoollllaarrss RReesseeaarrcchh
  14. 14. MMaarrkkeettiinngg iiss tthhee pprroocceessss ooff rreesseeaarrcchhiinngg,, aannaallyyzziinngg,, ppllaannnniinngg,, iimmpplleemmeennttiinngg,, aanndd ccoonnttrroolllliinngg ccaarreeffuullllyy ffoorrmmuullaatteedd pprrooggrraammss ddeessiiggnneedd ttoo bbrriinngg aabboouutt vvoolluunnttaarryy eexxcchhaannggee rreellaattiioonnsshhiippss wwiitthh ssppeecciiffiiccaallllyy ttaarrggeetteedd aauuddiieenncceess.. RReesseeaarrcchh MMaarrkkeettiinngg DDeeffiinneedd
  15. 15. CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss CCaann BBee MMaarrkkeetteedd ffoorr:: • Image; • Enrollment; • Financial Resources. RReesseeaarrcchh
  16. 16. MMaarrkkeettiinngg CCoonnttrroollss IMAGE ENROLLMENT RESOURCES RReesseeaarrcchh
  17. 17. UUnnddeerrssttaannddiinngg EEnnrroollllmmeenntt RReesseeaarrcchh PPaarreennttss CChhoooossee CCaatthhoolliicc SScchhoooollss ffoorr:: • Perception of better academic quality; • Structure, safety, discipline; • Religious values.
  18. 18. TThhee EEnnrroollllmmeenntt PPrroocceessss RReesseeaarrcchh Communications & Marketing Recruitment INTEREST (investigation/knowledge) INQUIRY (call/letter/event attendance) VISIT (tour/open house/shadow) Admissions APPLICATION (test/application/transcripts) ACCEPTANCE (committee/financial aid/letters/conditions) ENROLLMENT (forms/fees/course selection/orientation) Retention RE-ENROLLMENT (satisfaction surveys/communication)
  19. 19. HHeeaalltthhyy EEnnrroollllmmeenntt CCyyccllee Retentio n Admission s Recruitmen t Communication RReesseeaarrcchh
  20. 20. AAttttrriittiioonn iinn tthhee EEnnrroollllmmeenntt CCyyccllee Retentio n Admission s Dissatisfaction Recruitmen t School Dismissa l Academic/ Behaviora l Financial Moving Friends, not happy, personal Communication RReesseeaarrcchh
  21. 21. JJuussttiiffiiccaattiioonn ooff tthhee PPuurrcchhaassee DDeecciissiioonn • More dollars are paid for the purchase; • When the purchase decision is close to one’s heart (emotional ties). The Value Proposition ““IIss tthhiiss tthhee bbeesstt ppllaaccee ffoorr mmyy cchhiilldd ggiivveenn tthhee mmoonneeyy II aamm ssppeennddiinngg??”” RReesseeaarrcchh
  22. 22. FFaaccttoorrss IInnfflluueenncciinngg SSttuuddeenntt RReetteennttiioonn RReesseeaarrcchh 1. Development of oonnee--ttoo--oonnee relationships; 2. Attending a school with ffrriieennddss; 3. Genuine sseennssee ooff bbeelloonnggiinngg; 4. PPeerrcceeppttiioonn ooff ssuucccceessss in the academic program; 5. PPaarrttiicciippaattiioonn in co-curricular activities.
  23. 23. CChhaarraacctteerriissttiiccss ooff SScchhoooollss wwiitthh HHiigghh RReetteennttiioonn RRaatteess RReesseeaarrcchh • Ensure a ggoooodd ffiitt between the student/family and the school; • Provide a hhiigghh--qquuaalliittyy academic and educational experience; • Have a ffaaccuullttyy//ssttaaffff who daily demonstrate a ccaarriinngg aattttiittuuddee; • Provide aaddeeqquuaattee ffiinnaanncciiaall aaiidd; • Offer eexxtteennssiivvee ccoo--ccuurrrriiccuullaarr ooppppoorrttuunniittiieess to involve students in campus life;
  24. 24. CChhaarraacctteerriissttiiccss ooff SScchhoooollss wwiitthh HHiigghh RReetteennttiioonn RRaatteess (cont’d) • Have a comprehensive and well-articulated ccoouunnsseelliinngg aanndd aaddvviissiinngg pprrooggrraamm; • Provide ccoommpprreehheennssiivvee ssuuppppoorrtt sseerrvviicceess; • Identify and work with ““aatt rriisskk”” ssttuuddeennttss; • Build connections and foster a sseennssee ooff bbeelloonnggiinngg; • Provide a ““llooookk aahheeaadd”” for the year to come; • Assess and wwoorrkk ttoo ffuullffiillll student and parent eexxppeeccttaattiioonnss; • Never forget the rreellaattiioonnsshhiipp with the consumer by ccoonnssiisstteennttllyy mmeeeettiinngg ssttuuddeenntt nneeeeddss. RReesseeaarrcchh
  26. 26. MMaarrkkeettiinngg MMaannttrraa The consistent delivery of the rriigghhtt mmeessssaaggee, to the rriigghhtt ppeerrssoonn, in the rriigghhtt wwaayy,, at the rriigghhtt ttiimmee..
  27. 27. TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn Generation Birth Year Range GI Generation 1909-28 (Ages 81-100) 45,000,000 living Silent Generation 1929-45 (Ages 64-80) Baby Boomers 1946-64 70,000,000 living (Ages 45-63) Generation X 1965-82 62,000,000 births (Ages 27-44) Generation Y* 1983-01 75,000,000 births (Ages 8-26) *Millennials or Echo Boomers Source: National Center for Health Statistics via RReesseeaarrcchh
  28. 28. TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn:: GGeenneerraattiioonnaall CChhaarraacctteerriissttiiccss GGeenneerraattiioonnaall VVaalluueess DDeeffiinniinngg EEvveennttss WWhhoo WWee AArree Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  29. 29. GGII//SSiilleenntt GGeenneerraattiioonn GGeenneerraattiioonnaall VVaalluueess Dedication and Sacrifice Hard work Patience Respect for Authority Duty before pleasure Honor DDeeddiiccaatteedd LLooyyaall PPrraaccttiiccaall DDeeppeennddaabbllee DDeeffiinniinngg EEvveennttss Great Depression The New Deal Lindbergh’s Flight Gone with the Wind Pearl Harbor WWII Hiroshima Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  30. 30. BBaabbyy BBoooommeerrss GGeenneerraattiioonnaall VVaalluueess Personal Gratification Entitlement Control Work Ethic No to Status Quo Optimism DDrriivveenn TTrraannssffoorrmmaattiioonnaall ““SSeellff”” CCeenntteerreedd DDeeffiinniinngg EEvveennttss Birth of TV Prosperity Cold War Political Assassinations Watergate Rock ‘n Roll Growth of Suburbia Women’s Lib Civil Rights Vietnam Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  31. 31. GGeenneerraattiioonn XX GGeenneerraattiioonnaall VVaalluueess Technosavvy Think globally Self-reliance Diversity Pragmatic RRiisskk--ttaakkeerrss SSkkeeppttiiccaall IInnddeeppeennddeenntt TTaasskk--ddrriivveenn DDeeffiinniinngg EEvveennttss Watergate Single parents Latchkey kids MTV AIDs Computers Challenger Glasnost Berlin Wall Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  32. 32. GGeenneerraattiioonn YY GGeenneerraattiioonnaall VVaalluueess Confidence plus Civic duty Achievement Street smarts Multi-tasking on steroids Fearless OOppttiimmiissttiicc CCoo--ddeeppeennddeenntt TTeennaacciioouuss DDeeffiinniinngg EEvveennttss Internet chat School violence Over-involved parenting Multi-culturalism World Trade Center attacks Gulf War Iraq Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  33. 33. TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn Business/ civic leaders Catholics in the greater community Parents of alumni Alumni Grandparent s Parents of current students School Board Faculty/staff School students
  34. 34. TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn Business/ civic leaders Catholics in the greater community Parents of alumni Alumni Grandparent s Parents of current students School Board Faculty/staff School students Internal Constituents External Constituents
  35. 35. TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn Internal constituents: • School students • Faculty/staff • School Board • Current school parents • Grandparents • Alumni • Former school parents • All donors External constituents: • Prospective parents • Newly baptized/Godparents • Parishioners/Clergy • Feeder schools and parishes – Catholic, public, private – Preschools, day cares, nursery schools, park programs • Religious education programs • Local nonprofits • Nursing homes • Business/civic leaders
  36. 36. TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn:: CChhooiiccee ooff aa PPrriivvaattee//CCaatthhoolliicc EElleemmeennttaarryy SScchhooooll • By time child is 33½ yyeeaarrss oolldd • The child’s mmootthheerr is primary decision maker • Influencers: – Mother’s friends, neighbors, other moms; – Mother’s mother, sisters, extended family; – Kindergarten, primary teachers if known; – Nursery school teachers, day care providers. RReesseeaarrcchh
  37. 37. • By the time a child is in ssiixxtthh ggrraaddee • In majority of cases, tthhee cchhiilldd makes or overwhelmingly influences the decision • Influencers: – Friends, peers; – Parents (father); – Elementary school teachers; – Secondary school teachers; – Programs/activities. RReesseeaarrcchh TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn:: CChhooiiccee ooff aa PPrriivvaattee//CCaatthhoolliicc SSeeccoonnddaarryy SScchhooooll
  38. 38. RReesseeaarrcchh TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn OOvveerrvviieeww ooff TTooddaayy’’ss FFaammiilliieess:: • Exhibit non-traditional configurations; • Have more preschool and extracurricular experience; • Want fast and frequent response; • Use and expect more technology; • Expect personalized attention to unique child; • Demand academics to be exceptional for all abilities; • Are overcommitted with less free/volunteer time; • Are further removed from the Catholic Church.
  39. 39. MMaarrkkeettiinngg aa SSeerrvviiccee Marketing is not only concerned with talking to the school’s publics… More importantly, service marketing is concerned with listening to those publics. When you are marketing a service you are marketing a relationship.
  40. 40. TThhee RRiigghhtt MMeessssaaggee • Test scores; • Honor roll; • Student-Teacher ratio; • Graduation and high school acceptances; • Integration of technology; • Classroom settings; • Daily schedule; • Faculty training and accomplishments; • Scholastic competition and awards; • Curricular highlights; • Special academic programs. Better academic quality:
  41. 41. TThhee RRiigghhtt MMeessssaaggee • Faith integration/Catholic identity throughout; • Religious curriculum; • Opportunities for worship; • Role of the Pastor and other religious; • Service expectations; • Masses; • Sacramental preparation; • Prayer services. Religious values:
  42. 42. TThhee RRiigghhtt MMeessssaaggee Safety, structure, and discipline: • Environment of respect; • Classroom management; • Student mentoring; • Rules and expectations for behavior; • Safety procedures on campus; • Before and after school programs; • Extensive co-curricular opportunities; • Counseling and advising program; • Transportation; • Parent involvement.
  43. 43. TThhee RRiigghhtt WWaayy RReesseeaarrcchh Generational media preferences: GI/Silent Personal direct mail letters, print (Ages 64+) (newspaper/magazine), TV, face-to-face event marketing Baby Boomers Direct mail letters, postcards, print (Ages 45-63) (newspaper/magazine), TV, web supported Generation X TV and radio, movie trailers, phone messages, (Ages 27-44) email marketing (not texting) Generation Y* Text messaging, voicemail, email, internet sites (Ages 8-26) *Millennials or Echo Boomers Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  44. 44. TThhee RRiigghhtt WWaayy GGII//SSiilleenntt Ages 64+ • Personal direct mail letters; • Print (newspaper/magazine); • TV; • Face-to-face event marketing. BBaabbyy BBoooommeerrss Ages 45-63 • Direct mail letters; • Postcards; • Print (newspaper/magazine); • TV; • Web supported. Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  45. 45. TThhee RRiigghhtt WWaayy GGeenneerraattiioonn XX Ages 27-44 • TV and radio; • Movie trailers; • Phone messages; • Email marketing (not texting). GGeenneerraattiioonn YY Ages 8-26 • Text messaging; • Voicemail; • Email; • Internet sites. Source: National Center for Health Statistics via
  46. 46. TThhee RRiigghhtt WWaayy:: GGeenneerraattiioonn XX//YY RReesseeaarrcchh MMaarrkkeettiinngg FFooccuuss:: • Acquire address lists of parents with children under 2 years of age within your community. • Build a relationship with first-time parents (mothers) as early as possible. • Provide convenient opportunities for interaction with school teachers and parents. • Provide clear examples and statistics on student and faculty accomplishments from academic and spiritual perspectives. • Enlist Pre-K and Kindergarten parents to actively refer and recruit new parents for enrollment. • Use technology both to establish and maintain a dialog with Generation X parents.
  47. 47. TThhee RRiigghhtt WWaayy:: GGeenneerraattiioonn XX//YY RReesseeaarrcchh MMaarrkkeettiinngg FFooccuuss:: • When your messages are relevant, the consumer welcomes an opportunity to engage. • The legacy media channels deliver one content choice to millions of consumers. • The born digital media networks deliver millions of content choices to one consumer. • Word-of-mouth has always been one of the end benefits of good marketing.
  48. 48. The RRiigghhtt TTiimmee:: CCoommmmuunniiccaattiioonn MMaattrriixx W – weekly M – monthly Q – quarterly A – annually N – as needed Students Faculty/Staff School Board Parents Grandparents Alumni Alumni Parents Parishioners Feeder Programs Prospective Parents/Students Business/Civic Leaders Media Quarterly Newsletter Annual Report “Good News" Press Releases Principal's News Notes Annual Fund Appeal Recruitment DVD Recruitment Brochure Recruitment Postcards State of School Message Student Honor Roll School Board News Guides and Handbooks
  49. 49. TThhee RRiigghhtt MMiixx KKeeyy CCoommppoonneennttss:: • General School Information • Mission Statement • Leadership and Personnel • Strategic Goals • Needs of the School • Catholic Identity • Academic Excellence/Curriculum • Extracurricular Activities • Social Interaction • Safety, Structure, and Discipline • Home-School Communication • Parent Involvement IInnffuusseedd wwiitthh::  Happy children  Unique aspects  High quality  True to mission  Faith-filled  Goal-oriented  Strong community
  50. 50. CCoosstt--EEffffeeccttiivvee MMaarrkkeettiinngg Build image and relationships: via wwoorrdd ooff mmoouutthh, via pprriinntt, via WWeebb//eelleeccttrroonniicc, via oonn--ssiittee eevveennttss..
  51. 51. SSppeecciiffiiccaallllyy ttaarrggeetteedd aauuddiieenncceess TThhee RRiigghhtt PPeerrssoonn VVoolluunnttaarryy eexxcchhaannggee rreellaattiioonnsshhiippss IImmaaggee EEnnrroollllmmeenntt RReessoouurrcceess RReesseeaarrcchh MMaarrkkeettiinngg RReeccaapp RReesseeaarrcchh AAnnaallyyzzee PPllaann IImmpplleemmeenntt CCoonnttrrooll CCaarreeffuullllyy ffoorrmmuullaatteedd pprrooggrraammss TThhee RRiigghhtt MMeessssaaggee TThhee RRiigghhtt WWaayy TThhee RRiigghhtt TTiimmee SScchhooooll MMiissssiioonn GGooaallss && MMiissssiioonn FFuullffiilllleedd
  52. 52. ““KKnnooww”” HHoommeewwoorrkk • Know your school, especially what makes it unique and sets it apart from others; • Know your prospects, especially what they need and want; and • Demonstrate how your school provides more than what your prospects need and want.
  53. 53. MMaarrkkeettiinngg AAssssiiggnnmmeenntt 1.What is your school’s mission? 2.What makes your school unique? 3.What is your message in key areas (academic/religious/structure & discipline)? 4.Who do you need to market the school more effectively? 5. Discuss potential marketing goals and three marketing strategies for implementation this year.
  54. 54. SStteevveenn VViirrggaaddaammoo FFoollllooww oonn TTwwiitttteerr @@ssvviirrggaaddaammoo SSvviirrggaaddaa@@nndd..eedduu 220033--331144--44885500