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Inbound marketing methodology


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Inbound marketing methodology has proven to be the most effective digital marketing methodology this decade, as a process of acquiring new leads for your company, increasing brand awareness and growing sales, inbound marketing is unparalleled.

Brightseed works closely with its clients to attract more targeted visitors, convert more leads, close more sales and exceed marketing ROI goals.

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Inbound marketing methodology

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing Methodology
  3. 3. 1 What is Inbound Marketing?
  4. 4. Instead of buying ads, buying email lists, or cold calling, inbound marketing focuses on creating educational content that pulls people toward your website where they can learn more about what you sell on their own accord. WHAT IS INBOUND MARKETING? Market with a magnet, not a sledgehammer
  5. 5. INBOUND IS AN APPROACH TO MARKETING THAT REACHES TODAY’S CUSTOMERS Understand what content pulls your buyers through the sales funnel use that context to personalise your marketing at scale. Get found by qualified leads online with content • website pages • blog articles • social messages optimised for search and social media.
  6. 6. 2 The Philosophy: Why Inbound Works
  7. 7. Inbound marketing is a philosophy based on the truth that customers buy differently today than they did 10 years ago. INBOUND AS A PHILOSOPHY
  8. 8. PRE-INTERNET Buyer: Relatively uninformed Buyer Journey: Linear Marketing Playbook: Interrupt (cold calls and advertising) IF WE THINK ABOUT IT... TODAY Buyer: Well-informed Buyer Journey: Fluid and random. Starts with Google Marketing Playbook: Attract interest through content creation HOW DID THIS TRANSFORMATION TAKE PLACE?
  9. 9. 1. The media landscape has become insanely cluttered. There’s a magazine, TV channel, radio station, and a gajillion websites for every conceivable interest. WHY INTERRUPTION NO LONGER WORKS: REASON No 1 - The Proliferation of Media
  10. 10. THE PROLIFERATION OF MEDIA • 1920 there was 1 radio station - 2011 there were over 14,000 • 1946 USA had 12 TV stations - 2011 there were over 1,700 • 1998 average consumer saw or heard 1 million marketing messages – almost 3,000 per day • In 2014 there are 1,500 stories in your personal Facebook news feed alone - competing for your attention at any given moment
  11. 11. 2. Consumers are accustomed to false claims and deceit in advertising, so even when clever ads are seen by consumers, they’re thought to be dishonest. WHY INTERRUPTION DOESN’T WORK: REASON No 2 - A History of Deceptive Advertising: 63% of consumers need to hear company claims 3-5x before they’ll actually believe them! Source Edelman Trust Barometer, 2012
  12. 12. • Interruption • False claims • Over-promising • Under-delivering • Increased regulation • Brand egocentrism }This changed everything
  13. 13. 3. Consumers gained access to tools and information that enabled them to dodge interruptive brand messages and instead seek out information when they’re ready. WHY INTERRUPTION DOESN’T WORK: REASON No 3 - Technology Empowered Consumers
  14. 14. • TV Recorders • Caller ID • Do Not Call list • Spam software • Broadband internet • Smartphones • Social media }This changed everything
  15. 15. THAT’S WHY PERMISSION HAS BECOME MORE EFFECTIVE THAN INTERRUPTION • Aligning content with customer’s interests • Earning permission to market to prospects • Convert into leads • Close into customers
  16. 16. There are 4 major themes of inbound, permission-based marketing...
  17. 17. As you learn more about your leads over time, you can better personalise your messages to their specific needs. PERSONALISATION & CONTEXT Buyer Personas
  18. 18. You recognise that people go through stages as they interact with your company, and that each stage requires different marketing actions. LIFECYCLE MARKETING Buyer Journey
  19. 19. You create targeted content that answers your customer's basic questions and needs, and you share that content far and wide. CONTENT CREATION Create Remarkable Content
  20. 20. Inbound marketing is multi- channel by nature because it approaches people where they are, in the channel where they want to interact with you. A MULTI-CHANNEL PRESENCE Leverage & distribute content
  21. 21. IN SUMMARY, INBOUND MARKETING IS ABOUT ... • Building trust, not skepticism among your prospects • Being loved, not ignored by your customers • Outsmarting, not outspending your competitors
  22. 22. 3 Methodology: How Inbound Works
  23. 23. Blog Social Media Keywo rds Pages Calls-to- Action Landing Pages Forms Contacts Email Workflow s Lead Scoring CRM Integrati ons Social Media Smart- Calls-to- Action Email Workflow s Attract Convert Close Delight Strangers Visitors Leads Customers Promoters THE METHODOLOGY CYCLE
  24. 24. STEP 1: ATTRACT STRANGERS AND TURN THEM INTO WEBSITE VISITORS. Blog Social Media Keywo rds Pages Attract Strangers Visitors Inbound tool kit: • Blogging • Social Media • Keyword Optimisation • Site Pages
  25. 25. We’re going to take a moment to emphasize the importance of blogging because it’s that important ...
  26. 26. The average company that blogs generates: •55% more website visitors •97% more inbound links •126% more leads •434% more indexed pages SERIOUSLY! BLOGGING WORKS… Source: HubSpot
  28. 28. 4x time on Facebook v Google You must share remarkable content and valuable information on the social web, engage with your prospects, and put a human face on your brand. SOCIAL MEDIA YOU NEED TO BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES
  31. 31. TARGETED CONTENT ALL CONTENT SHOULD BE CREATED AROUND TARGETED KEYWORDS • Carefully, analytically pick keywords • Optimise web pages • Create content • Build links around the terms your ideal buyers are searching for
  32. 32. STEP 2: CONVERT WEBSITE VISITORS INTO LEADS. Calls-to- Action Landing Pages Forms Contacts Convert Visitors Leads Inbound tool kit: • Calls-to-Action • Landing Pages • Forms • Lead Management
  33. 33. Calls-to-action (CTAs) are buttons or links that encourage your visitors to take action, like “Download an ebook” No CTAs or if they aren’t enticing enough, you won’t generate leads. CALLS TO ACTION ENTICE YOUR VISITORS TO CLAIM AN OFFER WITH CALLS-TO-ACTION
  34. 34. When a website visitor clicks on a CTA, they should then be sent to a landing page where the offer in the call-to-action is fulfilled, and where the prospect submits information that your sales team can use to begin a conversation with them. LANDING PAGES DRIVE VISITORS TO LANDING PAGES WHERE THEY CAN BECOME LEADS
  35. 35. • Companies with 30> landing pages get 7x more leads than those with <10 • 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign LANDING PAGES
  36. 36. In order for visitors to become leads, they must fill out a form and submit their contact information. Optimise your form to make this step of the conversion process as easy as possible. FORMS USE FORMS TO GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED ABOUT YOUR PROSPECTS
  37. 37. STEP 3: CLOSE LEADS INTO CUSTOMERS THROUGH LEAD NURTURING. Email Workflow s Lead Scoring CRM Integrati ons Close Leads Customers Inbound tool kit: • Lead Scoring • Email • Closed-Loop Reporting
  38. 38. You’ve got contacts in your system, but how do you know which ones are ready to speak to your sales team? Using a numerical representation of the sales-readiness of a lead takes the guesswork out of the process. LEAD SCORING USE LEAD SCORING TO DETERMINE WHICH LEADS ARE READY FOR A SALESPERSON
  39. 39. What if a visitor clicks on your CTA and fills out a form on a landing page to download a whitepaper, but still isn’t ready to become a customer? Nurture them with a series of emails focused on useful, relevant content until they’re ready. TARGETED EMAILS SEND TARGETED EMAILS TO LEADS TO PULL THEM THROUGH THE SALES FUNNEL
  40. 40. • 59% Marketers say email is most effective channel for generating revenue • Personalised emails improve conversion rates by 10% • Lead nurturing emails get 4 – 10x the response rate compared to standalone email blasts TARGETED EMAIL Source: HubSpot
  41. 41. Know which marketing efforts are bringing in the best leads and whether your sales team is focused on the most qualified leads by integrating with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT CLOSE THE LOOP BY INTEGRATING YOUR MARKETING TOOLS WITH YOUR CRM
  42. 42. STEP 4: DELIGHT CUSTOMERS TO TURN THEM INTO PROMOTERS OF YOUR BRAND. Social Media Smart- Calls-to- Action Email Workflow s Delight Customers Promoters Inbound tool kit: • Smart Calls-to-Action • Social Media • Email and Marketing Automation
  43. 43. Treat people like people and earn trust by using Smart personalisation content to create a tailored experience based on prospects’ needs across all of your marketing channels – from CTAs to email to landing pages. KEEP THE CYCLE GOING BY CONTINUALLY NURTURING WITH PERSONALISED CONTENT
  44. 44. Here’s how the inbound methodology sales funnel looks.
  45. 45. 4 Return on Investment: The true value of inbound
  46. 46. RETURN ON INVESTMENT Inbound Marketing ROI - Average 2 year lead growth managed with HubSpot Inbound Software Starting Leads 10 - 49 50 - 499 500 - 4999 5000 + All Customers 6Mths 2.58x 2.08x 1.39x 1.14x 2.69x Less than 10 3.09x 1Yr 5.01x 3.97x 3.22x 2.42x 5.99x 9.38x 2Yrs 18.22x 13.56x 10.43x 6.49x 24.69x 45.66x In 2014, an MIT Sloan MBA student completed a research study on the ROI using HubSpot inbound marketing software. Highlights include: 2.40x more visitors per month within one year 5.99x more leads per month within one year 69% of customers saw an increase in sales revenue within one year * Per month *
  47. 47. Inbound Marketing Methodology Thank you We welcome any questions…