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Infographic: Hooked on Content Marketing


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Content marketing can help companies provide valuable information to customers and catch the big fish prospects. This infographic outlines seven steps to content marketing success, compared to going on a fishing trip.

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Infographic: Hooked on Content Marketing

  1. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Hooked on Content Marketing Create the Bait Find the Fish Bait the hook Attach the Sinker Reel them IN Weigh your Catch Cast the Line Identify your audience. Create buyer personas and segment customer groups. Develop content that educates, helps or entertains your target audience. Create a compelling call to action. Balance your request for information with the value of your content. Tailor your message to appeal to your target audience and ideal buyer personas. Distribute your content through channels used by your audience – email, social, mobile and web. Turn conversions into customers with marketing automation tools like lead scoring and nurture marketing. Analyze the results of your campaign to attribute success and adapt for optimization. 62% Content Marketing Costs Less than traditional mktg 7 out of 10 consumers like custom content because information is targeted to specific interests 77% of consumers understand that the company is selling something, but that’s OK as long as the information is valuable 87% of marketers use SOCIAL MEDIA to distribute content 67% On average, companies with blogs produce more leads per month Sources: Demand Metric (, Custom Content Council (, Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs ( Download the ebook: Content marketing can promote your brand, establish your organization as a thought leader, and generate high quality leads for your sales team. Follow these steps to build, execute and measure your content marketing strategies.