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Social Media Management with Black Sheep Agency

  1. 1. Social Media Management Spacetaker ARC Workshop led by Aimee Woodall of
  2. 2. Social Media Gets Artsy“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” –Warhol
  3. 3. Social media is revolutionizing how " we communicate. " Right here. Right now. "
  4. 4. We’ve officially gone social Social media allows you to effectively reach people to: •  Establish yourself and enhance your image •  Promote your work, group, and events •  Build audience, donor, and stakeholder relationships •  Develop community around your mission •  Get immediate reviews and actionable feedback •  Research opportunities •  Make money …all at the low price of time & dedication
  5. 5. What’s in it for ME?No one knows how GOOD you are ifthey don’t know WHO you are.
  6. 6. So…WHO ARE YOU? •  Build a brand (awareness) •  Showcase your personality (pizzazz) •  Have conversations and give (relationships)•  Get the word out (exposure)
  7. 7. Art is not just aboutcreating something. It’s about sharing thatsomething with a larger community.
  8. 8. YOUR COMMUNITY Curators, gallery owners and directors" Other local businesses" Writers, reporters and editors" Art enthusiasts " Other networkers and creativesResource on how to get to know your audience:
  9. 9. Before you jump into social media, get your website in order.
  10. 10. What kind of order to you mean?"•  Photos of your work are up-to-date•  Your bio is engaging and up-to-date•  If you have a blog, your blog is linked to your website•  Your presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,etc) is clearly shown•  Your contact information is easy to find Free website building resources for artists: •  Free artist profile on can serve as a basic website • •
  11. 11. Examples of good artist websites:"•  Anthony Thompson Shumate -•  Andrew Karnavas -•  Emily Rose -
  12. 12. Tell them your STORY.Show them who you ARE. •  Your background. " Your versatility. " Your personality. " Your most recent work. "
  13. 13. If you remember one word when it comes to social media, let that be it.
  14. 14. Build a community and loyalty. "
  15. 15. Profile vs Page – what’s best for marketingyourself as an artist?It’s a personal preference:"Page Profile•  The Page is for businesses •  The Profile is for individuals •  Example: Artist Raul Gonzalez •  Example: Raul Gonzalez•  Allows you to reach people without having to be •  Profile is more personal. Your art fans/friends“friends” with them. If they “Like” your page, they will know everything about you unless youget your info. change the Privacy Settings so that certain people only see certain posts.•  Facebook Pages are designed to be a mediarich, valuable presence for any artist, business or •  If you create a Profile for your business,brand. Facebook may disable your account without warning. •  Meant for professional promotion •  You must have a Profile before you can create and/or administer a Page
  16. 16. Facebook content: What inspires you" Who you are" Resources, events and information" Your latest work
  17. 17. Connect. Engage. Give back. Ask for critiques on your latest pieces. " Have people vote on their favorites. " Crowdsource your next subject matter. " Comment on other people’s posts and promote " others endeavors.
  18. 18. Still not sure what to say?Examples:
  19. 19. Facebook features that will benefit you as an artist: Events Pages Notes – your own journaling area where you can post longer updates; can pull your blog RSS feed to automatically post to Notes section Photo gallery" Commenting Check out – free apps that allow you to customize your Facebook page
  20. 20. Facebook Insights: Facebook Page Insights allows you to measure: •  New page “Likes” •  Daily, weekly & monthly active users (people who interact with Page) •  Demographics by age, sex, and location •  What tabs your users are viewingAccess your Page Insights by •  What website they came from to find yourclicking “View Insights” in the Pageright column while viewing yourPage. •  How many impressions each of your Wall posts gets & % feedback
  21. 21. TwitterReaching out to new audiences and having real-time conversations. •  Short, direct messages – 140 characters only •  Twitter allows you to reach an entirely new audience; you can connect with people all across the world who have similar interests •  You can search by key word to see who else is talking about what you’re interested in and then if you like what they post, follow them! •  Sign up for a free account on
  22. 22. Twitter features that willbenefit you as an artist: •  Management tools (Tweet Deck, Hoot Suite) •  Twit Pic – Allows you to share photos on Twitter - •  Link shortening tools ( – When you only have 140 characters to share your thought, a link shortener is critical!
  23. 23. Twitter content: Entertain Educate Engage
  24. 24. The Twitter basics:•  Hashtags – Using # before a key wordallows people to connect by similar interest; Youcan search by any hashtag and Twitter shows youwhat hashtags are trending or most popular•  RTs – You can retweet a message that you likeor want to share; Click the “Retweet” button.•  @ messages – Include other people’sTwitter names in your Tweets to link/post to theirTwitter page (i.e. I had a great time at@spacetaker tonight)•  DMs – Direct Message is a private message toanother person on Twitter that only they can see.
  25. 25. Connect. Engage. Give back.•  RT and share things you believe in. •  Spend time having conversations. •  Commit time to building your followers.
  26. 26. The one social site that’s strictly professional. "
  27. 27. LinkedIn features:•  Groups •  Updates, similar to Facebook. •  Higher incomes. "
  28. 28. FlickrThe online portfolio and obvious choice for artists. •  Flickr basic is free; Flickr Pro is inexpensive •  It’s more than just a portfolio site. Flickr is truly social - allows you to share your photos with others, join groups, and get feedback from others •  You can organize and tag your photos any way you’d like •  Learn more at
  29. 29. BloggingAn opportunity to journal, share and really let people in. "Free, web-based blogging platforms:•••
  30. 30. “Being good inbusiness is the mostfascinating kind ofart. Making moneyis art and working isart and goodbusiness is thebest art.” –Warhol
  31. 31. AIMEE WOODALL Leader of the Flock The Black Sheep Agency