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How to Use Personalization Marketing to Drive Brand Advocacy


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Personalization has quickly become one of the most talked about forms of marketing in 2015, the Age of the Consumer. Gone are the days when your brand could create one campaign and deliver it to a single group of people. If you want to create and retain customers, you need to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. View this presentation and find out how to use personalization marketing to drive advocacy for your brand.

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How to Use Personalization Marketing to Drive Brand Advocacy

  1. 1. How to Use Personalization Marketing to Drive Brand Advocacy
  2. 2. #SpendsetterWebinar Spendsetter is an Advocacy Marketing Platform that helps brands connect to fans with influence. About Spendsetter Cuff Supply Co. Product Title Redeem 4,000 pts Product Title Redeem 4,000 pts Product Title Redeem 4,000 pts Product Title Redeem 4,000 pts All Products Marketplace 42%Sketch 9:41 AM You have a total of 12,000pts Filter MarketplaceLocations InvitationsPromotions
  3. 3. #SpendsetterWebinar Kristina Dolan Director of Marketing • @ktinadolan
  4. 4. #SpendsetterWebinar
  5. 5. Age of the Consumer Personalization Marketing Brand + Consumer
  6. 6. noun Personalization marketing is the dynamic creation of highly relevant content for your customers and audience. Personalization 1. per-son-al-iz-ation What is Personalization Marketing?
  7. 7. #SpendsetterWebinar Personalization Tactics Rising in Popularity 94% or marketers report that personalization is an effective marketing tactic. (Source: VB Insight) Develop deep relationship with their fans. 94%
  8. 8. #SpendsetterWebinar Creating a Better Brand-Consumer Relationship Customer-Centric Marketing Customer-centric marketing delivers a 25% increase in total online sales and a 300% improvement in customer lifetime value. (Source: MyBuys & E-Tailing)
  9. 9. #SpendsetterWebinar Positive Feedback from Consumers 40% say they buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience across channels. (Source: MyBuys & E-tailing Group) 41% say they buy more from retailers who send them personalized emails. (Source: MyBuys & E-tailing Group) 39% said they buy more from retailers who personalize Web recommendations (Source: MyBuys & E-tailing Group) 40% 41% 39%
  10. 10. #SpendsetterWebinar The Mobile Effect on Personalization 60% of people say they want retailers to be able to issue personalized, real-time promotions. (Source: Accenture) By 2017, consumers will provide data to more than 100 mobile apps and services every day. 60%
  11. 11. #SpendsetterWebinar Challenges to Personalization Marketing Consumers are conflicted about what and how much personal information they want retailers to access. Nearly 60% want real-time promotions and offers. Yet only 20% want retailers to know their current location. (Source: Accenture)(Source: Accenture) 60% 20%
  12. 12. #SpendsetterWebinar Facing those Challenges Consumers do not want to be overloaded with messages and notifications, especially on their mobile device, which is an intimate item in today’s world. Find a balance.
  13. 13. #SpendsetterWebinar Facing those Challenges 88% of marketers know that a customized web experience has high impact on ROI. Still, only 6% of these marketers are actually planning with personalization in mind Find a balance.
  14. 14. #SpendsetterWebinar “If retailers approach and market personalization as a value exchange, and are transparent in how the data will be used, consumers will likely be more willing to engage and trade their personal data.” Dave Richards Global Managing Director, Accenture’s Retail practice
  15. 15. #SpendsetterWebinar Example Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign Not only are they personalizing the actual product, they are using Promoted Tweets that use their customers’ first names.
  16. 16. #SpendsetterWebinar Creating Advocates Through Personalization The more you personalize content, the better the relationship with your customers will be. 64% of consumers like that personalization gives them access to exclusive deals and automatic crediting for coupons and loyalty points.64%
  17. 17. Tactics for getting Started with Personalization
  18. 18. #SpendsetterWebinar Dynamic Content Adapt to your consumer’s behavior, buying history, or activity. Personalized marketing emails receive 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates. (Source: Experian)
  19. 19. #SpendsetterWebinar Location-based Marketing Mobile has quickly become one of the best ways to reach consumers, but keep in mind: • Frequency • Value • Relevance • Timing Cuff Supply Co. now You are 2 miles away from a Cuff Supply store! Stop in and say hello! slide to view
  20. 20. #SpendsetterWebinar Create an Advocacy Marketing Program to nurture your passionate fans and build a truly meaningful relationship that encourages them to share your brand with their friends, family and contacts. Nurturing Brand Advocates
  21. 21. #SpendsetterWebinar No matter what industry your in, your customers want to feel a sense of importance. Personalization delivers that emotion on an intimate level. Conclusion
  22. 22. #SpendsetterWebinar Questions and Answers #SpendsetterWebinar
  23. 23. Kristina Dolan @spendsetterapp